Saturday, March 9, 2019

With a Heavy Heart

This will be the shortest post I will ever write but for those who have been following Camera Crazy for any length of time, you know that our sister Carol has been gravely ill.

Early Tuesday morning we flew out to California because we feared she did not have long to live. With the heaviest of hearts, I share that she passed away peacefully on Thursday afternoon with Bruce, Nancy and I at her side. Her loving husband of 38 years had slept by her side in a chair for the last few nights, but mysteriously, she chose the time to pass when he had just left for a much needed lunch.

I am so grateful for happy memories of Carol, including this one of she and Nancy (l), taken by Matthew at Bill and Fallon's wedding last March. I so want to think of her laughing in heaven as I type.
We mourn her passing but celebrate that she is no longer suffering as she has for some time now. She put on a brave face for the wedding and looked beautiful as she always has.

Thank you for your prayers my dear ones.

your friend,



Dean said...

I'm really sorry, Gail. My sympathies.

catherine cameron-martin said...

So sorry Gail my prayers are with you all at this sad time. May she Rest In Peaceđź’–

Cheryle Rome-Beatty said...

So sorry, Gail. Thinking of you, your sisters and Carol's husband.

Karem said...

So sorry Gail

Mitch m said...

Sorry for your loss Nancy . I never met Carol but that picture says all i need to know.... mitch

Unknown said...

Cindy Pleshek Wright and I are saddened by your loss, but brightened by her courage and yours.

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