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Two Weeks Later

Has the sun finally set on my saga? I took this last evening while hoping, and praying, that it will be true.
Bruce left yesterday morning around 6AM, heading to the airport for a flight to Las Vegas! Poor thing, he has four days of eating, drinking, and team building! Not to mention going to the Cirque de Soleil show out there. He's been such an excellent nurse, this could not have come at a better time.

I didn't mind not doing the market; for one thing, heavy thunderstorms were predicted for most of the day, and secondly, a full day out would more than likely have been too much. Hopefully, each day I get out and about, my stamina will improve, and before I know it, I'll be as good as new. That is, assuming I'm not one of the unlucky folks who have a recurrence of c-diff, something I've read happens all too often. Prayers please!

I had a wonderfully long chat with Matthew on Saturday, and when the conversation turned to my stamp products, he asked,  "Has anything actually sold Mom?"" Well, no, because she's yet to put them out, but I'm feeling confidant they will!" How's that for positive thinking? I did make a short trip over to RT-ART to pick up a canvas, and when I did so, I stopped into The Lovely Boutique Market for a chat with Kimberly. Explaining that I was good if she was not interested, however, she once again expressed her enthusiasm. It is funny that I was sure I'd never sell any photography, but this time, I feel more confidant. Of course it may be misplaced confidence, but I won't know until I try. Time will tell.

In the meantime, I worked on this for a good part of yesterday.
Sue gave me the globe, one she'd picked up for a song. This, by far, is the biggest project to date. Oh my, it is using a lot of stamps! Working on it for hours, by days end, I had about 80% covered, and I'm thinking it is turning out well. I can say one thing, if I do another one, I will definitely do things differently. I began by putting the stamps on their respective countries, however, that was a dumb idea! Now, I am attaching them willy-nilly, or sort of.....

After a good night's sleep, I decided to make a visit to Leu Gardens for the first Monday of the month freebie. I arrived just after 9 with fog still obscuring the long view.
If you are ever tempted to think that people are not having many babies anymore, go to Leu on free Monday, and your mind will be set to rest. There are scads and scads of babies! Walking around, I ran into my friend from the market who sells popsicles. Popular popsicles, I might add.
As you can see, the fog lifted, and blue skies prevailed! Something very fun was going on at Leu Gardens called "Ribbit the Exhibit" featuring frog sculptures by J.A. Cobb.
Sponsored by various organizations and Commissioners, there are eighteen scattered throughout the grounds. In the coming days I'll show you a few more--better yet, if you have the opportunity, see them in person until March 31! Here's another cute one.
I was disappointed that the lakeside dock is closed, but one look, and you will understand why.
On the other hand, the camellias are still blooming like mad. A fallen bloom...
of which there are plenty, plenty, plenty!

Some trees are still bare while others are sporting their spring green.
A Japanese cherry tree is blossoming, behind the sphagnum moss.
And there are a lot of air plants attached to fallen tree limbs.
I had a lovely two hours, walking slowly, sitting on the front porch of the Leu House pictured above for a rest, eating a popsicle, while talking to visitors from Michigan. Naturally they were very happy with the temperature hovering in the low 70's. Me, too.

More to show from the excursion, which will come. Before I forget, Saturday afternoon, while heading to the kitchen for a drink, I saw an American Robin on the front porch! Where there is one, there are others. In fact loads of them were in the street, across the street, and in our yard. Actually it is highly unusual, at least in my experience, for them to come near a feeder, so I was super surprised to see one mingling.
This woman was not content to watch through the door, so out the door she went, with camera in tow. Now, how about this?
Who knew I had worms in my yard?? I got a shot following the worm consumption, and then he hopped his way down the walk to join more of the flock.
Aren't they pretty? Not nearly so much as a painted bunting, but I'll take what I can get!!

Until we meet again.....

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