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I Can See, Maybe a Little Too Clearly Now

Although I thought my distance vision was pretty darn good, I learned, after picking up my glasses on Thursday, that it could be even better. Furthermore, my close vision needed work, and now I may not like all that I can clearly see. Like more dust around here than I'd imagined. There may be something to be said for being oblivious....

It was Wednesday afternoon that I got the text from Costco saying my glasses were ready. Should I drive out there or not, ran through my mind. Turns out not was good as it was only minutes later that I got a call from my nephew saying that his mother, and my sister, Maureen, had fallen and broke her hip. Oh my goodness....if it is not one thing, it is another for her. I jumped in the car and was over at ORMC in no time, finding her still in the Emergency Room. I needn't tell you how I feel about the care in that ER, having experienced it for myself last year around this time. After being there for over seven hours, she finally was moved to a room with surgery scheduled for the morning. Here is what a hip fracture patient's foot looks like:
Her hip was labeled as well. Waiting around until 9:00 to talk to a doctor to find out what time she was to have surgery on Thursday, proved fruitless. A kind nurse, however, said she would call me very early to let me know. The house phone rang at 6AM and Adele said she was already in Pre-Op. Still hoping to talk to her doctor, I went to the family surgical waiting area which was filled with other anxious family members, as well as a few oversized chairs.
 I brought along a little book of Jumbles given to me by Jon and Alissa last Christmas.
A good way to pass the time. And then Lisa showed up! We never did talk to the surgeon, but we did learn that all went well. Once she was settled back in her home away from home, I left her in Lisa's capable hands. Then I picked up the glasses which are taking a little time to get adjusted to, but a vast improvement over the last pair!

Maureen is doing really well, walking a little way down the hallway today! Her room in this tower overlooks Orange Avenue.
Yesterday I spent some time finding a suitable rehab center. After one visit I was totally discouraged, however, after visiting this place, I felt much better. She is to leave the hospital either today, or tomorrow, and spend whatever time is necessary to be able to walk comfortably again in this center.
For those so inclined, prayers for a speedy recovery are most welcome!!

Meanwhile, around our neighborhood it is raining leaves. A Florida fall if you will. There are some Sweet Gum trees down the street that ...well you can see for yourself what they do this time of year.
The leaves are falling, and the camellias are blooming...
Just before all hell broke loose on Wednesday, I'd finished the third block I was working on, deciding three was more than enough for me. In fact, what was I thinking??
I need to run back up to the hospital...just wanted to let everyone know what has been going on.

Celebrate good health because, darn it is tough to be in a hospital, although Maureen has endured it with grace. The same can usually NOT be said about me.


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