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Have I told you the garden centers around here are jam packed with gorgeous flowers? Oh, yeah, I probably already did. BUT, it bears repeating! So many flowers, so few places to plant them is my only lament.  A big storm, earlier this week, with heavy wind and rain, was a welcome occurrence, however, I'd have been a wee bit happier if it had not mangled my flowers.
They were so bright and cheery before taking a beating. Furthermore, a pot of fantastic dahlias toppled, breaking off one of the blooms. :(
I told you it is fantastic! Fortunately there are more blooms to brighten the walkway towards the side door.

So, Saturday, during my morning bike ride, I stopped at a garage sale. Surprise, surprise! NOT. You know the drill, I'm on my bike, with nothing but my camera, and a jacket. BUT, once home, I rushed in, telling B about my possible find. Because he was going over to work at Bill's house, he could stop on the way? Why, yes, that is just what he did. He's just so good to me.

Here is what he bought for $2.00. Minus the paint job, of course.
A real bird with a fake bird. Do you think Mr. Cardinal is afraid of the big boy? Why, no he is not.
Just what I was hoping would happen--a little bird perch; not to mention a jolt of back yard color that requires no weeding!

Speaking of $2.00 finds, I picked this up at another garage sale.
I have a few antique cameras, making this one more for the mini collection. Here's a video I'm watching to learn more. Of course there is the matter of locating useable film.......
While Bruce was helping Bill, I was watching college football. As in, most of the day! Normally I could never sit still for so long, but on this day I was hand quilting a baby throw made from some of my vintage fabric!! We talked about chain stitching the other day, here is a good image of it.
It's a darn good thing I had something to keep my hands busy during the FSU-Miami game! Had I not been busy I would have been pacing the living room because it was a heart stopper! Seriously, I know that sounds crazy, but for a big fan, such as myself, those dramatic moments are enough to make a sane person crazy! I have no idea how Coach Jimbo Fisher can maintain his cool. The team keeps on winning, posting a 26 game streak to date, however, this year the wins are hard to come by. Can they repeat as National Champions? Only time will tell. In any case, the game kept me up way past my bedtime, but I did manage to nearly complete the quilting.

Not only was I up late, but once in bed, it took me who knows how long, to get to sleep. B let me sleep in as late as possible before the market, which, although a gorgeous day, was not nearly as busy as I'd hoped. B. did put up my bunting though. Care to see it? Well, of course you would!
Isn't this a funny shot? So fun that I caught the girl's reaction to one of the greeting cards I sell.

The rain was intermittent on Wednesday, finally letting up in the middle of the afternoon, leaving dramatic skies in the wake of a serious cold front. As in, 43 degrees overnight!!
Leaving Clemons Produce the other afternoon, while walking to the car, look what I saw atop said car!
Then too, this lady in purple (!), started up a chat about photographing birds. She told me that some years ago she took a prize winning shot of a Great Blue Heron that was on display at Epcot for a year.  How about that for a random chat? Once I was beside said car, after taking a few shots, I figured it was time for both me, and the Snowy Egret, to get a move on. Except he was not buying that. I spoke nicely, however, he stayed put. I then tapped on the car top. No dice. In his own sweet time, he finally flew off, landing on another unsuspecting motorist's vehicle.
Some folks move away after growing up, and then some folks are like us, staying close to home for their entire lives. How close am I talking about? Well, I grew up behind this shopping center, so, real close.

Around our home, the majority of our furniture is used, and not just by us. Between thrift stores, garage sales, and my current favorite, Something Different, I generally prefer to buy used for several reasons, one of which is scale. Old stuff just suits an old house better. The thing is, I've paid for it all. That, however, is now going to be not entirely true because I have now become a trash picker. That's right--a trash picker. Riding down Appleton early one morning, I saw in the dim light what appeared to be a trunk out for trash pickup. Pulling over, I sized it up, thinking good thoughts. It was B that required some convincing. Riding right back from whence I came, I rushed in and asked B to follow me down the street. Skeptical, he helped me carry it home, and good thing, because it was darn heavy even with the two of us carrying it! It took days before we actually brought it inside, but I'm kind of liking this trunk, with drawers no less!
And there he is, where you will find him pretty much five days of the week. Please note I said five days a week, not the seven he had become accustomed to! Things are going well for him. Not so much for a whole bunch of his co-workers who were let go on Monday, including his super close friends, Steve and Jeff. The hedge fund that took over the board at Darden is doing what Jeff called, a blood-letting. We are so sad...

That said, we know there is life after Darden! As you well know---that is, if you are one of the ones that I've been keeping posted. :)

p.s. Matt and Tom arrive tomorrow at 5!!!
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