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Had We Known....

that we would be doing a major art festival over the weekend, it is a safe bet that we would not have gone on our little trip to St. Pete!
When last we met, I promised my next post would include the second day photos and narrative about said trip, however, things got just a little crazy around here on Friday.

Two unexpected things happened:

  • I discovered my website has disappeared. Yup, don't know where it has gone. While trying to send the link to Jenni, a woman who met me at the market, and is a buyer for her church bookstore where she thinks some of my photography would be a good fit, it was nada. We are to meet today at 1:00 to work out the details.
  • After blogging and doing some last minute shopping for Bruce while he was working at Church Street, I had a little lunch. So far, so good. I believe it was 2:00 on Friday when the phone rang. It was the Winter Park Chamber of Commerce asking if I would like to take the spot of a last minute cancelation for the festival. Oh my goodness!
If you are a long time reader of Camera Crazy you might understand how I reacted to this call. Here are two posts to be read in order if you're interested.

So, now you know that one year I did the festival and it was absolutely wonderful, and the next year it was absolutely terrible. Oops, giving it away! Anyway, for three years hence I've applied to the show without being accepted. Except, this year, I got the notice, I think it was maybe June, that I was on the wait list. Previously I've been on a few wait lists, but the calls never came, so after getting over the initial disappointment, I'd given the festival no thought. 

Because Bruce was leaving early Monday morning I would not accept without his approval, and we all know why--it is B that does the heavy lifting.
Of all things, last Monday I took the time to go through all of the images that Roger has, and made a gigantic order after surviving the summer with skimpy inventory. By gigantic I mean 113 prints in various sizes. And you know what? Every single one of them were still stacked up on my office table, (after picking them up on Thursday afternoon,) waiting to be prepared for selling. After getting Bruce's approval on the phone, and trying not to panic, I called Cheryle for help. SHE CAME THROUGH! While she was placing the stickers on the back, I was signing as quickly as possible. Outside Mr. Peck was loading the car. By 4:00 he said it was time to get it on. And on we got it. Parking on Park Avenue, we carried everything to space #24. The weather was comfortable and breezy.
The tent goes up first, followed by the sides, followed by the poles, followed by the "walls." Weights at all four corners, and the hanging begins. Tables are placed, prints put in baskets, and pretty much, we breathe a sigh of relief. We are ready after three hours. Are you tired just reading this? We were tired doing it for sure. But there were still remaining prints to be signed and dinner to be eaten. And sleep--you know how much I love my sleep!

Early, as in 7:15 early, I left the house anticipating a fantastic day of meeting with folks and selling art. What I was not thinking so much about was the weather because there was ZERO chance of rain. WooHoo! That lovely breeze pictured above stayed away all day, and by 5:00, I thought I would die in the 90+ degree heat. Throughout the summer I survive with my mega-fan, so I was ill prepared. HOWEVER, aside from the heat, I talked to lots of folks, including old friends which is always such a pleasure. 

As is typical, the judges did not even speak to me, but I knew that would be the case going in, so I was not surprised. Good thing because although it would be nice to win prize money, I was ready to go home to Bruce. And yes, air conditioning. The funny thing about art shows is there are artists who are there wanting to sell their art, and then there are artists there hoping to win prize money. You know which camp I am in!

Because I use my phone for credit card sales, and because I was running out of charge on Saturday, Bruce bought me a little charger gadget which I used for Sunday.
It worked beautifully. What also worked beautifully was a woman who told me that I was probably running too many apps which were draining my battery. Handing over my phone, she laughed as she closed window after window. "I bet you've never closed anything before, have you?" She got an affirmative answer to that question! Later on in the afternoon, when Bruce arrived, I tried showing him how to do it, but that did not happen as I'd promptly forgotten the steps! Some young men were outside the tent and I asked them to show us how, but a woman inside the tent said she knew how to do it. Before long there was a little crowd--I called it an iPhone seminar, however, I still don't know how to do it, but they all do!

All in all, I did about half what I did in 2010, selling 96 items, mostly coming with a small price tag. Not what I was expecting, but good grief--what is there to complain about? Several of my neighbors did not sell anything, which is very sad. Imagine going to all the work of creating, setting up, sweating profusely for two days, spending the $300 for entry fee, and coming away with nothing! The next art festival you attend, do your best to participate no matter how small your purchase. The artists will so much appreciate your patronage.

In spite of the unexpected turn of events, Bruce took the early flight to Vancouver this morning, all suited up for the change in weather. We are going to miss each other greatly this week, however, we are so happy for the new adventure, that I'm imagining the week will fly by. :)

A new day is dawning in the Peck household......
feeling blessed,

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