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Christmas Cards and College Football

I know, I know, most of you do neither, however, I still do both. Saturday I set a goal of watching as much college football as possible, while still getting a start on my cards. Sitting at the dining room table, I began the annual task, which is not really the correct word, more like pleasure, of letting people know that they are important to our family. 
Most of the games were blowouts, however, the Seminoles, per usual, made it interesting. Jane and Michael invited us to join them at Marlow's Tavern, in Winter Park, to watch the game, which seemed like a good idea to me. Sitting at the bar, we shared our nervousness as the 'Noles finished up another perfect season. There are plenty who hate the Seminoles because of Jameis Winston's off-field problems, however, as you well know, I am not one of them. There are a heck of a lot of other players on that team who do not deserve scorn. I only wish they still showed the college bands at half time; I am more than sick of the talking heads who proclaim to know it all. End of rant.

Both Thursday and Friday I spent part of the day at the annual "holiday" show at AAA where my friend Ha works. It is such an easy place to set up that it is a no brainer for me to do it. They provide these wonderful carts to get stuff from the outside to the inside.
My friend, Annmarie Guzman, an amazing potter, was there as well. She walked into the bathroom, as I was taking this photo, remarking on that I was taking yet another photo. In my defense, I answered that I thought the sign was clever!
I don't know how people do "selfies" as I always look so funny while taking a photo! Both days were relatively quiet, so I got a good amount of reading done. Finally, I finished "Lila", so I stopped by the downtown library on my way home, to both return it, and get something new. Naturally, none of the books I'd written down were available, but I did pick up one just as I was leaving that turned out to be a real page turner. This review does a good job of explaining the book without giving too much away. Bet you want to know the title, don't you? "The Girl You Left Behind" would be it. I began reading late on Friday, finishing it by early Sunday afternoon, that is how much I enjoyed it! During that time, I went to a party on Friday night, out Saturday night, and the market to boot, so my description of a page turner rings true!

While on the subject of books, as it turns out, I wrote down none of the titles from this list of what the NYT editors deem to be the best books of 2014. Perhaps I should reconsider?

I've found it difficult not to photograph my dahlias daily as the color changes occurred--love the yellow turned soft pink!
The other morning, while on one of my not-often-enough bike rides, I noticed an electric green fly feasting on one of those fantastic Mexican sunflower blooms. Ain't nature fascinating?
And, is my custom, I photograph Christmas decorations that I either really like, or really don't. In this case, I love Cheryle's front porch display,
as well as my friend Sue's:
I find great pleasure seeing the different styles people bring to their Christmas decorations. 

So, I told you I had to go looking for something to festivize (my word), the dining table. I found two white candlesticks,
in truth, probably too tall, but I kind of liked them, whereas B was not so thrilled with the white. So, I had him paint them green, except then I did not like them, so, once again they are white, after a new spray paint job by Bruce. He's so good to me....

On my way home from AAA, I drove by the unsightly round building in front of the very sightly performing arts center--will they ever finish taking it down?
Talk about a contrast!!!

The market was slower than I'd seen it in many a moon, with lots of new vendors for non-existent customers. One of the displays was particularly cute--
Darling little pies!! Aren't they adorable? Throughout my years as a market vendor I've seen so many folks come and go--wondering how long this new batch will last. 

I suspect the weather played a big part in keeping folks away--gloomy to the max. Who can blame them? Certainly not I, who kept looking at her watch, willing the hours to pass. Plus it was chilly, so, a toxic mix for a market vendor. Anyway, once we were home and unpacked, Bruce put one of the fake logs in the fireplace and while sitting on the hearth to warm up, I asked him to photograph me so I might remember the cozy moment forever.
Please note cards still on the table; in fact, I'm signing off now to fold laundry and write more Christmas cards. 

Keeping traditions alive,
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