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Living with Dust

Although we are generally okay living with dust, there does come a time when even I have had enough. That time was this weekend. What, pray tell was the tipping point, you ask?
Probably a culmination of things, but if I had to name one event it might just have been when this baby went into the washing machine, a very exciting part of the process.
Did it take me the whole British Open to finish it? No, but long enough to know that this was not going to be Jordan's event. Beginning on Thursday, I probably worked on it for about three hours, followed by early, as in 7 AM early, I sat down once again on Friday, rarely stopping until I finished just after noon. Whew!! Having used this technique while sewing the binding on the anniversary quilt while flying to California, I realized it was a good one even though I did not have any restrictions like I did while on the plane. Threading five needles at a time is a good plan, even though I had to re-thread those five needles at least three more times, it is a nice way to keep your momentum going. At any rate, sitting in my living area for all those hours, I just could not help noticing all of the dust piled up everywhere!

I really meant to get going on the cleaning Saturday, and I did some, but not anywhere near enough, mostly because I kept having ideas that I needed to jump on while they were fresh in my mind. One such idea was how to cover the now exposed box springs. You can imagine my quilt was not showing off as much as it could what with box springs in full sight! Pam gave me two lovely quilted white shams, however, in spite of looking everywhere, she never could find the matching dust ruffle. I thought about going to the store and just buying one, but then it hit me...would a stripe look good? Going through my remaining estate sale fabric, I found this lovely piece in a good weight. Woo hoo--the little label was still attached! Okinawa!!! Amazing.
Sorry for the weird blue tint on this; must be because the camera was still on the sunset setting which I'd used the night before!
The tiny red streak was no indication of rain the following day that is for sure; only one inch of rain has fallen in July if you can imagine.

So, using the stripe, with my honey here to consult,  there are slats that hold the mattress in place; he pointed out that a dust ruffle to the floor really would not have worked anyway, Instead I made a very short dust ruffle. Super easy too! Then, I convinced B to come along with me on the mission to find a small dresser. No luck at our first stop, however, stop number two was the charm. Surprising both myself and Bruce, I asked the fellow if the price was his best, and he said he would take $25 less. Score! Rarely, if ever, have I done this before! Anyway, we brought it home and it is just perfect.
Honestly, it is cute as a button in spite of a few scars on the top. No surprise there as it is from the same era as your favorite blogger!

I think it must have also been Saturday when I made a little block, and mailed it off no less, for a charity quilt that my Days for Girls leader, Sharleen, told me about. The theme was patriotic in case you are wondering.
By the way, after wanting one for a long time I finally bought a Rowena iron, an absolutely essential tool for a sewist. (!) Never say that I'm not trying to keep up with the times; using a word like that proves it!

And should you be wondering if I have given up on my bicycle riding, not completely, but I will admit since it has been SO hot, the morning rides have been few, and far, between. Plus, there is little to photograph this time of the year, but I am still on the hunt. This is the prettiest sight I saw the other day.
Speaking of sights, after returning my books to the library, I drove by Pulse, and the crowds are still coming. Plus, did you hear that in the last few days, the club has been broken into twice. Sick!
Look what else I saw at the SODO center, just two blocks from Pulse!
This was a lovely surprise, and much appreciated, as the news this summer is enough to make anyone not want to leave the house!

One of the great things about Bruce's new job is his boss Steve who insisted that Bruce not only stay away from the job this past weekend, but take me out to dinner on his dime. Friday night we enjoyed a lovely meal at Le Coq au Vin, a place we should frequent more often, living just down the street and all. For the most part though, this is where Mr. Peck spent the weekend!
Amongst the dust I might add, that is until Sunday afternoon, by which time it was nice and tidy. Yup, I got up Sunday morning, turned on the television at 6:30, and began dusting away. Because Jordan was so far back from the leaders he was playing, so I got to enjoy that at the same time.

I dusted the end tables, swept behind the curtains, the coffee table is once again sparkling, and the kitchen is much improved. Heck, I even polished the kettle which is saying a lot. There are two brown grocery bags filled with books I will never re-read. They were threatening to topple the place where they were displayed, not to mention they were COATED with dust. Yeesh!!

While on the subject of books, one of the ones I returned was from a favorite author of mine, Elizabeth Strout, who wrote the now famous, Olive Kitteredge. This one, called, My Name is Lucy Barton, is hard to describe which is why I am providing a link to the NYT review. I suspect there will be as many people who dislike it as do the opposite. That said, if you share my taste in novelist, find yourself a copy! 

Cooking in Carol's kitchen, which now seems like ages ago, I used an amazing non-stick skillet called a Green pan, or I think that is the name. So amazing was this pan that I had to find one for myself. Not green inside, although it is a super neat sea foam green on the outside, I found one at Marshalls very similar, or so I hoped. Oh my gosh! Having made fried potatoes with onions and peppers a gazillion times before, never once have I left not an ounce of residue in the pan until this time.
You would have to have been there to be as amazed as I. Apparently, in spite of her pain and general discomfort, she was listening to my excitement about the pan. Lo and behold last week she sent me one as a thank you gift ,so now I have TWO super skillets. Let the cooking begin in earnest!

Carol is improving steadily, so there's that. Also, Angela called me while we were out shopping Saturday and she sounds pretty good. If you can believe it, last week was the one year anniversary of Matt's death which she spent in Seattle with his parents. Her son Michael is home from college, and the two of them are on their way Tuesday to London to spend time with her English family. Day by day she told me.

Now to tackle the bookcase in the foyer which is swimming in dust. That is if I can keep myself away from beginning my next quilting project which I'll tell you about soon.

Dusting awaits,


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