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Vancouver, Part One

Yesterday I looked at the photos from the trip, today I think I've recovered enough to write about them. Time change, along with long travel days will do that to an old lady.

Because Bruce booked our tickets only a week in advance, he took what flights he could get for a reasonable cost. Translated into plain English, this means long layovers on both Monday, and Friday. How does 3 hours in Minneapolis, and 4 hours in Salt Lake City sound to you? For a non-sitter such as myself, it sounds like torture. Add to that, a two hour flight delay from Minneapolis, and Bruce found himself with a crazed woman! Aside from those inconveniences, the trip was GREAT!

Vancouver has a bunch of tall stuff, including the skyscrapers, the mountains, and the gorgeous big trees. And, of course, the seaport which was endlessly fascinating. Following our cab ride to the condo, we collapsed into bed as it was past midnight our time. Our first real view of the city was at dawn from the balcony of the 36th floor of the Woodward's Building. What a view it is!
This is looking some way or another--I never really got my bearings except to tell you that the mountains are on the North.
No doubt you knew we would be up early! Having only lived in an apartment for one year of my life I find it fascinating how others do. Across the street...
Because it was too early to go to the office, Bruce set up shop on the dining table.
The company keeps the condo for traveling folks, and it is wonderful, with these great views everywhere you turn. Eventually it was late enough to go find some breakfast, and while doing so, we walked the few blocks to the office to remind Bruce where it was! Chinatown is where.
Although he'd only been to Vancouver the one time last October, he remembered it was in the brick building on the left. His plan for the day was to work, mine was to play. And, if you can imagine, the weather was outstanding, with clear blue skies, and mild temperatures requiring only a light coat. How could I have been so lucky??? Don't know!

Before leaving I looked on tripadvisor for the best things to do while in Vancouver. Number one on the list was Stanley Park, so my first order of business was to figure out how to get there via the bus. Heading down the elevator, we began chatting with a couple, who, in what was to become very common during my stay, walked me to the area where I could purchase a ticket! Only a few blocks away, it was a comfortable walk, and of all things, I saw a Rexall Drugstore.
This will mean something to some of you, nothing to others. I can't remember the last time I saw a Rexall, however, during my growing up years, I probably saw the one behind our house every day. The bus and train station on Water Street, where I, once again, was given kind assistance on how to use the ticket machine.
I walked the few blocks to the bus stop, and before long I was on my way. To say Stanley Park is beautiful is an understatement. Seriously, from the moment I got off the bus, there were gorgeous sights everywhere I looked.
Above is the horsedrawn trolley that you can ride, which I did not, but you can if you want to! Apparently the cherry blossoms were early this year but, boy howdy, the tulips sure put on a show!
I am going to do my best not to overload you with photos, but it will be hard to do so, as I want you to feel as if you were there with me! The lodge built in 1911...
Could it be any more beautiful? I don't think so! The daffodils were competing for attention.
Not to mention the anemones which were such a wonderful shade of purple. Later on I would see sea anemones which possibly delighted me even more! Did I mention everywhere you looked a picturesque scene unfolded?
A fair amount of folks rent bicycles near the park entrance to cycle along the sea wall encircling the park.
It is a safe bet those folks were not carrying a bag with cameras, as your favorite blogger was doing. Instead I began walking along the sea...
which was lovely, however, eventually I knew my legs were going to wear out, so I took a pathway that I thought headed to the aquarium; instead I came across the filming of a McDonalds commercial.
And an adorable little birdie...
After asking somemone which way to go, I made it to the aquarium, and I have to say, it was so, so good. Worth every cent, and then some! I hardly know where to start everything was so exciting. The displays were mostly sea life in the Pacific Northwest waters. The link will take you to professional photographs, however, I'll do what I can.

The first tank you encounter gives you a glimpse into the wonders to come.
The colors are so vibrant it is hard to believe they are real. Because I live in a city known for fantasy, I suppose that is why that occurred to me. While all the fish were fantastic, the anemones were almost more so.
Can you believe the range of colors??? Everyone gathered round the jellyfish exhibit, and can you blame them?
Honestly, I could not get enough of them!
I so wish the one below had come out better, alas it was not to be. These are, aptly named, Umbrella jellyfish.
They were so cute! Our niece Amanda is visiting Japan, using a clear umbrella, and I couldn't help but think of her when I saw these. Anyone interested in Moon Jellyfish?
Speaking of Japan, this tank held jellyfish found off the coast of Japan.
While standing in front of this display, I overheard a child asking her Mother about the anemones and algae. Her reply--sea flowers!
The pinks were great, as was the green.
As well, there are some really cool white ones.
Recently I saw the stingrays at Brevard zoo, which were white; apparently they come in other colors.
Sadly I was unable to photograph the gigantic octopus because it was all curled up, but man, what a sight! Eventually I tore myself away, and went outdoors to see the beluga whales, and whatever else there was to see. A seagull keeping watch over the swimming whale...
Adjacent to the whale pools, South African penguins were chilling before jumping into the water.
I later learned the one on the right is molting, just like our cardinal friends do in late summer.

If ever there were a sleek sea creature it is the sea lion. While visiting San Diego I saw them there in great numbers, however, certainly not this close.
Finally, (if you can believe it), the Pacific White Sided Dolphin who was rescued after losing her pectoral flippers in a fishing net.
Are you suffering from photograph fatigue yet? I suspect that is true, so I will write again tomorrow about the rest of the day, which held yet more excitement!

Stay tuned!

I hope you've enjoyed the trip thus far,

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