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And the Heat Goes On and On and On....

Am I the only one who cannot wait for fall? Between the election coverage as well as the advertisements, not to mention the relentless heat we've been having, November cannot come soon enough!

I've been in the pool most days which is actually unusual in July, mostly because we are always soaked, however, this summer the rain is eluding us, allowing the temperature to soar. One of the days I saw this amazing sight in between two of the palm trees.
I've seen these tiny Spiny Orbweavers before, but never with a trapped bee! According to the link I've posted, those little globs are to help birds not fly into the webs. Nature is so darn amazing, isn't it?

Things are pretty quiet in the blooming flowers department around here, but heat notwithstanding, Pam has a few beauties in her yard. I adore the colors of this plant!
Aren't they just lovely? Speaking of color, while writing about the new paint color in the guest room, I neglected to assure you that the coral passed the "paint name test" with flying colors! Jovial!! How about that for a guest room?

Still in Pam's garden, a big fat bumblebee! Or so I think that is what the name is.
Another little fun fact I neglected to mention is the last name our new neighbors next door.

Are you ready for this? QUILTY! How crazy is that?

I have been doing some sewing this week because, frankly it is just too hot to do anything else. Plus, I like it! Every now and again I've ventured out, but who could blame me for staying in when it is this hot?
Actually, it has never been this hot; I really have no idea how the car thermometer works, but it has been mostly unbearable which is why I mow the lawn at 7AM! I read in the newspaper that our average rainfall for July is nearly seven inches with this month's reported amount hovering around 2.5 inches. I don't remember even that much rain, which leads me to believe that what the official record is, and what our own experience tells us, is oftentimes not one and the same. We did get the tiniest teaser last evening.
Later, the sunset does not give me the slightest hope for rain today.
Poor little Baxie has a soft tissue mass in his right groin. Before you get too upset by my description, it does not hurt him, nor does it appear to be anything terrible. Last week I took him to the vet for both his shots, and an examination of said mass. Following an x-ray and two veterinarians checking it out, she prescribed an anti-inflammatory treatment for a week. In the meantime, the groomer came and he looks much spiffier even with his strange little mass. This week I took him back for the shots they did not do during our previous visit; moments before the vet came into the room I took this photograph.
While putting my camera back in my purse, the door opened, and Baxter jumped right into my lap! He knew what was going to happen next was nothing he wanted any part in!

That same day, 10 days after I brought it home, I finally decided to donate the desk that was a part of the dresser set up. Carrying it around in the back of the Pilot because there was no room for it in the inn, it pained me to do so but I had to let it go.
The Goodwill girl, whom I am getting to know because I am there most every week, upon seeing the desk, said "someone is going to snatch it up quick". I bet they are. :(

One of the most important skills to have when making quilts is to have good color sense. Even if a quilt is technically perfect, without a good color scheme, it doesn't work. Because there are endless combinations,working out what looks good together is of the upmost importance. Isn't it really interesting how the same block can look entirely different? I made first one block, actually trying to see if I liked the size, then decided to work it up three different ways.
You may not like the colors themselves, but isn't it interesting how the different placements of light and dark fabric draw your eye in?

As you already know we've gotten into the Jeopardy routine. Yup, once you actually start watching it, you get hooked which explains why it has been on television so darn long! Anyway, one evening I thought we might shake things up a bit and eat outdoors, followed by some night swimming. I, of course, spent more time in the pool than Mr. Peck did, but he did admit it was so refreshing after a hard day at work.
You should have seen my hair the next morning after sleeping on it soaking wet. And that, my friends, is what a pony tail elastic is for!!

One advantage to this dry weather seems to be the lack of Cuban Tree Frogs, so there's that silver lining. Then too, with all of the weird winter rain we had, officially, we are still above our normal rainfall for the year. There's a contradiction here isn't there? We both like ,and dislike, predictability: finding comfort in the same, while at the same time complaining of boredom. Interesting, right?

May your weekend be cooler than mine,

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