Sunday, April 9, 2017

Mostly Owl Related

Some friends on facebook saw a photograph of Mama Owl and baby in their upstairs/downstairs rooms a few nights ago and I promised to tell them more so here we go!

First, though, I'd said the Tabebuia trees were a bust this year, however, I was wrong because in the last week the shockingly yellow trees are blooming like mad! These two, across Lake Gem Mary, are always a highlight for me.
If you can believe it, they look even more beautiful now, as I took this a few days ago. Looking down most any street you are sure to see them in all their glory.

Then too, the Monarchs are making their warmish weather appearance in gardens everywhere.
Shall we get to the owl situation? Let's do!

Bruce had a church men's dinner on Thursday evening, so little Missie here, drove over to Greenwood around 6 that night. A whole bunch of cars were lined up along the drive and here's only a handful of the photographers there. Fourteen at last count!
Milling around, folks were chatting and staring straight ahead, hoping for some action and that is what we go my friends! Before too long, the larger of the two owlets went up in what some were calling the penthouse! Oh my goodness!
When I saw the owl in that same spot around two months ago, never did I imagine what treats were in store in April. Actually, the little one stared at us for a while, then began testing her wings. I'm calling it a her because she is the larger of the two and that is about the only difference in male and female Barred Owls...their size. Anyway, everyone was enthralled and excitement was in the air.

Lo and behold, look who flew in!
Woo hoo! I must note that as far as sighting the owlet up top, it was a first for everyone. So Mama is showing little one how those wings work! Because I don't have a tripod, well, make that more like refuse to use one, I have more flexibility than most of those folks. I'm able to move around more, in this case to fight the setting sun and enabling me to see how she was attached to the tree.
Although it seems as if they are staring at us, and indeed, maybe they are, I've learned that their pupils are fixed so unless they are trying to see elsewhere, which requires turning their head, their gaze is fixed forward. Someone in the group got a much better shot of Mama taking leave but here's mine anyway.
Papa was way high in the next tree, and in spite of looking into the blinding light of the setting sun searching for her, she was nowhere to be found. Little one decided to test those wings a bit more.
Can you even stand that adorable fluffiness? Before long, it was downstairs for her.
Do you suppose she is wondering what life will be like when she leaves the nest? Curious little girl anyway. The smaller of the two, as far as I know, has not been spotted upstairs yet, however, I've not been back since Thursday due to some social engagements which will be featured during the week as I'm trying to get this up before leaving for church. Palm Sunday, you know. :)

So folks were chatting amongst themselves, in my case I was meeting some of the photographers I'd not seen before when all of a sudden, this happened!
Dinner is served! She popped downstairs with the mouse and before long popped back up. Little one did not seem too interested in dinner though; probably still curious about the crowd.
Isn't it astonishing how much Mama blends in?

I can't tell you how exciting it is to watch all of this in person. In fact, I suspect even if you aren't a bird enthusiast you would be thrilled as well. I can hardly wait until both of them appear upstairs and if it hasn't happened already, maybe this week if we are lucky.

Wasn't that some good fun?

yours truly,


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