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A Mix of Sun and Rain

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Welcome to Vancouver!

I've heard that phrase, welcome to Vancouver, several times in the last few days, most recently about ten minutes ago while I was taking Baxter downstairs for a potty break. One of the ladies who lives on our floor was referring to the rain which has been intermittent up until now. Here's the next ten days forecast. Yikes!!
We can't say that we weren't warned ahead of time because we were, but reality may just be setting in today. Life goes on as if it weren't raining though, because, well really, what else are you going to do? Before we get into the rainy photographs, let's do some pretty ones, shall we?
I'm not sure which trees I like the most, the burgundy, the reddish orange, or the yellow, because they are all pretty darn great to me. Bruce has been having some computer issues this past week so one day he came home early and we walked to Urban Fare, through David Lam Park, to get a few things for dinner.
 On another sunny day I took this shot,…

In Search of Beauty

As you can well imagine, before moving to Vancouver, I did some research on the types of birds I might encounter while here. Except, as has been documented, I've seen very few birds aside from pigeons and seagulls. An occasional finch, and I guess that one time I saw a few sparrows, but otherwise, on the bird watching front, it has not been stellar. That said, Saturday night, Wendy reminded me of something I'd read about and promptly forgot. Eagles! Great numbers of eagles in fact. Ganging up on Bruce, the ladies insisted he take me on a trip Monday, if not all the way to Whistler, at least to Squamish. Naturally, I was all for it, especially when she sent me a link to this.

Not knowing what to expect in terms of holiday traffic, we set off at 8:30. I just love how you leave the relative dimness of Stanley Park and the Lionsgate bridge appears.
Once over the bridge, it isn't long before you take a road that joins the Sea to Sky Highway, the freeway that extends from the US…