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The Trees are Alive with the Sound of Birds!

I don't know about you, since seeing Lady Gaga do that Sound of Music medley, during the Academy Awards broadcast, the songs keep popping into my head. Amazing how lyrics stick with a person, isn't it? I wonder if anyone has done a study on that topic--I remember scads of song lyrics, but can't remember a darn thing from my childhood. Other than lyrics, of course. :)

Anyway, during my visit to Leu Gardens, music of a different kind, bird songs, filled the air. This little Carolina Wren may be small, but sure has a big voice.
I heard mockingbirds, cardinals, and blue jays. Then too I saw a thrush, a woodpecker, and, of course, finches. Good stuff.

As promised, more of the frogs:
Commissioner Sheehan sponsored this one:
In the vegetable garden, Sam Flax sponsored this version of "American Gothic."
This one was stationed in the butterfly garden:
That net was going to waste; only one butterfly braved the morning chilliness. That chilliness seems like long ago as the temperature today, as I type, sits at 88 degrees! Feels like summer.

Bruce is heading home soon from Las Vegas, having been meetinged out, although he said it has been good meeting the folks who, up until this week, he'd only talked to on the phone. After seeing the performance in Vegas, he also tells me that we must go to see Cirque de Soleil at Disney. What have I been waiting for? Good question, without a good answer.

Remember how I wrote about that orchid given to me early last November by my neighbor Terri? The one that refuses to drop buds? The one that actually has had two new buds open up? Crazy business! The two new flowers are a deeper purple. Well, not exactly purple--magenta maybe?
The next time I see Jim that is going to be my first question!

I finished the globe.
I have no idea how many stamps it took, but a whole bunch! Most all of them are unique, but not every one. Occasionally, to make it all fit together, I had to use fillers--primarily Queen Elizabeth stamps, as he had plenty, although the number is now greatly diminished. The other morning, before we got on with our day, we talked about his days as a young boy, and man, collecting stamps. He would mow lawns, or sweep hair off the floor of a nearby barbershop, to raise money for his collecting. In those days, the collector, if young enough, had to have a parental signature ensuring honesty because the dealers would send a batch of stamps from a wish list, and the boy, because I'm guessing it was mostly boys, would return them, minus his purchase. Can you imagine that kind of trust going on today? To date I've been using mostly the duplicates; I am a little skittish about removing them from his actual albums. I have, though, resorted to it in my quest for red stamps for the heart projects!

And now for the good stuff. Waking up early this morning, the first thing I did was make the chocolate chip cookies for Matt. I called him at the nursing home to see when would be a good time to visit, however, as it turns out, he's spending only nights there, coming home for most of the day following radiation. After lunch was the preferred time, and so I went; we chatted and gossiped. I brought a dozen cookies, however, the radiation is giving him a very sore throat, so they should last a couple of days. Or, maybe not.

The master bath is undergoing a remodel in order for the wheelchair to fit in both the room, and the shower. It is coming along nicely; once done, he'll come home for good, using a hospital bed in the adjoining room. Nursing help will come for the overnight shift. If all goes according to plan, they will be going to see Elton John on Saturday night! I thought you might like a face to put to the name.
I told you he was still smiling! I brought my camera because for many years I'd taken their Christmas card photo, so I figured why not? Well, I'll have to return soon when he's wearing a cleaner shirt, and my camera does a better job focusing, but you get the idea. Matt loves people praying for him--if you are the praying kind, join the crowd!

It has felt good typing this today--my desk finally got a clean up earlier--long overdue. And if you are wondering, I've yet to get on my bicycle, but, if I keep improving, it won't be long now.
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