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Nancy called the other morning. Our conversation was both long and varied. At some point we got on the topic of health fads, and all the so-called professionals telling us what to eat and drink, or for that matter, what not to. As you may already know, I am extremely skeptical of all that sort of advice, having lived long enough to know that it all comes, and goes. The latest, gluten free, is everywhere these days, with little evidence to support the need. Celiac disease, a result of gluten intolerance is extremely rare, however, marketing is not. Make of it what you will.

Then too, we talked about our Mother, and all the exercising she used to do. That gene is absent from me, however, my sister Lisa is a queen exerciser. She might be too young to remember a song that went along with President Kennedy's physical fitness program, and the truth is, I had to have Nancy sing it to me before I did. She told me Apple was using the Chicken Fat song in a recent advertisement. The article from Slate that I've linked to is very fascinating. Who knew that people sued others back then? Clearly, although it is now rampant, suing for damages is not the fad I thought it was. Nancy, by the way, did an excellent rendition of that song.

So, how about the World Cup frenzy? Wonder how many Americans will stay on the soccer bandwagon if the US lose today? At this time of the year I prepare for the annual Historical Preservation calendar contest run by the city. Now and again, I get lucky, which I hope will happen this year. When visiting City Hall, one must check in, get a badge, and be screened. Because we were on our way somewhere else, I had Bruce drop me off, with me only carrying the photos and my wallet. As I was doing my thing at the machine, who should be adjacent to me, but Mrs. Orlando, complete with sash, and tiara. Who knew there was a Mrs. Orlando? Certainly not I. Finishing my business I remembered that there was a soccer sculpture in front of City Hall commemorating Orlando hosting the World Cup in 1994 when most Orlandoans could not care less. Running across Orange Avenue to the parked car, I grabbed my camera to take a photo of said sculpture for my soccer mad son, Jonathan.
Just as I was getting there, Mrs. Orlando, whom I really wanted to show you, exited City Hall with a photographer to have her picture made!
For what, I don't know, but following the above pose she came right over to Mr. Soccer.
What do you suppose Mrs. Orlando does anyway? And can you imagine wearing a long sleeved dress on a hot June morning? I certainly cannot. Speaking of weather, something I am wont to do, it finally rained!!! Not much, but some. Oddly enough, both Tuesday and Wednesday night the rain came around 8 at night.
Waking up yesterday morning, I kept puzzling over this weird phenomenon.
What could it mean that three of the windows are covered with condensation while one is not? It is hard to believe that on June 23, well into our hot and rainy season, the windows look like this for the first time. What too, were these neighbors thinking when they chose the exact, or nearly so, paint colors?
While riding my bike, I am constantly amused by scenes such as above. I think there is some story to this, don't you?

During my seven years of selling photography I've learned that people love certain parts of nature. Then too, some animal love is faddish, oftentimes fueled by mass marketing. It was with some surprise that I learned there are folks who are passionate about dragonflies, affording them almost mystical qualities. This poor dragonfly met his match in our swimming pool.
Which brings me to more on the fad topic. Colors, for example, enjoy a big renaissance, only to be kicked to the curb a few years later. Probably every color used over at Bill's house will be passe practically before the paint is dry. Let's hope not because, in a house with loads and loads of woodwork, not to mention split level, paint is a big expense. Then again, it's cheaper than granite, which is having it's own heyday. There are other counter tops trying to usurp granite, however, I'm still thrilled with being able to put hot pots on mine. Furthermore, when it was installed at least ten years ago, people told me it was hard to keep up. People were wrong. Easy as can be.

If only I had a before photo of this door casing Bruce fixed last week.
It was as nasty as could be; actually, in this case, a photo would have been worth a thousand words! So, to answer some folk's question, we are still working over there. The current project Bruce is working on is decorative house shutters which he made over at our house.
He's adding spacers to keep them a smidge away from the house. After working until 2 over at Angela's yesterday, he picked me up so he could install the one completed shutter for Mr. Bill's approval. Ta-da!
At some point in the near future, Bill will be having a planter made with some sort of stone blocks to spiff up this area. He cut down most all of the plants the very first day he owned the house, but the azaleas are having no part of that, growing back nicely, although I imagine he'll be kicking them to the curb as soon as he's able. Getting off the phone with him, an hour or so ago, he was leaving the granite fabricator shop....drum roll please!! Either Saturday, or Monday, the top will be installed. I cannot imagine going six months without a kitchen, can you?

What fads make you crazy?
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