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The First Weekend in March

A variety of problems at the restaurant kept Bruce from working on what he'd planned Friday leaving him with a mountain of work to accomplish on Saturday, so Mrs. Camera Crazy went off in search of her friends. My first stop was the Orange County Extension Center, or at least that is the name I know it by. Could be wrong, could be right.  A few miles away, on Conway Road, you and I have visited the gardens there in the past in this space, however,  never during a big plant event like what was held on Saturday. The mild winter has been good for the gardens. The roses I encountered were some of the largest I've ever seen in Florida, more like they were growing in California which has the most spectacular roses you can imagine. Huge, is what they generally are. There was just something about the center of this rose that made me think of a piece of candy, or maybe a macaroon with the spiral center.
The weather was spectacular, breezy, and comfortable, with nary a cloud in the sky. Pam has long been a part of the Master Gardeners program there, and spent about five hours volunteering in this trailer, dispensing plant advice to all comers.
And there were comers, lots, and lots of them. If not for our upcoming move I would have been sorely tempted by a lot that I saw, especially some of the orchids. Oh my goodness, there were some amazing ones, including this exotic type. Maybe not exotic to some, but it sure is to me.
I could not resist a couple of zinnia plants, hot pink if you must know, but other than that I came away largely empty handed. Over and over again I've seen two or three horses in a small field adjacent to a nearby church, and this time I finally pulled over to have a closer look. It is easy to do so with a baby car instead of a school bus, that's for sure!
On my way there I spotted some cows as well, so they got a look see as well. Isn't it amazing that these finds are but about five miles from downtown Orlando. My fear is that it won't be for much longer as new people move here on a daily basis and the hunger for land in town is great.
White is notoriously difficult to photograph in bright light so the cow's face is not perfect, but should you care to, click on the photograph, and have a gander at those white eyelashes! And the, what I'm calling, wild eyebrows! If I see that sort of thing on an older man I always think to myself, look in the mirror and pluck those suckers! You've seen it before, haven't you?

I realized I needed to use the bathroom so I made a quick stop by the house on my way to Windermere. I told Bruce, my days of using a Port-a-Let at an art show are OVER, thank God! Now if you know anything about our area, you know that Windermere is home to some pretty darn swanky homes. It mostly started when Isleworth was built, home to Tiger Woods for many years. Lots of sports celebrities for that matter. At any rate, when I was young no one had heard of the area aside from bass fisherman who stayed in fish camps along the shores of the pristine lakes. There were homes out there that looked very similar to this one, with jalousie windows and screened porches.
The days are numbered for homes such as the above as so many of them have been torn down for McMansions. The art show was held in the small, and I mean small, downtown area. Cheryle and David were chilling in the chairs we'd given them last week when I arrived. Lucky for them, the artist slated to be in that spot was a no-show.
Last Saturday Bruce showed them how to use the wall panels, and David took notes, while Cheryle marked the various poles with nail polish. It is somewhat like a puzzle putting it altogether, however, they did good, making it look much easier than it is. A nice touch Cheryle added was using some white curtains to cover the mesh on the back walls. Using velcro, she attached it right to the panels. Very classy indeed!
After a slow Saturday, sales finally came on Sunday afternoon which was a great relief! David sings in the Bach Choir and wouldn't you know it, they had a big performance on Sunday afternoon. Talking to Cheryle yesterday, she told me David arrived in time to take everything down, albeit in his tuxedo! Just when I thought I'd seen everything, and anything, at an art show she tells me this. Sadly, she did not get photographic evidence because that would have been priceless!

Meanwhile, back on the home front, I am still working on the hand quilting, adding a little pizazz with some embroidery floss here.
Having worked so hard on Saturday, here is where Mr. Peck spent a few hours on Sunday afternoon. Who can resist a photograph of a man and his dog?
Have you ever wondered what a Sew Day looks like? I sure did, and now I know, having been to one twice. Basically it is a modern version of a sewing bee which everyone has heard of.
I spent my time working on some Days for Girls liners, as well as making a few blocks for a charity quilt Beth is putting together. Pictured in the pink t-shirt is Leslie who has been a great source of quilting info for me.  Held at the Maitland Public Library it is a few blocks from Lake Lilly where I stopped on my way home. I so remember being in an art show there some years ago. The memories are not quite as fond as I would like, mostly because I was situated in the back behind other artists!

Ibises are a common sight here, you've seen plenty I'm sure. Mostly they peck around on the ground, but every now and again, I find some in the lower branches of trees.
I am constantly fascinated by the color of bird's eyes. I mean think about it, humans and mammals in general have like three eye colors, whereas birds have about ten, from red to orange, to pale blue. No purples that I'm aware of, but I guess you never know. Along the shore I spotted a Great Blue Heron and some turtles, however, getting closer the turtles all hopped in the water aside from one.
Then the heron decided it was time to move along...
My duckling sighting a few weeks ago got no love, so here's another bunch that I hope you will approve of.
So, it seemed as if my birdies at home had abandoned the property because of the numerous cats now roaming our corner of the street, however, I am happy to report they are back in full force. Aside from Painted Buntings; oh how I wish they would return!
I filled up the feeder only about five days ago, and from the looks of it yesterday afternoon, it won't be long before I do so again.
Mr. Peck is in Plano, where the wind was blowing like mad yesterday, or so he told me last evening on the phone.

On the move front, I have my appointment set for the Global Entry program which should make air travel between our two countries easier. The marriage license is still not here, but hopefully before too much longer.

But, first things first, I must take the stuff to the CPA today to get our taxes going, hoping to not repeat last years huge check I wrote to the IRS!

yours truly,

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