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Here's Looking at You Lady

Let's just start out by saying that the weather this weekend could not have been any better. Not even one tiny bit. Absolutely glorious! Who knew this could happen at the end of May? Because it was so beautiful, Sunday's market was grand. Lots of folks were there with some of them buying from yours truly.
Yup, she was trying to make up her mind, eventually settling on The Bouncer. A very sweet puppy with a very sweet owner. So, unlike the previous Sunday, take down was easy and comfortable, as in virtually no heat or humidity. Woo hoo!

Once we were unpacked, I went to check on "my" baby cardinals. Oh my goodness! They were out of the nest already! Where could they be? While I made some pizza dough I asked Bruce to hunt around the yard. No sightings. :(

HOWEVER, in a crazy twist of fate, early Monday morning, Bruce opened the bathroom window to let in some of the delightfully fresh breeze. Going in there, I heard a little cheeping--a very good sign. Just outside the window look who was staring at me:
Baby bird was doing his best to hide in the azalea bushes making it hard to get a good shot. How dare he? You know what happened next don't you? Heading outside, I brushed away the bushes the best that I could, trying to get closer. This little ones Mother was not so happy about that, coming very close to keep an eye on me.
Papa came around as well. After a few shots, I was SO surprised when baby bird flew off into another hedge  across the yard, with the parents in the lead! Imagine that? Flying after only about ten days. I tried to leave them alone, I really did, but my resolve crumbled. Once again, I went on the hunt in the other hege, listening all the while for the faint cheep-cheep. Finally I found him and wanted to show you how much the feathers have developed since last you saw them in the nest.
As I type, the windows are open and I'm hearing a little cheeping, however, I promise to stay put until this post is done!

We had a blast on Memorial Day, first visiting Bruce's brother's family and ending the day over at Dave's place. Two lakes in one day. Guess what I did? Finally, I rode on a jet ski, something I've wanted to do for ages and ages. Judy took me around the lake first, traveling at a pretty slow pace while showing me the sites:
Here is where the new point and shoot is so handy. Jessica, our niece was kind enough to take the photos after a quick tutorial. She was freaking at the zoom action! After my training, I did it on my own:
Nope, I didn't do anything fancy, just sped around the lake a few times, unlike Judy who later showed off her moves, circling around doing figure eights. Good grief it was fun! People lounged around the pool:
Nice setting right? Eons ago, when Cris and Judy first bought the property in Altamonte Springs, they offered us half, however, by then we already had a pretty large family and were watching our dollars very closely. Although it's a beautiful spot, we've never regretted staying put in Orlando, raising our children in neighborhoods close to where we grew up. Same high school as their parents. In our transient city, there's something to be said for that.

About the middle of the afternoon we headed back to our side of town, stopping by the pool at Dave and Michelle's condo. Most every weekend you will find David, Michelle, and Bill, hanging by the pool and cooking out, oftentimes for lots of folks at their invitation. Mostly David is the grillmaster and pretty much the young prince of the pool.
I called him the prince because he is one of the younger folks that live in Lake Pineloch; a good many are our age or older. What fascinates me is how well the twins get along with the older folks.
The recent rains we've been having have done wonders for the lake levels around town. By around 8, we were all partied out, heading home to Baxter, who was only too happy to see us!
Okay, so he doesn't look so happy, but he does look pretty darn cute.

Before I forget, on Saturday night, while out on Park Avenue with Jane and Michael, she said something I suspect you can relate to. Regarding this blog, she told me she doesn't read it faithfully, and sometimes when she does, she clicks on it, and if she isn't grabbed immediately, heads to somewhere else on the web. Now that's a good friend who can tell you that! Prior to that confession, I figured that everything I wrote was interesting, but apparently not. :)

In other big news, we are heading to Austin in the morning for a five day stay! Having helped Jonathan and Alissa move into their apartment, we know what it looks like, but the rest of the city--not a clue. They will be working a few of the days, a few not, so we will be seeing the city on our own Wednesday, Thursday and some of Friday. What we're going to do, I'm not so sure. The busy weekend kept me from planning, but if ever there were a time to get going on this, it is now.

So long for now,

p.s. I neglected to mention I think I saw another of the cardinal siblings, the third, not yet.

p.p.s. This is a bonus feature: The Making of a Carousel
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