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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Well, this is one way to lose weight, not that I was trying to, however, it appears to be a fact of life for me at the moment. My innards just don't seem to want to return to normal, so I'm being re-tested. Bummer....

On a happier note though, let's talk about how wonderful this time of year is in Central Florida. And do you want to know just why it is so marvelous? The tabebuia trees are blooming everywhere, and I mean everywhere, even in your blogger's yard! Maybe six years ago, somewhere in that time frame, we had a yard guy for about a year who planted a baby tree in our yard. Except it was pink. Pink can be a glorious color, however, when it comes to the tabebuia tree, yellow reigns supreme. Or, at least I think it does. He was kind enough to switch it out with a little whining from you know who.

While Northerners are just digging their cars out from the snow, down here, people are getting a blossom shower! I put together a little collage of some nearby trees, and of course, you will recognize our place by the blue bench.
Oh wait, the bench doesn't show up! Mine are the two bottom corners. The one on the right is when it all began on March 12--really only a handful of blossoms. Now it is covered, but that won't last long, especially on a windy day. I took this one yesterday afternoon;  while heading up to get my specimen cup today I noticed there are a whole heck of a lot more blooms on the ground.
Continuing the shocking yellow theme, below is a photo taken of me by an accommodating stranger.
While roaming early to take my weekly market photos I thought this would make a good one, what with me outfitted in my shocking yellow. That would be some of my estate sale fabric I'm sporting. :)

Something very fun occurred near the end of the market day--I had a visit from some young folks, and after chatting a bit, I found out it was Sabrina and C-Lane from the News Junkie on 104.1. To most of you this will mean next to nothing, but in our house, it means something alright. Last summer, on all of our beach days, we listened to them on our drive home. Bruce, in particular really loved the show. Just when I was asking them to pose for a photo that I could show B, he arrived! So, it was, that he is included in the shot.
As is my cute bunting! I can tell you Bruce was delighted.

Saturday, he was just plum wore out after working for hours in our yard, cleaning up all the brown fuzzies from the oak trees, cutting our azalea bushes in half, mowing, edging, and the like.
Don't the two of them look adorable?

So, not only are the tabebuia trees in bloom, so are loads of other trees, and you know how much I love that. Here's quite a shocking pink, no less.
Riding my bike the other day I came across this sweet wildflower, or maybe it is just a weed, but I'm telling you, how could the color be any prettier, no matter what it is?
Turning to the kitchen, last week I was just sure the worst was behind me so I decided to make french onion soup. The recipe called for a two hour cooking in the oven using a dutch oven, a pot I do not own. Instead, I used my Mom's old deep cast iron skillet. If you can imagine, when the cooking all began, the pot runneth over with onions.
While the soup was simmering, we drove the few miles to Edgewood where they were having their weekly market/food truck event, which included a classic car show. We were glad we did. Some very cool vehicles I'd never seen before. How about a 1953 Hudson Hornet?
The chrome on those old vehicles is terrific. Here's a fun Ford convertible...
Another thing--the colors of old cars! Before silver (boring) cars ruled the roadways.
And, of course, bringing back very fond memories for both of us....a 1960 VW bug.
Mine was a 1963 bug, while Bruce had a 1964. Back in the day.....

One thing I can tell you is that I do not relish the thought of going back on Flagyl, in fact the very idea makes me feel worse! In the meantime, I am going to do what I can to enjoy the warm, but not humid weather, gorgeous blue skies, and, all those amazing yellow tabebuia trees in bloom on every street. Speaking of which, Sunday, while driving down ours after the market, I was so captivated by the sight of the bright yellow in our landscape I nearly pulled the car into the driveway the wrong way!

Hallelujah for nature's bounty!!


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