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The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Oddly enough, earlier this morning Cheryle and I were talking about the business of art, and I was saying how happy I was to have a publisher. We talked about galleries, percentages, web sites, and the like. Well, in today's mail my monthly sales statement, and mailbox money arrived from Sun Dance, and I could not be any happier with the contents. Looks like, among sales to others, Hobby Lobby has re-ordered some of the larger prints they bought late last year. Well, that is very good news indeed. How I got so lucky is anyone's guess!

Then too, I recently had a small bump in my PayPal account from a photo sharing site I've been on for years--flickr. In the first few weeks that I owned a digital camera, son Matthew suggested I might want to join it, and as I recall, he gave me what was then called a "pro" membership. Believe you me, I was anything but a PRO! On the other hand, I learned from lots of real pros on there, and for years uploaded photos to the site for fun. Recently, they've decided to create a flickr marketplace to sell photos of some invited photographers. Count me shocked that I was included. At any rate, never did I think anything would sell, so I was mighty surprised reading the email saying a photo sold back in April

The older I get, the more I like the idea of other folks selling my photography for many reasons. That said, I do like interacting with my customers, and learning their stories. Yesterday it was killer hot, in spite of my mega fan, but folks did come out, including a young woman who purchased from me a few weeks ago and was back for more. That is always a very nice feeling. Because it was so insanely hot, when I noticed Captain Isaiah White sweating profusely, I invited him into the tent for some relief. For maybe the next two hours, in between booth visitors, I heard his story, and it is remarkable.
Raised in a family where both parents did not graduate high school, he worked crazy hard to not only stay out of trouble as a youth, but went on to go to college, eventually becoming one of only nine captains in the Orlando Police Department. We talked at length about all sorts of stuff, including his take on the policing problems around the country.(This too shall pass is part of what he had to say.) Very interesting stuff to say the least. And if you are curious, in his opinion, the blame lies with both the police departments and the public. When Bruce arrived, I asked Captain White re-tell the story I'd already heard about his wife's grandfather who worked as a mason until two weeks before he died. Oh yeah, he was 98!

So, that was Sunday. Friday I had quite a different experience--I had a facial for the first time in probably twenty years; part of that package we bid on at the Parkinson's fundraiser. The sweet young woman, Madison, was earnest in her skin care convictions. Not once did I burst her bubble, which is saying a lot for me. On the other hand, when she mentioned that massages were good for people, my reply was that I think it is an industry that has sprung up because people have disposable incomes, and are gullible. Needless to say, she was speechless.
Before heading to the facial, on my bike ride I saw something you just don't see every day...
I can't imagine what was wrong with this column, but it was clear they were repairing it, and in the photograph, I believe ready to re-install it on the other side of the porch.

Now that owl season is nearly over, we may have to focus our attention on peacocks. Their babies usually come around in July, and they are cute as a darn button. Not as cute as an owl baby, but really, what is? Human babies excluded.
Or, perhaps black racer snakes which seem to be plentiful of late.
This one was just outside the side door and probably four feet long.  Just the other day, as I was sitting out by the pool talking to Angela, one slithered over to the pool from the bushes behind me, had a drink, and then slithered off to the other side of the yard! Fortunately they are harmless to humans.

Then too, a very interesting mushroom has been growing, and I mean that literally, as it was once super tiny. The purplish stem has kept me intrigued.
Speaking of plentiful, good grief, the birds are eating us out of house and home! So many, many birds.
A woodpecker is on the side you do not see. Of late it is taking about three or four days for the feeder to empty, and we are talking five pounds of seed. :)

Used to be Baxter spent a good part of his days laying on the couch, however, since the remodel, it is a rare site for him to be up there by himself, which is why I thought he looked so darn cute the other day.
Saturday evening we went over to Cheryle and David's for a pool party with the usual gang. Lisa and Bunker are working on the puzzle that is a constant around the Beatty home.
Bunker brought along a friend who is visiting from the DC area. I took a picture of them together, but I thought this one was more fun.
In the middle of the party we made a quick airport run to pick up Dave and Michelle who were returning from a holiday in Puerto Rico. It is not often that they need help, so when they ask, we are more than happy to do so.

According to the weather forecast for the week ahead, heat is what we should expect. 97 degrees to be exact. Oy vey! Say it ain't so.

Heading into what I call "Greater Summer",

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