Thursday, July 5, 2018

Visiting Deep Cove a Second Time

Because Canada Day fell on Sunday, Bruce didn't go into the office on Monday like he has oftentimes done in the past. Seriously, he has always been one to ignore what everyone else in the working world does, take days off. He's learning though. And so it was he suggested, early Monday morning, that we go back to Deep Cove. This suggestion was met with enthusiasm on the part of Mrs. Peck, so off we went, after getting the car out of the stall three floors under the building where it has been sitting peacefully for the previous two weeks.

Unlike our previous visit in March, the weather was pleasant, albeit chilly, when we left downtown, crossed the Lionsgate bridge and made our way to Deep Cove.
Although I immediately wanted to begin taking photographs, I resisted because one of the reasons to visit Deep Cove, aside from the incredible scenery, is to make a visit to Honey Doughnuts made famous by Kate Winslet.
I'm not even sure why they are so tasty but it's a fact, one of the best doughnuts you are likely to ever eat. Plus, who isn't tempted by a sign that uses Goodies?
Bruce is generally the maple syrup lover in this family, having lived the first six years of his life in upstate New York where it is quite common, however, on this occasion it was me who had the maple and it was very tasty indeed. Speaking of Mr. Peck, we brought along my scrappy quilt which came in quite handy for napping on the grassy slope overlooking the water.
Of course we had to get there first which required some stairs.
I'm including them because it will remind me in the future of what it is like to live amongst the mountains. Seriously, when I think about it, there are very few steps in our hometown. And while we may have plenty of docks and water,
and of course boats too, there are certainly no mountains and for that matter, barely any hills either.
Seated on our quilt we watched the happenings, or at least I did because you know who fell fast asleep staying comfortable with a cool breeze and just right warm sun.
The kayak rental place was hopping with customers which probably would have been fun, however, I cannot seem to be able to convince B that it is perfectly acceptable to go out in a boat without a fishing pole in one's hands.
Surprise, surprise, I wanted to do a little exploring on the other side of the shoreline so that I did, walking along a trail of tree roots and rocks for a bit before deciding it might be better to have a companion should I trip and fall.
From this angle I discovered where the steady stream of walking folks went. See the rock outcropping? The part where there are no trees? Well, turns out people hike to the top of that rock for amazing views. Not these people though.

Near the rocky/rooty path, there was another path way more manageable.
Have I told you lately how huge the trees are here? As I say, everything grows BIG out here. One final look at Deep Cove and we were back on the road following a lovely lunch.
While that is a beautiful place, well spectacular really, I don't have to go far to find beauty. The summer flowers here are a little more familiar to me,
as we do have Echinaceas, as well as a version of this pretty flower with the little ruffly skirt.
I've had a few dahlias in my time with few being the operative word. I love that flower and even more so when it is orange.
There seems to be a plethora of blooming succulents here that are quite interesting. Isn't that pink one cute?
As the weather has finally warmed up, so much so that I can actually wear a short sleeved shirt with my skirt, I'm seeing butterflies most every day.
And bees, loads of bees.
While talking with Matt earlier today, his birthday I might add, he told me a few details about his London garden. One is that they regularly have a fox digging holes amongst their flowers and the second is that bees have been in short supply due to some unseasonable weather. Should you be wondering how there are foxes aplenty in central London, I can't help you because it sure beats me.

Can you believe how short this post is? Neither can I!

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