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In Search of an Olive Tree

It must have been Saturday night, after a super hot day, we got a little rainstorm. Taking something out to the trash, I said to Baxter, this is perfect conditions for a rainbow, and sure enough looking East, there was a double rainbow!
Not that you can see it in the photograph, but believe me, it was there, albeit faint. The main rainbow, on the other hand, was so brilliantly colored, it was spectacular. Herb's grandson Scott, along with his three children, have moved into Herb and Corrine's house, and I often see him out front. That night it was no different, so pointing it out to him, I suggested he might want to get the kids to come outside and see it. There are girl twins, aged 8, and a boy, aged 9. Indeed, they were thrilled. The back story is, their Mother died of stomach cancer last year, only in her late 30's.

Well, when you have a rainbow, you generally have a remarkable sunset. Yup.
Thinking about Herb and Corrine, I made up a lap quilt for Corrine to use at her assisted living facility. Upon receiving it, she called from Alabama with thanks. Telling her it was my pleasure, I also mentioned how we do so miss them living there.

On Sunday morning I wore a new dress that I made with my awesome new machine. Asking B to take my photograph before we left, here it is in all it's size 12 glory.
Testing myself, I used French seams, and my first ever, both invisible zipper and blind hem. It was cool and comfortable. Following the service we helped load bags of non-perishable food for the homeless that visit the church daily. Surprising in Winter Park,  right?
Slowly, we are getting to know a few folks.

It wouldn't be the first time, and I'm sure it won't be the last, that we have gone in search of something for one of Bruce's projects. In this instance, it was an olive tree we were in search of. The restaurant specs called for an olive tree, however, the landscaper for the job told Bruce they would not grow in Central Florida. Our friend Google told Bruce otherwise, and so we drove to Dunnellon on mostly back roads. Just west of Ocala, we thought we would stop for lunch in Leesburg. Well, we did stop for lunch, but it turned out to be not quite what we were expecting. Leesburg is mostly a retirement community, so who needs gowns like these found in a downtown shop window is the big question.
Pretty much the entire three blocks were closed for the holiday, so reluctantly we stuck our head into the God Cafe to see if they were open. Yes, that's right...the God Cafe.
Last night I also told Baxter, (see above), that I love God too, but I thought the owner Gary went a little, well make that a lot, over the top. He claimed he'd been a chef in Carmel, however,  I'm not entirely sure I believe him, otherwise he would not be serving potato salad that tasted like it was from a can. Wait, potato salad doesn't come in a can! In a super chintzy move, he does not serve tap water, only bottled for $1. Duh! We were saved being the only customers, well sort of, by an elderly couple that came in about five minutes after we did. Actually, it appeared that the wife has Alzheimer's leaving the man so starved for conversation, he would not quit talking to Bruce about his glory days of coaching football in Wildwood. She merely smiled as we left.

I seriously wish I'd gotten a photograph of a life-sized concrete pink elephant we saw along the roadside, but I did not. That said, I did see some neat things once we finally got to the Olive growers property. For one thing they had giant sunflowers,
and were growing both coffee, and tea plants!
A man and his wife, along with one helper, grow about eight varieties of olive trees, none of which the Earl's designers were thrilled with. 3,000 olive trees!! Big fat bummer there. Here are some that have more time to spend in their pots.
In another area some of them had fruit!
They also grow lots of other things, including pineapples, peas, and these pretty blueberry bushes, just beginning to ripen.
All of that was good, but the most exciting thing I saw while there was a Zebra Swallowtail, a butterfly I've never encountered before!
I was talking to the wife when it began flying around, and I apologized for my lack of attention to the conversation because I was dying over this butterfly!! She had never seen one before either.

Sadly, as mentioned above, the girls at the office were not satisfied with the tree size, and after about two hours of back and forth, Bruce had to let the grower down. He was sure hoping he was having a $1,200 sale, and who can blame him?

Just down the road, what in the heck?
Can anyone think of a good reason to have a tepee on one's property? Not me.

Driving home, we started out the slow way, but thinking of the time, we thought better of it. Our little doggie might need us! We got on the Turnpike, but not before seeing a nice amount of wildflowers lining the highway.
Baxter, lost in thought?
This morning I had a few errands near the job site, so I stopped to take some photos of the progress, which is, thankfully, moving full steam ahead this week. The steel structure is the patio roof, and the cut out over PF Changs are the soon to be windows for the dining room.
Around the other side, near Macy's is the entrance. Just look at all the steel they make it all come together is beyond me!
So, there you go...a road trip that while fun, did not yield the results Bruce was hoping for. Back to the drawing board, or in this case, the designers!!

Hot as the dickens here,

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