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A Good Day

Sometimes days are so good. Easter Sunday was one of those days, beginning with a packed house at church, well no surprise there, but everything about it was joyous, including the wonderful work done by the Flower Guild. That is one skill I am sorely lacking, flower arranging.
These were in little paper cones, heading to shut ins following the service. Then too, the altar was gorgeous. As I was walking there with Liz to look at the brimming baskets, Talia, (one of our ministers), and her family, were looking to have their photograph made. I could not resist taking one of them myself.
Talia not only spoke about butterflies during the children's service, she wore them as well.

Michelle had made 1:15 reservations for brunch at Luke's in Maitland so, because church lets out around 11:30, we had some time to kill. Making the most of it, we went to the cemetery in Winter Park where Bruce's folks are buried. Unlike Greenwood Cemetery, which you've seen plenty of this spring, …

Happy Easter

Resurrection life abounds. Everywhere you look there are signs of new life, whether it be flowers,
or baby birds.
The other day, Pam and ran an errand together. On our way home I asked her if she wanted to see the owl tree, and as anyone with good sense would answer, and believe me, she has good sense, she said yes. We were treated to a little ghost sighting. Doesn't it look like one? We also found this:
I'm not quite sure how this would have saved the owlet from falling out of the tree, but who am I to complain? The experience of watching what I have is one I will always cherish. My sources, via facebook, tell me the little ghost popped upstairs the other day! Here's hoping it will make it!

As we left, I marveled at how the algae is nearly covering Lake Greenwood, and then too, in keeping with our theme of new life, look at all this Spring green??
There is actually water under all the green, believe it, or not. I remember learning that although it looks pret…