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This Little Piggie Went to the Bank

Perhaps it has been two years or so, who knows what with my memory? Anyway, when doing the laundry, which seems like a pittance compared to years past, I've been collecting the loose change from the bottom of the washing machine, depositing it in this little girl.
It could be a boy pig, but I'm guessing not, what with the polka dot outfit! In any case, finally it was filled to the brim, and Mrs. Camera Crazy took it to the bank, dumped it into the machine, and can you guess how much she held? Of course you can't!! $68! Which I intend to spend on some nicer fabric, or so I think. Good cotton fabric, much to my surprise now costs up to $12.99 a yard, so it really won't buy too much. I'm just as astonished as you are at the cost of fabric!

Speaking of which, I did buy some lovely fabrics during a trip to Sewing Studio a week or so ago. A yard of each, all on sale for half price, putting it more in line with what I'd prefer to pay. No plan, or so I thought at that moment. Well, a plan emerged suddenly. Without going into too many details, our sister Carol was taken to the hospital by ambulance out in Los Angeles, and there she remains. It is complicated, but one thing that is not complicated is her anxiety about this sudden turn of events. Waking up in the middle of the night, I realized I needed to make her a small quilt ASAP. Did she need it for warmth? Of course not. Did she need it for comfort? I'd like to think so. Using a mix of fabrics that I had, I dreamed up a very simple design, and got to work. Before our excursion Monday I put in a few hours, but it was on Tuesday that I went full on, and here's the result. Oh wait, let me show you how it looks while you are quilting. I am so very lucky to have a big table to work on!
The new machine works so beautifully....oops, I told you that in my last post. Bears repeating.
And here is the back...
Super simple, but I do so love the fabric on the back! There are little tiny plus signs on the binding which I told Carol were there to help her THINK POSITiVE! To the post office I went on Wednesday morning, sending it overnight. And now she has a little bit of Florida love in her hospital room.

I made some cherry almond scones the other morning, and if you haven't tried this recipe before I suggest that you do so because it is not only yummy, but pretty easy as well.
The tomatoes and onion on the counter are from Pam's garden. The other day I showed you a close up of her Black-eyed Susans, but what I really should have shown is them en masse because it is absolutely stunning right now. Why don't I do just that?
As you know, we have a lot of palm trees in our back yard, and what you didn't know is that all of them needed trimming, and most importantly seed pod removal. They've gotten so tall that we have to hire it done. So, they came yesterday, chainsaws a blazing. Every now and again I would step outside to take a peek in between housework. Here is the young man preparing to tackle the tallest Fan Palm.
The ladder actually slipped out from under him seconds after I took this photo!Yikes! He was fine, continuing his cutting ways. Fronds were piling up on the ground...
Wow! Mr. Peck was not any too happy when he came home. Like, he was freaking out! Not at me, because I did not stand there and watch, but he felt they went way too far. One thing for sure, I won't be plucking seeds out of the pool all summer. Then too, it is way sunnier in the back yard. The pool temperature, when I checked this morning was 87 degrees--incredibly hot for this time of year. I can only imagine what it will be like in August!

After he calmed down a bit, we went over to see Cheryle at FAVO and it was a very good thing that she had two of her Airbnb guests with her because Bruce spent about thirty minutes chatting with them about their plans to build a small house.
Settled him down all the more! You may notice a band-aid on his hand, and that was another drama this past week. He cut his hand at the job site, ending up at the doctor's office for treatment. Although she wanted to put a few stitches in, he opted not to after he told her what with the way his hands look these days, he would not mind a little scar. When he got home, he got back in the car with Baxie, taking him to the vet. We are still not sure exactly what was wrong with him, but after he pooped on the carpet four times in as many days, as well as peed on our bedroom carpet, we knew something was not right. In the ten or so years we've had Baxter, he's never peed in the house before, and maybe a time or two, done the other. The antibiotic seems to be working.

Both the eagle and heron nests are empty..they have flown the coop. The owls are ever more elusive, so they may soon be finding their own area to live. This morning I rode over around 6:30AM, hoping to see them, and just as I was fixing to give up, I heard a noise overhead. Sure enough there was one of them, perhaps calling for food? Anyway, won't be long before I never see them again.
Enough drama for one week,


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