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It's Official!

According to yesterday's paper, we are now in a "rain overrun." Well, they didn't put it quite like that, but they did report that rainfall this year exceeds normal, and we are officially out of a drought. I could have told them that, and so could you, having read about it repeatedly in Camera Crazy. :)

Noticing my rain gauge was not in it's holder, I dug through the bushes looking for it a week ago. Those damn squirrels knocked it out, breaking it on it's fall. I am happy to report I bought a new one at Lowe's yesterday for $2, and the good news is it is LARGE PRINT. Excellent.

Speaking of the weather, just as Bruce predicted, Matt and Tom sat on the tarmac for an hour waiting for the storms to pass. And pass they did, leaving a beautiful sunset behind.
Fighting off the mosquitos in the damp evening air, I went down to the lake for this shot. My earliest best seller, if you will, is a sunset over Lake Jennie Jewell taken in July after a storm. I don't know how I'll ever top it but I keep trying.

A correction is in order regarding my last post. I mentioned Tom and Bruce were our audience, but they were way more than that. Tom was the official photographer of our antics, while Bruce kept an eye on the pool level, estimating how many gallons of water we displaced on subsequent jumps. So fun. Both Monday and Tuesday were hot and sunny for the most part, both warming the water, while causing some evaporation at the same time. If the trend continues, which I sincerely hope it does, the water will naturally dissipate into the air. Amazing to think about.

I forgot to show you a few things from last week which I hope you'll find interesting. Why is it that the only place I see a ladybug is in the pool?
I scooped him out with the pictured scooper. Duh...anyway, for this kind of shot, a macro lens is a sweet thing to have.

Then too, before heading to the airport, I saw a turtle in the road by our side yard. Bear with me because at first glance you'll think I'm posting the same photo.

Now you see his eyes....
And now you don't....
Those eyelids are really something. I went into the house to check my phone for Matt's arrival text, and lo and behold, the turtle was gone when I returned. So good to have a camera when you need it.

Matthew not only worked on my external hard drive, but he did his best to organize my photo libraries. I have a ridiculous amount of photos, but you never know when you might need one. Sun Dance has made some new collages with photos from my vast collection that they hope to sell. I'm with them there! Because they know their audience, they have sold things I've never thought about selling and vice versa. What I think they'll want, they don't and.....well, you get the idea.

Oh my goodness, where does the time go? I'm terribly guilty of never really knowing the date which is okay except for when all of a sudden things pop up on me. Such as this Friday being FAVO night again. Then too, I was telling Bill on the phone yesterday afternoon that our 40th anniversary is only weeks away. He asked what we were doing to celebrate, and my answer was--no clue. Actually I need to think of something special to mark the date, but just what that might be is eluding me so far.

While shopping at Publix yesterday afternoon, I saw a woman with a baby on front, one child in the basket, and what looked to be girl twins walking alongside. I couldn't help but ask if they were all hers. Indeed they were. I told her when I see someone with four children managing out in the world, it always makes me wonder how I did it. One thing that stands out in my mind is when Bill and Dave were in their little seats and Matt was about three. I had to use two grocery carts to shop, which must have been quite the sight to other shoppers. Today's parents of twins have no idea how hard it was back then, before multiple births became an industry!

One thing I'm proud of doing is having raised sensitive sons. Remember when men were not supposed to cry? I am so glad that notion is a thing of the past. In fact, if a man doesn't cry, I venture to say he is not worth marrying. Way too cold for my liking. So, while I cried watching this Amazingvideo!! Jonathan posted on facebook, later on, Bruce had tears while we were watching my birthday present from Angela. Foyle's War, put simply, is fantastic. So very sorry it has taken me nearly eight months to get to it. A scene depicting the rescue effort following the Battle of Dunkirk  was especially moving. (Because J posted said video while I was busy being a hostess, I hadn't viewed it until Monday evening. Upon reading my comment he mentioned he was so sad no one had commented. That's my boy!)

Riding, yesterday morning, I headed down Lillian Street, just off Summerlin. In fact, in the above sunset photo, just beyond the trees on the right is Lillian Street. Filled with HUGE old oak trees, I was so surprised to find this!
This is merely the garage building; as I rode by I saw someone sitting at what looked to be a kitchen table, eating breakfast while, most likely, trying to forget there was a massive tree sitting on her garage roof.

Finally, I had some milk past it's "best before date", prompting me to get out the food coloring and play.
A few drops of food coloring, milk, and a dash of dishwashing liquid, and you too can play.
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