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A Whole Lotta Painting Going On

If for one moment you thought Bruce could transform himself into a lounge-about, you thought wrong. Good grief, I never can find time to blog, what with all the projects going on, between here, and Bill's house. Just yesterday I had to bow out on finishing the fence painting to tend to my business. Plus, painting that fence is hard work, something I'm not afraid of, but better left to those with bigger muscles than I.

That said, I did do a pretty big part of the fence painting, that is until we ran out of paint! As you all are well aware, I've been selling street art for years now, and Bruce has always said he wanted to try his hand at doing some. Well, he didn't have the chance, but I gave it a silly shot before the fence was complete.
Cursive is so much more difficult, it is no wonder folks don't do it often! Speaking of street art, the first person to buy something on Sunday said he had a whole wall of street art in his home and wanted to add one of my little canvases to his collection. Except the piece he was buying was not street art at all. A little later it occurred to me that what he meant was art he bought on the street--that's a novel idea isn't it?

Between helping Bruce, I've been helping Bill get the pool back in shape yet again. Monday the new filter was installed, and not a moment too soon. If you thought the pool was a mess before, you ain't seen nothing yet. Except now you are fixing too...
That was the tiny filter cartridge,  which as you can plainly see, was no match for this pool. As well, you can see the painting just begun on the back of the house. After adding copious amounts of chlorine, we waited for the results. Bill would clean the filter at night, and I'd come over in the morning. Look how it was doing its' job!
Obviously that is the new one on the left--super gross with all that algae. I cleaned it for a bit, then took the photograph to show just how awful it was. That day I saw the beginnings of improvement around the edges of the pool. Meanwhile, Bill was a painting fool after work each day. Here's what the balcony deck looked like before painting...
And now it looks like this...
Nice isn't it? Some people say that you get more bang for your buck with paint, and I tend to agree with those that do. Every single day a neighbor calls out to Bill, complimenting him on the new paint. That's one way to get to know your neighbors!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I got a hankering to paint my garden bench. While getting more paint for the fence, I picked out a bright blue that is as close as I could come to the color of the stripes in our awning above the side door. Which, everyone thinks is the front door, but that's a story for another day. I started slowly....
But, of course you can tell nothing if it is not complete. I learned that lesson years and years ago with sewing--until the garment is pretty much done, you can't really tell if you like it or not. Well, it is bright blue now, and I'm thinking it looks pretty good.
Unless someone stops me, I may just use it on the exterior doors! Stay tuned....

Thinking about my business, my artist friend Brandy came by the booth recently, took one look at my business card, and exclaimed it was a terrible picture of me on the card. "You think?"
She did think. Are you wondering why?  She claimed I looked like a realtor, or a minister's wife, not the "zany" person she knows me to be. Well I thought about it, wondering if she was right, so I had Bruce take a sillier photo of me while we were on the boat the other day. My hair is wild and crazy!
Perhaps I'll have to think of something else?

Saturday we headed over to spend the day working with Bill who was hard at work painting the back of the house when we arrived. I did some cutting in, Bill did the walls, while Bruce finished the pressure washing on the big side of the house. Bruce looked like a filthy drowned rat when that big job was done! So take a look at what the pool looked like by Saturday.
The house color looks way darker under the awning than it really is. Bruce is fixing a slight boo-boo I made while cutting in around the window, while I have my stool ready to paint the final PINK parts on the back. Meanwhile, the house dried from the washing; after the primer dried, Bill went to work with his new extension pole. Between his height, the work stool, and the extension pole, he was able to reach the eaves, which Herbert will soon be spraying, using his scaffold.
Let me tell you, this is where youth comes into the picture. What he is doing is insanely hard, not only because you have to reach so high above your head, but because that stucco sucks up paint like nobodies business! I told him the next time he buys a house we will be entirely TOO old for this kind of work.

Because it was blazing hot, and because the pool was nice and cool, little Missy here, jumped in twice in her clothes! Can't remember the last time I did that, but a girl has to do what a girl has to do. Before we left, the back looked so much better, although I need to give the door a second coat. I'm including this one because if you look at the sliding glass doors in the photo you will see your favorite blogger in her swim clothes.
We left Bill painting away in spite of the late hour and the heat.
By golly, he called later, saying he'd gotten the side done. Count me impressed. Pretty cramped over on that side as well.

It won't be too much longer and the major projects will be done, leaving Bill's wallet a little heavier, and our workload a little lighter. Which means, eventually I'll be back to taking photos and blogging! It has been a while since I went down to the lake for a sunset, and last night I was in for a surprise when I did so. Not only was the sunset beautiful, but one of the neighbors (community lot), cleaned up the shoreline. In 18 years I've never seen it look so good.
The water along the shore is crystal clear now--woo hoo! Do you suppose Bruce can put down his tools and take the kayak out soon? Well, maybe after he's done working at Angela's house, re-doing her gazebo. I suspect he'll enjoy being paid for this job, don't you?
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