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Two Golden Months

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Three New Friends Take a Walk

Bruce has been out of town for three days now,  and for part of that time, I've been slightly out of sync. Monday was a bit gloomy and I barely left the apartment. So, when Jackie suggested the three of us go walking on Tuesday morning, I was totally game. Especially because I was going to be able to show them something neither of them had heard of before.  It was going to be my pleasure to lead them to "Two Spirits." Although Dale has lived in the West End since the early 70's, until I asked him about it, he had heard neither hide nor tail of it.

We are an old group, me in my 60's, Dale in his 70's, and Jackie is 81, although not for a moment would you know it as she is probably the liveliest of the group. An overcast morning was perfect for a walk in the woods. Meeting Jackie in front of her building about two blocks from ours, we then went another block or so and met Dale along Beach Avenue to start our walk, beginning along the seawall. Dale, a former mid…