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A Trip, Albeit Short, to Miami

As most of you know, Bruce has spent the last six or so months building a YardHouse restaurant in Miami Beach, or more specifically, the area called South Beach. The public opening was last Thursday night and on this visit to Miami, he took me along. He drove down there Monday, came back Tuesday and together we went on Wednesday. Most of my time during the drive was searching on his iPad for some battery powered table lamps that at the last minute became an issue brought up by the President of the chain. Well, I didn't find any, but the architect did, and so we saw a part of Miami that we'd never seen. North Miami, if you are curious.

At any rate, eventually we made our way to a little causeway at the North end of Miami Beach and was it ever beautiful...the gorgeous water and swaying palms let you know that this was not a beach in the middle of the state.
Actually that is the bay you are seeing along with the coconut palms and low buildings that house people with more money than I!

We made our way down the island to the YardHouse to deliver the above lamps and to see what we could see.
It is so big, it wouldn't fit in the picture! The day was gorgeous and it was made even better by our trip to Shake Shack, just steps away from where I'm standing. In even better news, I learned one is coming to Orlando and after our visit, I can hardly wait! There's even one in Covent Garden so perhaps we can eat there with Tom during our upcoming visit. I hope so. Nando's, Shake Shack, EAT, all in London--what's not to look forward to?

While Bruce was working I walked the nine or so blocks to the ocean.
Yup, there were people having fun on the beach. I know folks up North find the scene below hard to believe in February.
Later on we met up with Jim and Fern, Bruce's superintendent at Yardbird, not to be confused with YardHouse! Glowing reviews and lighting.
I knew my friend Sue would be in love with the Ball jar light fixture. Shall I describe it as Southern food with a modern twist?

Thursday morning while Bruce was working I walked a bit on Lincoln Road and the surrounding neighborhoods. Perhaps you've never seen an Art Deco Apple store?
Now you have.

Because things were looking good, Bruce and I got to do a little sightseeing. We vacillated between visiting Viscaya, or Wynwood. Wynwood won out. It was almost exactly two years ago when first we visited this area of Miami while returning from Key West. The street art has exploded, covering block after block, after block. Pretty much first thing I saw was this fantastic mural...
I love, love, love this piece. The one below is a little less easy on the eyes:
When last we were there, it was nearly dark and, frankly, a little scary as the neighborhood is not the best. Or maybe I should say was not the best. As pictured, there are security guards around keeping the tourists safe. Every street there are terrific art pieces painted on the sides of what were once, or at least that's what it appeared to be, warehouses for the garment district.

Animals, political statements, and of course, The Spice Girls!
Really, there was no end to the creativity on display. I could go on and on about how much we enjoyed it. The weather was great, and we even found a beer garden, and free parking space, I might add, to have a delicious lunch.

I can't be sure, nor would I be surprised, if this weren't an original Ben Eine.
Finally we found the space we'd seen two years ago...
which in the daytime looks like this:
So, we are driving back to the hotel for a little power nap for Bruce, when I spotted a Shepard Fairey, blocks and blocks from the district. I love the juxtaposition.
Bruce, in a familiar position, waiting on me to take a photograph!

After freshening up, we headed back to South Beach, more specifically to Southpointe Park at the end of the island. This is the waterway the cruise ships leave through..
After a drive through the Art Deco district, it was "show time!" Yard House has an insane amount of beers on tap:
These go on and on and on. Not being a beer drinker, I was glad to know there are decent wines to be had. Once again we had dinner with Jim and Fern, as well as a chat with Harold, the president, who had very, very kind words to say about this blogger's husband. Those lights we picked up? Well, here they are:
Only temporary as it turns out, the ones the permanent ones are on their way from France. If you think the restaurant looks big, you would be right. I believe the seating capacity is over 500!

Friday we had another excellent adventure which you'll soon be forced to read about....


* Bruce has signed another two week extension, so for the moment we are breathing easier regarding our health insurance etc.

* I visited Matt and Angela the other day and he's made it through the radiation--next up chemotherapy.    His spirits remain upbeat!

* No editing done--fill in the blanks or ignore mistakes please. The market awaits!
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