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A Change in Weather Part Two

According to my blog statistics, very few read my last post, thus, perhaps you are unaware that our weather has finally taken a turn for the better. Well now you know. Really nice, which is most welcome news to this gal. Maybe it was just last week that it finally dawned on me that we left Vancouver amidst their best weather, arriving in Florida just in time to experience the worst weather of the year. No wonder I was miserable! Now, I am not.

Nor is this handsome fellow who is soon to retire.
He's sporting that big smile because he is a happy camper, especially while sitting on the front porch, his favorite spot. Even more so having just found the new chairs which are way more comfortable than the ones we brought over from our home. He found the set at TJMAXX, sent me a photo and well, you see the results. He just finished bringing some power to that part of the porch and now, with a lamp, well, I imagine he'll be out here at all hours of the day and night. While he was away …

A Change in Weather

Had I known that writing about how awful the weather has been would make a difference, I would have mentioned it all of the time. Oh wait....I have done that, so much so, no doubt, you have been sick and tired of my complaining. First off, we got some rain, not long after I finished my last post. After months of daily rain, the plants are very accustomed to regular watering, so having no rain for days on end has put some stress on our landscape. Rain came tumbling down outside my bedroom window as I sewed.
Have you read any accounts of the ongoing suffering happening to folks in the Panhandle, Georgia, and North Carolina, following Hurricane Michael? What a mess on all fronts. The other day I took a walk through the "village" all the while admiring the huge oak trees to be found.
It is a wonder there are so many remaining as they must be quite old to be this size.
That said, I know some of them have been lost, or parts of them, just last year when Hurricane Irma came through…

Under the Florida Sun

Between my cold and the relentless heat, my outings have been few and far between. Is there such a thing as too much sunshine? I'm beginning to think so. I remember last year, about this time, when the rain began falling in Vancouver, a few people told me they welcomed it. Seriously? Indeed, they claimed they were tired of the sunny summer days and welcomed a little less light. Perhaps a little of that has rubbed off on me.
Remind me of this when it gets cold or rainy, will you?

Seriously, it has been in the low 90's for seemingly forever, with no relief even when the sun goes down. Still hot. The humidity is some lower, so at least that is something I can celebrate. Bruce, meanwhile has been in Calgary since Tuesday and will be returning very late tonight. When I complain, he keeps saying that it isn't so bad, and I wish I could agree with him.

Enough of my whining. Several family members could use your prayers, including our sister-in-law Judy who is facing some major su…

Returning to Normal?

What is normal for us anyway? With so many recent changes in our lives, it is hard to say, but for now, not having a cough would be a good start. A horrible cough has lingered, although I am up and about in spite of some difficult nights sleeping. Isn't that the way, you are fine and dandy while upright, but oh, once you lay down, the coughing begins! The power of gravity, or so I assume, helps keep it at bay while standing or sitting. I'm trying not to listen to folks who've told me that the cough stays with you for weeks!

At least it did not keep Bruce up at night as he did not come home until Friday afternoon, having left on Sunday afternoon. Oh wait--he was up all night watching his workers complete their tasks. The good news there is that they are pretty much done with the Miami remodel, leaving only the job in Calgary to be completed. Preparing meals for one can be difficult as I'm sure many of you well know. One night, struggling to put a meal together, I had to…