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A Weekend to Remember

Someone who loves me very much, in a kind and gentle way, brought to my attention a cringe-worthy mistake I've made on the pages of Camera Crazy. Rather than describe my new friends as guerrilla gardeners (apparently a trend), I called them GORILLA gardeners. Yeesh! What WAS I thinking?

With that out of the way, let's move on to more pleasant topics, namely the past weekend. Many of my days begin with a neighborhood walk, checking on all my gardening sites for change which, at this time of year, is a given.
The weather has been so good for days on end, reminding me that when that is the case, Vancouver's beauty is nearly unrivaled. Friday morning I had my hair cut, letting Brent pretty much do what he wanted. What he wanted was to cut off a bunch, which he succeeded in doing, something like three inches. I must say it feels quite good, however, styling it myself, well, we'll see.

Later on, I walked over to Earl's to meet B for dinner where a lovely, and surprisingl…