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Ending the Week on a High Note

A high note indeed. Not only did my darling husband return from his four days away, BUT I received the good news that the test for c-diff was negative!! If that isn't enough to make a girl happy, I don't know what is. Apparently, it takes time for things to work properly after having a colon infection.

With that out of the way, let's move onto something other than toilet talk.

I'd spent the week eating some seriously crazy dinners, including one night of popcorn. So, once I knew I had the go ahead, I asked B about going to eat at Chuy's, a new place, or new to us, only a few miles away. Thinking the name sounded familiar, I checked with Jonathan, and indeed, it is his favorite taco place from Austin. With that endorsement, we checked it out.
The food was seriously yummy, while the place was seriously busy. They make their own tortillas:
Because Bruce slept poorly while away, we did not linger, and I'm glad that was the case because the setting sun we saw on our way home was glorious. For whatever reason, it looked huge, which will not be so evident in the photo I took through the windshield, but believe me, it was so spectacular I was still talking about it yesterday.
I could not get over it reflecting on the car hood! Outside of Chuy's, everyone in the parking lot had their phones out trying to catch the moment. :)

A trip to the library a week or so ago had some long lasting effects. Generally I only check out novels, however, when I saw this book, Denyse Schmidt's Modern Quilts, I was intrigued, and then inspired. Finding the right throw pillows for the new sofas has been slightly challenging, so, I did what I always do, try and make something I like. Most of the ideas in her book were not meant to be pillow covers, so I took to the iPad, coming across a technique called, "quilt in a day" where you sandwich everything, and sew the fabric on the front, layering as you go. It starts like this:
If I were any good at math I would have calculated how long each piece had to be to run on the diagonal, but I am not, so winging it, here is the result on the back side:
After using my handy rotary cutter, the front looks like this:
Obviously, the back will never show, so you might be wondering why I didn't just sew the strips together, and that is a good question without a really good answer! The softness factor? Then too, I wanted to try something new, which won't surprise you in the least!

While buying the fabric at Hobby Lobby, I checked the prints department, and sure enough they have the poster sized ones in place including this one:
Perhaps Matt will remember me taking it in Brighton during our visit together?

How about a few shots of bird couples? After all, it is Spring, so love is in the air.
Super cute, right? While passing through the kitchen Friday afternoon, I glanced out the window, and saw two woodpeckers chasing each other on the big oak tree. Grabbing my camera I went to watch the action which was very fun. I hope you think so too.
Turns out the bird on the left is standing on the rim of a big hole, if you will, in the old tree.
The invitation phase:
Sure, I'll join you:
There was much flying of feathers, and off they flew! Afternoon delight you might say.

So much going on in the garden; although Bruce trimmed the hibiscus plants practically to the ground, apparently he missed this branch, leaving me with a cheerful surprise:
I'd nearly forgotten I had a yellow hibiscus plant! Then too, the caladiums are coming up:
Always a welcome sign. If you have room for them I highly recommend caladiums; you get a lot of bang for your buck with them and they require no deadheading!

Well it is that time of the week when I put myself on display. Perhaps I will start the week on a high note?

As always,

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