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One Thousand Two Hundred and Eighty Five

It always starts with the pictures.

Jane sent me an email yesterday with a question that you might have wondered about--how do I go about writing this blog? Do I sit down with an idea, or does it just come flowing out? Yes to both of those questions. Occasionally I wake up with ideas for a blog post, however, the pictures dictate the stories.

And too, if you're wondering about the title, that is how many times I've sat in front of my Mac and written a blog post. You may, or may not, have noticed that I have some other blogs linked on my page, however, for the most part, those folks rarely write anymore. How does one keep at it for so long? And why, pray tell are my posts getting longer when folks attention spans are getting shorter?

I guess I have a lot to say. It's pretty much as simple as that.

For those who wonder how it all started, here's my first post from February 14, 2007--

I started a blog a few days ago and somehow I could not link back up with it, so here we go again. I received a Panasonic Lumix for Christmas and it has turned me into a camera crazy lady. Nothing and no one is safe around me when I have my camera with me--which is pretty much all the time.
For the second time this week, I have gotten into trouble taking pictures. On Monday, I was walking our Yorkie around the neighborhood, and some kids were playing basketball. I innocently asked them if I could take their picture as I was practicing my action shots. I snapped a few, however, their action was pretty limited, so I went on my way. Shortly thereafter, their mother drove up in her VAN, and asked me what was I doing. I explained, and then deleted the pictures under her watchful eye, blah,blah,blah..You know you can't be too careful with your kids she said! Indeed, somehow I managed to raise four sons without being ultra careful, but, whatever. Here is another one I took that afternoon despite her ruining the walk. (picture did not come along for this ride!)

Most popular bloggers write about one subject. Not this one, and therein lies part of why I'm not very popular--I write about too many things! That cannot be helped when you are as curious as I am. Generally, when I've been on a trip I like to break it into categories, say, how did we get around, what we ate, and where we went. Since we don't go that many places most of the time I just write about our daily lives, always trying my best to protect people's privacy, other than my own, of course!

Furthermore, because I don't have so many readers, I don't worry obsessively about that, nor do I worry too much about making mistakes because I know those folks who do follow me, know that I do the best that I can. So, thank you for that. 

And without further ado, let's talk about what has been happening in the here and now....

Sadly I am still not up to speed, taking it one day at a time. Then too, perhaps because I have been pretty much idle, that is why I don't have my normal amount of energy? Who knows, but one thing I do know is, "this too shall pass, sooner or later."

The flowers in England are like nowhere else, but Florida is not too shabby in the floral department. I was so happy that there were still some tabebuia trees in bloom when we returned. The yellow carpet is just astonishing isn't it?
My tree bloomed a while ago, however, there are late bloomers of which the above is on. I LOVE this picture! Everything in our yard is on overdrive as far as growing is concerned, keeping Mr. Bruce a busy man while I loll around. He cut back my red hibiscus plants because they were beginning to look like trees. Unfortunately hibiscus blooms last just one day, so this little bunch was wilted and sad by the next morning.
As well he cut down a triple headed sago palm in our front yard. What a monumental task that was,  using the chain saw, an ax, and other assorted cutting tools. 
The gloves, given to him by Ray and Jane, are the heavy duty type, necessary for a job like this one!
In recent years the local sago palms, including ours, have been suffering from a mold, or mildew, anyway some white scaly stuff, that kills the fronds so it was time to say goodbye. It left a pretty big area that Bruce filled in with sod the other morning. We've had some monumental rain this week which is so nice when you are trying to get the sod to take. 

Before I took ill, I made some bunting. Yep, I so loved the ones that Tom and Matt made for the wedding I decided it might look good in my tent. It took me forever to figure out how to cut the triangles, but once that was accomplished I began sewing them together using the "chain" method I learned from quilting.
You sew one side of the triangle, add the next batch, and so on, never stopping until the chain is complete. Follow that with the other side, and then, once the triangles are turned right side out, pile them up and start sewing the bias tape. Voila!
Here's how it looked in my tent:
Meanwhile, I found some wire baskets which we spray painted some of these colors. It was time to just jazz things up a bit. Whether or not that will mean anything to customers is another story.....

Speaking of which, Bruce did the market for me last Sunday, all by his lonesome. It was a very long day because the market hours have been extended until 5PM! Naturally he never complained one minute although how he managed all day without anything to read between customers is beyond me! 

The utility bill came on Thursday and were we ever in for a surprise! $215 for water!!! Oops, there must be a leak and thankfully with Mr. Handy Dandy around the house full time, he found it in no time. Yep, right at the new digital meter.
That, my friends is the site of a GALLON of water a minute leak! All better now. Orlando Utilities will forgive us most of it with documentation. 

Following the repair work, Bruce and I drove down Orange Avenue, parking our car at the new station for Sun Rail, the commuter train which began running on Jonathan's birthday, May 1. 
In an effort to convince people to use the train, the first two weeks are free. We rode Northward to DeBary, stayed on the train and came back to where we began. We were not alone--it was packed and people were SO chatty with excitement. Europeans would be aghast at the chattiness on that train!

Finally, I went with Bruce over to Bill's yesterday, although I did not do much, I did do some cheerleading! Bruce has been working on one of the back bedrooms, covering the big fat mess, left by removing some previous paneling. On the right side of the photo you can just see the remants of the previous glue which held the paneling. Bruce is in the process of covering it all with drywall.
Once that was accomplished and it was a big task, he finished the drywall added chair rail and the huge baseboard Bill picked out.
Here he is with the molding that fits below the chair rail. Once he's done with that, which he's working on today, Bill will need to pick out some wallpaper and one of us will install that. My goodness that Bill is a lucky guy!

I have been a reading fool these last two weeks. One of the books I finished, which I found in a stack loaned to me by Cheryl, is called "Last Train to Paradise," which tells the remarkable story of Henry Flagler and building the railway to Key West. Undaunted by three hurricanes, his men, worked for SEVEN years to build it, all with Flagler's money. I will never look at this photo I took during our Key West trip the same!
This is part of the original railroad bridge, built by Flagler. There's much to the story, however, the powerful 1935 hurricane, eventually proved fatal to the project Flagler spent much of his fortune having built. Read all about it!

Well, as is so often the case, I've run on and on.....enough already!! Until post #1, 286, so long for now.
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