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"You Must Be a Catholic!"

Do you believe in kismet? I do.

Riding along this morning, I was considering how best to weave together a narrative for my next post. Well, by golly, an image appeared before me like magic!
The biggest, baddest, spider web I've practically ever seen, shone in the sunlight as if lit with electricity! Solar power Gail, solar power.

So what? Very cool, but what does it have to do with anything? And where the heck does that title come from? It's coming....

As many of you know, marrying into a family big on genealogy research, our son Matthew took up the mantle, finding out amazing things about our forbearers. He learned that our ancestry on my Dad's Paternal side came from Wales. Coal miners they were, which may or may not explain my long term love of novels set in the coal country. Then too, he learned that my Maternal Grandmother was born in Fancy Farm, Kentucky. Never heard of it? No surprise there as it is a mighty tiny place although they do have their own website which I've perused with great interest, so much so that I contacted the author of the site, discovering that in addition to the FF website, she also writes a blog about life in Fancy Farm. Guess what? She wrote me back.

The airline tickets are booked--we are officially making a pilgrimage because here is about the size of the family history I have any knowledge of.
Wait a minute--that is way too ambitious as far as my knowledge, whereas Matt has put together many, many generations on the web that is our family tree. Armed with his information, our plan is to learn more from whence I came. Plus, my new Fancy Farm friend, Cynthia has offered to show us around!! How about them apples?

Chatting with the owner of the bed & breakfast where we plan to stay in Paducah, the largest nearby town, the first thing she said when I said we were visiting Fancy Farm is, "you must be Catholic." No, no we are not, however, had our Mother had her way, we sure would be. She lost that battle with my Dad a long time ago.

According to Cynthia many of the same families live in Fancy Farm that were there from the early 1800's founding. And they are all Catholic. This should be fun; when I know more, you will too!

In other news, should you have the extreme misfortune to have a plantar's wart on your foot or toe, I've found a home remedy that might just work for you as it seems to be working for me. I'm cautiously optimistic that the clear nail polish I've been putting on it, covered with a band aid, is suffocating that creepy little virus on my big toe. After about a week of this treatment it sure is less painful, giving me reason for hope. File that one away.

Then too, I mentioned I was also suffering from night time sinus drainage that really interfered with a good night's sleep. Well, somewhere on the world wide web I read that if you hydrate very well before lying down it would help. Drinking two to three glasses of water before bedtime is making a big difference for me.

Gross information I know, but it may be of help to a fellow sufferer. Consider these last two paragraphs a "public service announcement."

If you can imagine, I went swimming in our pool yesterday. Yup--November 11! As far back as I can remember, I've not been in any swimming pool this late in the year, but with daytime temperatures still hanging around the 90 mark, a cool dip following lawn mowing was just what I needed. Incredible really.But, I did say people were in the ocean this past weekend so there's that.

The various sand colors along the coastline really fascinate me. Here is the orange of Flagler Beach...
but when we got closer to St. Augustine it was white and powdery as can be.
I don't know what you call the activity pictured above is....kite skiing perhaps? Very cool whatever it is called.

Following Saturday's wet weather, Sunday morning the sand at Vilano Beach was probably more orange than if it were dry, but still orange again, in spite of it being about twenty five miles North of Flagler.
The waves were pretty wild on Sunday morning when I took a short walk on the beach before leaving for home. The surfers were doing their best to take advantage of the conditions.

One more from the wedding that was just plain too cute not to share...Monica's sister adopted Gracie, and the darling boy carrying the hound (remember the name of their company), is the son of her best friend. Absolutely adorable!
This morning it looked like this outside before sunrise,
but the fog soon burned off from the warmth of the sun and not a cloud in the blue, blue sky.
One thing that thrills me at this time of the year is the re-opening of one of my favorite places.
Riding my bike there yesterday morning the woman at the counter asked if I was still selling my work. I? Don't know just yet. Stay tuned.

Look what I saw in someone's yard...

Nancy asked me recently how Angela is doing, making me think that perhaps you are wondering the same. She is doing as well as can be expected, filling her days with a huge remodel of her home. So big she's moved out if that tells you anything! Today, though, she is in Washington, DC because Matt will be buried tomorrow at Arlington Cemetery, according to his wishes. His Dad and first Commander in the Marines are making it possible. Time though---nothing quite like the tincture of time. Heals most things doesn't it?

I'm really looking forward to our trip for plenty of reasons, one of which is too see rural America, something I've rarely done. Next week can't come soon enough!!


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