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Comings and Goings

I've been a little pre-occupied of late, and you'll never guess why.

Well, maybe you will if you use your imagination. Home improvement projects! Surprise, surprise.

That said, I have managed to take a few photographs, including this one of Bruce at his desk. I used a setting on the camera called Night Vision, which is anyone's guess what it's intended us is. I know it didn't work worth a darn outside; the pictures I took of the starry night sky were rubbish!
I do love how he is reflected in both the window, and the artwork glass. There are lots of settings on the camera I never use, but I probably should. The engineers who dream these things up are way smarter than I am, so there must be some worthwhile use.

We've had a mixed bag in the weather department. One night the wind was blowing so hard it woke us up. Not to mention the rain coming in through the open window above our bed. That day dawned gray and gloomy, although using the "dawn" setting on the camera, it looks more blue than gray.
One of the projects I've been working on is new paint color for the door. I know, I know, it's only been six months since I painted it electric blue, but the truth is, what looked good on a garden bench, does not look so good on three doors. Still pondering where I go from here.

Then too, I'm having some reupholstering done. Years and years have passed since last I had the chair in our bedroom done, so that is one thing. My friends at Something Different gave me the name of a new upholsterer who is super good and speedy. Moonlight Hospitality Services if you are in need of such work. You may recall that when I've had chairs done in the past,  I've waited a month, to six weeks, however, that is not going to be the case this time. He picked the chair up on Saturday afternoon, and I got a text showing the nearly completed chair on Monday afternoon! So, I've been out looking for fabric multiple times, sometimes with Cheryle in tow, another time with Bruce. It is a good thing gas is incredibly inexpensive right now as I've been from one side of the city to the other at least twice. Can any of us believe this sign?
I wanted to make sure I included this somewhere in my blog, as you and I both know, there will be a time come when this will be just a distant, albeit good, memory! Sorry for the steering wheel in the picture--took it while I was at a stoplight!

Most recently, as in yesterday, I finally found some fabric I think will look good on the sofas which are having a much needed refresh. I'm guessing it was 15 or so years ago that we ordered two sofas from Scan Design. While I was at work they were delivered, and I couldn't wait to get home to see them. Except, seeing them in person, I was not in the least excited. Don't get me wrong, they have been very comfortable, which is really paramount, however, I've never like the color one bit. And now I'm finally having them changed.
I toyed with getting some orange fabric, however, I reigned myself in, getting something more neutral. We shall see...

The market was beautiful on Sunday with gobs of folks, and happily for me, buyers. Going over his spreadsheet, which includes years of sales, B told me it was in the top five! He's been so busy with the actual construction of his project starting last week, that he's had little time to make new frames, however, after selling four of them on Sunday, he managed to find some.
When people ask me if I'll take less, my answer is no--there is too much work involved in making the frames, not to mention about three painting steps.

One reason the day was so great is the weather was cold, but sunny. With the sides up to block the wind, and a portable heater, I was just perfect.
Early on, after I took the photo above, I walked to the restroom, and the shadow from this tree captivated me.
Have you ever grated an apple for a recipe? I hadn't until yesterday morning when I was making some apple muffins. It worked beautifully.
I'm sad to say that there have been no painted bunting sightings around here, however, the cardinals continue to be plentiful. Momma doesn't get the attention she deserves...
This is where she perches while waiting for Papa to eat. I'm confidant there are several pairs, one of the males is thinner than the other. Here's the little red and beautiful!
Another beautiful, chilly day today--time to do a little more coming and going.
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