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Returning to Normal?

What is normal for us anyway? With so many recent changes in our lives, it is hard to say, but for now, not having a cough would be a good start. A horrible cough has lingered, although I am up and about in spite of some difficult nights sleeping. Isn't that the way, you are fine and dandy while upright, but oh, once you lay down, the coughing begins! The power of gravity, or so I assume, helps keep it at bay while standing or sitting. I'm trying not to listen to folks who've told me that the cough stays with you for weeks!

At least it did not keep Bruce up at night as he did not come home until Friday afternoon, having left on Sunday afternoon. Oh wait--he was up all night watching his workers complete their tasks. The good news there is that they are pretty much done with the Miami remodel, leaving only the job in Calgary to be completed. Preparing meals for one can be difficult as I'm sure many of you well know. One night, struggling to put a meal together, I had to…

A Rough Weekend

The mound of tissues on my nightstand this morning was more of a knoll than the mountain of the previous few days. It is no fun to have a serious cold is it? Well, not having had one for a few years, I'd almost forgotten what it feels like to go through a box of Kleenexes in no time at all. Bless Bruce's heart, these few weeks are rough for him, working overnight and all, so having me under the weather during the few days he was home, well, it was rough.

As you may recall from my last post, he missed his connection in Atlanta while trying to get home. By ten minutes! His incoming flight from Minneapolis was fifteen minutes late leaving him without enough time to get to the next gate. He spent the night sleeping in the airport!! On some chairs! In 25+ years of traveling this has happened maybe one other time. Because it was midnight by the time he got to Atlanta, he slept fitfully until he could board the first outbound plane. You can well imagine how tired he was after last we…

I Love Having a Blog

Talk about stating the obvious, right? The other day, while Pam and I were talking, she asked me questions about our pool remodel; how long did it take, what all did they do, etc. Telling her I couldn't remember all of the details because it was eight years ago (!), I said I would get back to her after searching my blog. Voila! It took nearly a month and it was at this very time of the year. One thing I so remembered is how happy I was once the pool was filled back up with water.

Thinking more about the subject of this blog, although it can take me two hours to get it right, how else would I know what was happening on, or near this date in the past eleven years? Well, here goes:

2017 we were in Vancouver.
2016 we were on our road trip through Ohio and New York. Plus, I was just getting over my second bout of c-diff.
2015 we had a perfect weekend and the air was what I described as "coolish" at night.
2014 we had just finished the marathon that was painting the kitchen cabine…