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We Have Blue!

Last Sunday night Bill mentioned, with trepidation of course, that the pool was getting a little green. Oh my gosh son--how much chlorine is in the floater??? He admitted not much. Pour in a jug ASAP. If only it were that simple....

After nearly a week of daily fiddling, we now have the bluest water since Bill bought the house SIX MONTHS AGO! I'll spare you all the details, however, it goes without saying that I am overjoyed, as is Fallon who left me a message exclaiming how phenomenal it looks.
Finally, it is ready for swimming and not a moment too soon as the weather ALL week long has been warm and dry. Let us hope and pray that the dry spell does not break tomorrow when I'll be at the market!

If you can imagine, Bruce bought into my idea of painting these little panels that fit inside the garage door windows, blue. Because our door is a little low to the ground, he likes to keep them covered, and they were, however, the panels were showing their age. It looks amusing now doesn't it?
Blue eyes! Using a spray paint that we purchased for our new frames, I think it will make me smile every time I see it. I'm getting close to using that same blue on the doors, although I don't relish the idea of painting a door with so much glass after doing so on two sets of french doors at Bill's house!

Remember how I told you that Cheryl's house was uber-cool? Look at this spectacular, and blue, pool area.
Since moving here, and closing her interior design business in Chicago, she has made good use of her skills in both the house, and gardens. What's most remarkable for me is that I visited this home on numerous occasions when my gardener friend Lois lived there, and although it was nice then, it is even nicer now. Rather than the pool being in the back yard, this one is surrounded by rooms, making for a very cozy feel.

In keeping with today's theme, I about freaked when I saw Sue's latest find.
While visiting Angela to see Bruce's handy work there, we sat and looked at various magazines and catalogues. It is nice looking at things online, but really, there's nothing quite like the tactile experience of leafing through the pages of a magazine. Or, at least that's how I feel about it. Anyway, I had to photograph this one page from her HGTV magazine. I believe they wrote this article for me.
About the only one I answered correctly is Wise Owl! How about you? My motto is that if you like the name, you probably like the color. I'm not much of a fan of any of these names. While we are thinking about paint colors, I can hardly wait to see what Matt and Tom choose for their new flat which they are only days away from owning.

Jonathan and Alissa fell in love with the television show, "Friday Night Lights", and in fact, they loved it so much, they put Austin on their list of places to move to from Chicago where it was entirely too cold for Florida folks. They loved Chicago, as does most anyone who either visits, or lives there, however, after three ultra-cold winters they decided it was not for them. Anyway, just down the street from us is Pershing Elementary, which is sporting new paint colors along with their mascot saying.
Don't get it? It's an inside joke. Not really!!! The Dillon Panthers were the fictional football team. :) Just thinking of them as I rode past the other morning.

So, what exactly did Bruce do for three days at Angela's house? He did this.
Angela did all the painting, leaving the installation of the cabinets, hardware, counter top, moving plumbing, and electrical, to the expert. Plus, all new cedar behind the cabinets as well. I wish I had a before picture of what was once an outdoor kitchen on her gigantic gazebo. The prints are by yours truly.

If you can imagine, Kirklands has purchased another one of my images...

A few years ago Maureen gave me an air plant for my birthday. When not blooming, I'll admit, they don't look like much, however, when they are they are like no other in the plant world. This year it is having a hey-day.
Don't you just love it?

The other day, while at our home away from home, Bruce found a dog roaming in the street. Carrying it up to the garage, he found some rope to keep it from running away again until we found the owner. Or, make that, he found the owner after calling the vet's number on the tag.
The dog was cute as a button, and friendly too, until the owner FINALLY came to get him. We learned that he runs away with some frequency, and with the barking he did when the man arrived, it might just be because there are problems at home? We were both a little taken aback when the man did not even thank Bruce. Hmmm....

Well that was a good story to share with Regina who has a Welsh Corgi of her own.
Bruce is really enjoying getting to know our neighbors better. Between working non-stop at his job, as well as helping me with mine, he previously did not get much chance to mingle. Now he can.

In the midst of doing errands yesterday, lunch time rolled around. As you know, we are breakfast, lunch, and dinner folks, rather than grazers. Anyway, we decided to have some lunch at The Olive Garden on Sand Lake Road. To make a long story short, the manager came by asking if everything was done well. Indeed it was. He next came by to process our credit card. Okay. Well, returning, he asked Bruce if he was the "legendary Bruce Peck" from Darden? Apparently he had worked with Bruce many, many years ago during the creation of Smokey Bones. He was all but unrecognizable to Bruce because while battling a rare cancer he has lost 100 pounds. It was really nice of him to say that--we both smiled broadly. That said, I'm hoping it doesn't make Mr. Bruce a little blue himself.
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