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I Did It!

One night, when I was 50 years old, excruciating abdominal pain woke me from a dead sleep. It is hard to describe serious pain isn't it? Everyone is different, and although my tolerance for pain is greater than some folks, that time I even surprised myself by not waking Bruce up for comfort. Eventually it subsided and I went back to sleep. I began my workday at 7AM, and that day began as most of them did, up at 5:30. It was then that I told Bruce about what happened. Insisting I stay home from work, I was just as insistent that I should go to work because my patients were counting on me. He'd already left the house when I called him back saying I'd seen blood in the toilet, never a good sign. Calling in for me, we went to the hospital where I worked, only instead of me going to Radiology, we went to the Emergency Room. It turns out I suffered an episode of Ischemic Colitis, which, in layman's terms, is often called, "a heart attack of the bowel." No wonder it hurt so bad, right?

After the CT scan diagnosed the problem, I was wheeled upstairs and a colonoscopy was ordered for the morning to access the damage. If you think prepping at home is bad, prepping in a hospital room while wheeling an IV pole with you is really bad. Not to mention, blood poured out of me. All in all, a horrible experience. Once the gastroenterologist was done with the procedure, he told me I had "an old lady bowel", calling it tortuous, it is treacherous for the doctor wielding the scope. Think puncturing the bowel. Never a good thing!

So, despite having problems of late, I was completely gun shy of having another colonoscopy. Dr. Glen Vander Zalm allayed my fears during my visit with him, saying he would use a children's scope. He gave me the confidence I needed, and he used the small scope and all went just fine.

Not that I liked the prep or anything, don't get me wrong, it is still pretty bad but I've had worse, haven't I? Opening the laxative package, this design kind of inspired me. Wouldn't it make a neat quilt?
I made it through the day with no food except for Jello. It's been a long time since I made Jello, but I must say, it was pretty tasty, especially the lime flavor. Once 5:00 rolled around and the liquid drinking began, food did not interest me anyway. What a thing to come home from a business trip to! Poor Bruce, I was a tad cranky, but he ignored that, and was just as sweet as ever.

After a night with trips to the bathroom, he drove me to the Citrus Surgery Center, which I'm mentioning by name because they were so darn wonderful, I want to give them a shout out. Holy Cow! They pretty nearly restored my faith in health care workers! Each and every person that had a thing to do with me was tremendous, chatty, caring, and efficient. I mean seriously, I've not had the experience in so long I'd begun to think that kind of care did not exist anymore. Plus, there were nurses! Real nurses, one of whom put in my IV the first time with only a tiny bit of discomfort.

Once I came to, one of those real nurses walked us out to the car. Bruce stayed there throughout just in case something went awry. Once a Boy Scout, always a Boy Scout. 😀
Ha ha! I had come to just enough to ask her for a photo. Once my peanut butter toast was consumed back at the house, I crawled into bed and slept for a few hours. Sluggish from the anesthesia for a good part of the day yesterday, today I am as good as new. As to the results, he did not find much that is too unusual for a woman of my age, however, the pathology report will not be available for a week or so. We were given a report of the procedure, with pictures no less, and one of the line items is....the colon is redundant.  I am sure Dr. Vander Zalm was glad I told him in advance. :)

When last we met, I was heading to the guild meeting which did not disappoint. Inspiring at every turn, the women there are so nice. Pam joined during the last meeting and is making friends fast. I did manage to do the Show and Tell, however, following some of the more experienced quilters, I was slightly nervous. It helped that I'd worn one of the new dresses I made...people were looking at those little cap sleeves! Here is someone else at Show and Tell...beautiful, isn't it?
Let us turn our attention to nature shall we? Speaking of Pam, my orchid output is put to shame by hers. Hanging from several trees, she has so many blooms I am completely envious, including this pretty one.
Almost like pink marble cake, isn't it? Hibiscus are blooming like mad at this time of the year and I saw this one during a bike ride that I could not resist.
Speaking of being unable to resist a subject....
I just love those eyes, sort of like Baxter's big brown eyes.

I wonder if other parts of the country, or is it only the South, where Sphagnum Moss is so prevalent? That and goodness, we have a bunch everywhere lately.
In between trips to the bathroom Tuesday night, I noticed the night sky was looking, oh so lovely, with ta crescent Moon, and what I later learned, is Venus, nearby. This picture is pretty terrible, you can't even tell the Moon is only a crescent, but I still thought it had a tiny bit of merit. I see so many absolutely terrible photographs posted online everywhere, and you won't catch me getting on that train anytime soon, however, I'm making an exception with this one.
It is events such as above when I do wish I knew what I was doing with my camera!

I do so hope that wherever you are while reading this, that your weekend weather is tremendous as ours is slated to be. Cheryle is receiving an amazing gift for her first outdoor art show!

yours truly,


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