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Family, Friends, and a Wedding Too

Today is cold, gray, and wet, unlike the last week we spent in Florida where the weather was, dare I say perfect? I think I will.

After a long journey getting there, the fun began almost immediately with a visit from David, Michelle, and their darling puppy Grace Kelly. I'll show her off on another day. Instead, let's get started with the rehearsal dinner which we held at Earls because Fallon and Bill wanted to have it at a place that holds meaning for all of us.
They did not let us down! Dare I say it was perfect? I think I will. Except for the lighting to take photographs, that was a bit of a challenge. And here, my friends are the happy couple.
Fallon's Mom and Dad love Bill nearly as much as we love Fallon. Obviously her Mom and Dad in the photo below, along with our daughter-in-law Michelle.
In spite of the lighting, there were loads of photos taken including this one of Bruce and me, along with Bill and Dave.
I swore I was not wearing anything sleeveless because of my old arms, but the lesson here is, never say never! So, the rehearsal dinner was on Thursday night, thanks to Michelle's good advice, giving everyone a night to rest before the wedding. Perfect again!

Matt and Tom arrived from London too late, not to mention too tired, to attend the dinner, but they came by the next day, as did Nancy, Carol, and Maureen. When Bruce and I walked into the condo, the first thing I said was, I forgot how cute it was! Or, at least we think so. It was so good to be surrounded by all of our things. I even went into my closet for a clothes "petting" session.
Our dear friend Pam had organized a get together for us so we could see our friends. Although she told me on the phone that there would be Chinese take out, she lied. Pam, Bill and Roxanne,
doing clean up duty while the rest of us talked in the family room. It was so good to see Irene, Glen, Lynn, Bunker, Cathy, Carl and Sally again.
The only bummer is that I'd gotten the time wrong by thirty minutes so we were late to our own party! Add to that, as we were driving there, I remembered I'd put a bottle of champagne in the freezer, so we had to turn around and get that! Let me tell you, I very much enjoyed driving my MINI again. Although I'd not driven at all during the 7 1/2 months we've been gone, it was no problem. While we were at Pam and Glen's, Jonathan and Alissa arrived from Austin to stay with us. You are getting a sense of how crazy busy it was aren't you?

One thing about living in Vancouver these months is that seeing someone we know out and about is rare indeed. Nothing like Orlando where it is rare not to see someone we know while out and about. Saturday afternoon, while I was soaking my feet in the tub at home, Bruce took Jon and Alissa to lunch at Tijuana Flats where they proceeded to see, well, as Jonathan put it, "who didn't we see?" Nice.

Wedding time finally arrived, just what you've been waiting for. Although Bill wanted to get married at Rollins chapel, as his twin brother did, apparently they do not hold weddings two weekends a year, one of which was on the date that they had booked the reception venue, Winter Park Farmers Market. From what I've been told, coordinating and booking wedding venues is pretty much a nightmare. It mattered naught as the weather could not have been any nicer, and in the end, weddings are beautiful and joyous wherever they are held. I suspect you agree. People gathered in the parking lot beforehand. I will be pointing out family members and I'm warning you, there are many!
In the red is our sister-in-law, Ruth, while Jonathan is in the middle, chatting with my brother Pat. Below is my sister-in-law Judy, my sister Nancy, and Jenn, who is married to Rich, my sister's son. Got all that?
Everyone looked fantastic, but none more so than Fallon who is coming in with her Dad.
The ceremony was lovely. I was a good girl and took no photographs because that is what the mother of the groom is supposed to do, right? Afterwards, while the official photographer was setting up some formal shots, I insisted on taking one of our four sons together, looking rather dapper, if I do say so myself. From left to right, Jonathan, Bill, David, and Matt.
While I do love the above photo, I think my favorite of the whole affair might be this one of Bill standing to the side while the photographer sets Fallon up for some shot. I just love spontaneity in a photograph. It so speaks to me about how a wedding is so very much about the bride. :)
In an earlier post I mentioned it would be the first time all of my siblings were together since our Mom's death, however, that was not true. I'd totally forgotten that it had been only eight years since our baby sister turned 50. At any rate, I give you the Price family.
Matt took a bunch, which turned out to be a good thing; getting six people to look at the camera simultaneously is no easy feat. Set up in age order, Pat on the top, followed by Maureen, me, Carol, Nancy, and finally Lisa.

Bruce's sister Michelle traveled from Minnesota for the wedding, and a shot was taken of the Peck family, beginning with Cris on the top.
Lisa's family:
Well, some of them anyway. Amanda, on the left, has a four month old adorable baby girl who stayed home with her Dad, Matt. Oh how I wish there had been time to meet the newest member of the family!

Cris, Judy, Jessica, and Katie!
I never did get one of Jon and Alissa, however, I did get one of our son-in-law Tom. Love was in the air, I'll tell you that much! Sadly though, I have not one of the original lovebirds, Gail and Bruce.
On to the reception where I also did not take very many photographs. Hard to do when you are on the dance floor! The first dance, along with the bridal party.
Having walked miles and miles here in Vancouver, not to mention only wearing boots and the like for so long, my feet were not in any shape to wear heels, although I did start out that way. Not for long enough though. I'd already taken them off and was in my stocking feet when I was called to do the mother/son dance. Judy, quickly insisted I wear her shoes, thus I am wearing black shoes instead of my soft gold ones.
A highlight, at least for some of us, was David toasting his twin brother. Some laughter, along with tears were shed. I say some of us because Julliana, Fallon's maid of honor, was dying to say wonderful things about Fallon!
Maureen's son Rich, ever the clever one, is showing off the Peck sign on the bar.
Crazy fun dancing ensued following dinner. Not a one of my photographs turned out in a traditional way, but are still fun seeing everyone using these light sticks.
What's a wedding without a cake?
Last call for alcohol, along with the last dance, and Fallon and Bill went out under a shower of sparklers,
and a last kiss. Or maybe I should say, the start of many future kisses?
Dare I say it was all perfect? I think I will.

yours truly,

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