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Birds, Flowers, Trees, Oh My!

It may be gray and rainy while I am typing this, however, I am thrilled to report that we actually had about SEVEN hours of sunlight yesterday!! And yes, it deserves to be typed in capital letters and could probably warrant about ten exclamation points because the weather, of late, has been pretty darn dismal. Not that it's been enough to keep me from going out, but I'd be lying if I said that I like doing so. And yes, there will be a few photos that are not all bright and sunny, but I am including others that are as cheerful as can be.

Without further ado, let's get started with one of the most favorite photographs that I've ever taken. And yes, that is saying a lot for someone whose photo library far exceeds 100,000 photographs. I suppose when it comes right down to it, that is not as crazy as it sounds, because I have been taking photographs daily for more than 11 years now. You do the math.
Perhaps I should be stopping right there, showing only that because I am so pleased with it, however, you and I both know that I won't.

How did I happen to be so darn lucky to get that shot? Let's back up and I'll show you. David Lam Park is but a block or so away, and it is on my route to other places. I'd been reading about the cherry blossom festival for a while and from that reading I learned that DLP had a substantial amount of trees that I'd been anxiously awaiting to blossom. They have not disappointed, for sure.
As you can see from the photo above, the blossoms are falling like snow. Moreover, they are getting bits of green, which I was examining from this vantage point.
I began hearing some chirping causing me to stand still and search the trees. Lo and behold. I found this little guy in a tree above my head, eating the blossoms, or so it seems.
There is one in his beak! This, my friends, is when a real camera comes in handy, and even with that most of my shots were no good because little birds have a habit of zipping around their environment, so unlike the raptors who mostly stare at you. So, how excited do you think Mrs. Camera Crazy was? Pretty darn excited.

The pink cherry blossoms may steal the show, however, the white ones, beginning to bloom on the city streets, are not too shabby either.
I went walking around the area of town known as Coal Harbor where there are loads of high dollar condo buildings, one of which had the most beautiful courtyard imagineable. Goodness gracious!
Mountains, cherry blossoms and daffodils!! I'd call that a trifecta! Apart from the dull, dull, sky. :)

And although I took lots of photos on that walk, for our purposes today, staying true to my title, I'm including just one more.
Another one of those flower loving birds!

One recent afternoon, after the rain subsided, I went to check on some tulips whose buds were, oh so close, to opening. I was very surprised to see the flower color, thinking that they were going to be a variegated pink rather than, well, I don't even know what to call their color.
Most definitely not what I was expecting, for sure. A little bird was sneaking around the back of the same garden bed, and before long, flew into the tree above my head. Unbelievable that I got this shot, or so it seems to me. I believe it is a White Crowned Sparrow for fellow bird enthusiasts.
The little feet look to be in mid air, unlike this other little fellow in the same tree. You may not be able to see the full head, but it is fun to see how birds hang on, isn't it?
Yesterday morning dawned the same as the others, wet and gloomy, with mostly drizzly rain. When we went to Orlando I'd had my nails done using gel polish for longevity. Well, I won't be doing that again any time soon, or at least to the place where I had it done, because when I returned to have it removed, they used a Dremel tool and essentially ruined the nail behind that thick coat of polish. Although I promptly cut most of them off, it was time to try somewhere new for a mani/pedi. They said to come at 11:15, to which I agreed, however, when the time drew near for me to walk there, it was raining like mad. Putting on my rain gear, by the time I got down the elevator, it was still raining, just not so hard. My goodness, 90 minutes later, the sun was brightly shining, much to my utter delight. About two weeks ago I showed you one of the first tulips I'd come across, well, here they are in the sunshine, blowing in the big wind that followed all that rain.
Basking in the warm sunshine, under a bright blue sky, I walked back home through the park, hoping to find one of those birds again, which I did not, but it was so worth it because the trees are turning green,
while the Magnolia blossoms are falling like mad. Plus there were shadows, something that is so easy to take for granted.
I came across some Dark-Eyed Juncos looking for worms, and aren't they just the cutest?
Hearing from Jane that the weather in England is still pretty miserable, this one may give her hope. There really and truly is blue behind all of the gray.
How about this awesome news--the flower beds in our park are beginning to look like magic.
Of course you want to see a close up. Or, I should think you would.
And, good golly, Miss Molly, I could actually see the mountains from the park, a sight that has been absent for weeks.
And, if that were not enough excitement for the day, I found another little bird which may, or may not be, a House Sparrow.
Lastly, before I forget again, I finally have my very own library card. It's about time don't you think?

yours truly,

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