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Two Days in Bed

The timing could not be any worse, but what did I expect? It is February, so that means there is a good chance I will be sick like I was last year at about the very same time.

This time it was not worth an ambulance ride, however, I did arrive at Dr. Parillo's office yesterday morning just after 7, hoping to be seen by someone. Antibiotics to the rescue! One of the days I spent curled in a ball with a fever, body aches, and what felt like a knife in my throat; the other, after convincing myself the antibiotic would work immediately, I read a novel, and was it ever a good one...The Good Earth, by Pearl Buck. For some reason, after buying it at a garage sale last year, it ended up in my nightstand beside my bed, which is where I discovered it, and because I'd never read it before, I began and could not stop. What a storyteller, and in spite of it being written in 1931, the themes are every bit as relevant today as they were back then. So, being sick was not a total loss. I'm up today, insisting to myself that I will be better because I MUST be better!

What you really want to know about is, how Maureen is doing? Sadly, I have not seen her since Friday night, however, Bruce went late Sunday morning and brought back a good report. I took another one of her in the physical therapy room during my last visit, where they are putting her to work!
She is now able to, with the aid of a walker and a physical therapist by her side, walk back to her room which is a massive improvement over last week at this time! The bandage came off after seven days and her first visit to the outside world will be to see the orthopedic doctor tomorrow.

While she's been in the rehab center, Bruce, Pam and I, have been working to make her home both more pleasant and safe. Maureen's fairy godmother is sending funds for new things, like a comfortable chair, and a new mattress. She is so good to Maureen, however, she tells me that she may have more funds than Maureen, Maureen has more wit and charm so their forty year friendship is beneficial to both. Nice.

A week ago Sunday morning, when I first visited Maureen in the daylight, I noticed a lot of vultures flying overhead. I mean a whole lot of them. The specks in the great big beautiful sky are but a few of them.
I learned from one of the staff that there is some sort of garbage facility nearby, thus their constant presence. Friday night as I was leaving they were still flying around.
Speaking of birds, they have been plentiful in the last few weeks. In fact, as I lay in bed on Sunday they kept me entertained out my window. Red winged blackbirds come in droves. There are about seven or eight, mostly on the ground in this shot.
And the finches...oh my are they cute little birds! I heard from Matt who said he had a whole flock of goldfinches that look nothing like our goldfinches. Naturally, I was jealous.
Out front, where the feeder is on a pole in the ground, they vie for space, whereas in the side yard, they wait their turn in the oak tree.
Once I am out and about again, I not only need to fill the feeders, but I intend to look for a cardinal nest somewhere in the bushes. They, too, have been hanging around a lot.
I wonder why sometimes their crest is up, and sometimes down?
If you live anywhere near downtown, and if you like to eat out, you may have heard of Maxine's on Shine Street. You may very well have wondered just who is Maxine. Well, here she is in the red glasses with Catherine during her birthday celebration last week.
It was quite a group, including a Scottish woman, (Catherine), a Frenchwoman, a German woman, and a couple from Switzerland. You may have guessed that they have all become friends through Cheryle and David's airbnb adventures of which there are plenty! The couple sitting next to me had only just arrived from Seattle but they came along to experience the "real" Orlando. A good time was had by all.

This may not be my most exciting post, however, I figured you might be looking for an update so I've done my best to provide one. Soon, very soon, I hope the posts will again be both more frequent and more interesting!



p.s. I neglected to mention that my darling has had a sore throat for the longest time now, at one point completely losing his voice. Unlike me, he never gets sick! What is going on around here??

p.p.s. Don't feel bad I was in bed on Valentine's Day--every day is VD around here!

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