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Precision and Production

Well now, that was some kind of week.

Working on a house requires two kinds of workers, those who deliver precision, and those who deliver production. In this case, Bruce, and me to a lesser degree, delivered the precision while Bill kicked it in gear and painted like there was no tomorrow. Yes, the house is finally being transformed, not just on the inside but the outside as well.
I should just stop writing about the weather entirely because my last post said the weather was lovely; Thursday and Friday, it was anything but! My goodness it got hot! There were times when I thought I just could not go on, and in fact, after I did the courtyard, I had to clean my roller, and give in, not only because of the heat, but that stucco is mighty hard to paint, especially when you use paint that is like thick mud! That would be a product called something like, elastimerit, designed to fill cracks. After drying the little hairline cracks in the stucco were all but invisible.

But, I'm getting ahead of myself. Before any painting could commence, Bruce had to build something to straddle the front steps, as well as take down a crassly made rafter cover.
The previous owners nailed that wood on the right to hold it up but it is now a thing of the past. Not only did he take it down but he carefully cut pieces to fit the openings. This was no easy task, well let's face it, none of this has been easy, but anyway, in this instance that metal was very, very sharp.

Starting early, but not nearly early enough on Thursday, Bill said he was going to get a lot of the painting done and did he ever deliver. Meanwhile Bruce was in the kitchen with the cabinets which looked like this when he started on Thursday.
Unless you've been through something like this you would never notice all the precision that goes into making a kitchen work. Bruce drew the range hood on the wall to make sure of the spacing. The cabinets have to be level, there are electrical boxes to be cut into the back, spacing has to be perfect, and adding to all that, these all wood cabinets are heavy. Then on the other side of the kitchen there is more of the same, as well as the plumbing to think about. Let's put it this way, it has been both frustrating, and a learning experience! If memory serves me, Bill was just a baby when Bruce last built and hung cabinets. My sister Carol, built a house in Melbourne when she was very young.Those cabinets were made of Formica and yellow? Seems like a lifetime ago...

There is still plastic covering the pass through to minimize the dust, however, it won't be long before it comes down, the walls get finished, the granite countertop is made and installed...
The open spaces are for the dishwasher, and the refrigerator which these days has it's own little house. No on will ever know that this kitchen was once the biggest eyesore in the house with weird duct work coming down very low which is now raised and part of it is housed in the back of that over the fridge cabinet, another project requiring precision to the max!
Herbert has been the man to install both the plumbing and the electrical work, doing a fantastic job with everything. I can't imagine where this project would be without his hard work!

As a reminder, here's the front of the house after the window was taped, the box to straddle the steps was in place and we were ready to paint.
After much trial and error, Bill picked a Sherwin Williams color called latte for the body, a sand color for the trip and dark brown for the balcony deck and the fence. Here is the transformation.
He has some lovely light fixtures ready to hang when Herbert gets to it. The travertine steps, which were a hard fought battle done months ago look really great with the color. Needless to say we are very pleased with how things are shaping up both inside and out. Barely waiting for the paint to dry, I hung the little birdhouse back up.
By Friday afternoon, when the temperature reached about 95 degrees we called it a day and Bill's promise to produce was for real. Here's how far he got.
I should have gone down to the street to get the full effect, however, I think I was just plain too hot and tired by then. Earlier in the week Bruce removed the existing mailbox, placing it on a 2x4 he buried in the ground until such time as a replacement is found. Herbert, the wizard will paint the parts we cannot reach, as well as spray the trim, because in spite of our enthusiasm, we do not have the necessary tools to accomplish these tasks. He not only has a sprayer, but scaffolding as well. In the very first photo you see Bill using an extending pole which was both a blessing, and a curse. When it worked it was fantastic, but the slightest pressure caused the end to break off in the roller--the impetus for some words better left off this blog!

The pool is still sea foam green...
Not very attractive, that chair is one of four which, before the furniture was here, made having lunch a little more relaxing than having to sit on the floor.

Yesterday, after doing a little maintenance on our pool, I had Bruce photograph me diving in for the first time this season. Ahhhh....
did it ever feel good and why wouldn't it when the temperature is 96 degrees!

Which is about what is facing me once I get to the market for the day. Bruce mentioned last night that if ever there were a day to skip it, this might be it, however, I've got a woman driving over from Lakeland to pick up a print. So, off I go to get ready, with thoughts of this inviting pool to keep me going throughout the long, hot afternoon...

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