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Just Like That

And, just like that, the blooms are gone. Sarah, a friend on fb pointed out how when the trees are going crazy in Florida, it is sort of like fall in the North. I like that comparison. Ahh...if only their beauty stayed around longer. I can't seem to stop myself from taking this same photograph of our neighbor's yard, year after year, not only because I love the old chairs but, that yellow carpet!
Can you blame me? Early this morning I read this informative article in the Sentinel, and before I'd had time to write this, our niece Laura posted it on my fb wall! Click here to learn how they came to grace the Orlando landscape. I like how he used the term "supernova" in the article!

My yellow covered tree, just like that, is no more.
The bench looks pretty vibrant though. The salvia I plucked from the side of the road is showing signs of new life. Look who I found sunning on one of the blooms.
I really love my home, I do, but after staying home alone for two days, I begin to get a little crazy. It seems as if my ticking time bomb of a gut has given me a rest today, so off I went to pick up my order. While there, I popped into The Lovely Boutique, and sadly my stamp projects are not taking the world by a storm. The globe does look nice though, doesn't it?
Now, what I just wrote is not entirely true, our darling friend Mary bought one of the hearts after seeing it on this here blog. Having a friend buy one hardly counts now, does it? Time will tell.

If you, like me, love a good bird picture, spend a few minutes looking at these from an amazing photographer I came across on flickr. From England, the photographs are wonderful, each one more spectacular than the last!! Generally I don't think having great equipment means all that much, that is, unless you are a wildlife photographer, and in that case, you need the best you can afford. I imagine the lens he uses for these is at least $1,000, if not more. Don't expect to ever see this quality from the likes of me!!

While on the subject of cameras, you would think, after using my current Panasonic for well over a year now, I would know how to operate the darn thing. Except, out of the clear blue, it began shooting about ten photos with one push, commonly known as the burst mode. For the life of me, I could not figure out how to turn it off. I removed the battery, the card, changed the lens; following each procedure, I'd take a photo, and got ten, including this one of my desk with the adorable photo of Bruce, and his brother Cris when they were mere lads. Too cute not to share!
Duh, after calling Panasonic, and giving my serial number, she told me my camera is a 2012 model. that how Costco sells things so cheap? I bought it in January 2014. Anyway, unless I sent in the receipt, she was going to have to charge me for advice. But, then she let it slip, telling me where I could find the button. Well, duh, again because it was right under my nose! Thankfully I am now back to one shot at a time.

Dahlias, aren't they gorgeous?
Yesterday, in my forced stay at home mode, I decided to sew. Using a pattern I'd purchased some months ago, I made another "easy" dress from some fabric that I never should have purchased in the first place, because #1, it looks like it is for a child, and #2, pajamas come to mind. Alas, I could not resist the little birdies, and so after cutting out weird shaped pieces, I went to work putting it together. The fit is horrible. Never in all my years of sewing have I done this, but in my orange trash bin, is the pattern. Rubbish!
It looks like a sack on me, and not just because I've lost weight! Sadly I wasted my birdy fabric, along with some black and white polka dot fabric I used for the pockets. Looking online, I see I am not the only one who finds "easy" patterns harder to use than regular. Trying to use unconventional tailoring techniques, they have you doing all sorts of weird construction. Give me some darts, and a zipper please.

Finally, it has been quite some time since I last posted a squirrel photo so why not today?
Obviously not the best quality but I thought it was sort of fun.

To answer your implied question on the state of my belly, I've yet to hear from the doctor. Taking it one day at a time,  hoping, that, just like that, this nightmare will be over!

feeling good,

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