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A Girl Can Dream

Before Pam came over to review my color choices for the condo Saturday afternoon, I spent a little time walking around the complex. I am so looking forward to living amongst all of the landscaping lushness without having to do the work myself!! This is a little creek running behind David and Michelle's place.
I was lakeside, without my camera if you can imagine, and I came across this unusual heron. Running inside to get it, just as I returned, it flew to the other side of the lake. I sure hope it comes back so I can get a closer look for identification.
Driving down Orange Avenue on my way to church yesterday morning, I noticed all of the news trucks surrounding Pulse and I decided to stop for some photographs on my way home. Loads of news trucks that I won't bother to show you but, parking in the Radio Shack lot, I found the taped off spaces pretty interesting.
It reminded me of Nightcrawler, the fantastic movie with Jake Gyllenhaal. If you never saw it while in the theaters, be prepared to be super creeped out if you decide to watch it on Netflix. In an effort not to make any mess in the house, I began watching him in the movie Southpaw and finished it up on Saturday night. Another stellar performance, using no stunt men either. Wow, is what I have to say about that.

Cheryle called asking if I'd do her a favor as they are on their way to Chicago for her second art festival. Sure, but not until the storm subsides. The rain came POURING down for about an hour and a half.
So much for a Central Florida drought! Another three inches added to the record books. As I was returning home, I took a little shortcut off Orange Avenue, a block or so from Pulse, stopping to shoot this photograph from the comfort of the driver's seat.
A policeman pulled up alongside me, perhaps thinking I was looking for trouble, not sure, but we ended up having a little chat about the increasing number of buildings being torn down in this area. Really, it makes me sad as they destroy all of what gives our part of town character.

Meanwhile Bruce had a hellacious Sunday with systems crashing all around him. It seems downright incredible to me that brand new equipment can fail. Remaining calm, he has managed to take care of most things, which of course is fantastic, as the restaurant opens to the public this week! Little Missy here is flying out there for what I've not doubt will be a fabulous opening party. At least for me it will. Mr. Peck will probably be a nervous wreck wondering what else can go wrong. Pray that all the bad stuff has already occurred, and it will be smooth sailing from here on out.

Talking to Bruce this morning I told him I needed to scoot to get ready to meet the drywall folks at the condo at 8:30. I mentioned that I hoped they showed up on time, which is always a great indicator of work ethic. Imagine my surprise when they beat me there, and I was a little bit early!
Stefan is showing one of the guys the wallpaper in the guest bathroom that we are not keeping, which should not surprise you in the least.
I mentioned all the news trucks at Pulse, and for those who don't live in our area, the reason is because today is the one year anniversary of the shootings. Churches throughout the area, including ours, planned to toll their bells 49 times at noon today, and I was so blessed to stand below the bell tower at First United Methodist Church as part of the final drop off of the Quilts for Pulse.
Mary, our charity coordinator asked if anyone could help, and I was grateful to do so. Rene was squished in the back with the 65 quilts.
Once we arrived, they asked that they be draped on the pews in the gorgeous sanctuary, as well as on the altar area.
Our president, Sara, with her inquisitive little boy Silas, a budding photographer.
Before long they were all in place, and of course plenty of folks wanted a photograph of the beautiful sight.
The view from the balcony was so heartwarming, thinking of all of the hard work put into these quilts from folks living in all 50 states, and 23 countries.
I was absolutely dying over this label on this beautiful, and huge, quilt from Italy. I can hardly imagine the postal cost.
Should you be wondering, that is all embroidery.

Following remarks, the reading of the names of the deceased, and the tolling of the bell, the remaining people who were part of the tragedy came in to claim their quilts. Wouldn't you know it, the above quilt was the first one chosen by this woman speaking to the fantastic official photographer.
A group shot of those who claimed quilts today, which everyone in the guild is so hoping will bring a little comfort to the recipients.
May there never be a need for this kind of project again. Not here, or anywhere!!

A girl can dream can't she?

yours truly,

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