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A Bridge Crossing

Since last I wrote, Hurricane Irma made landfall in our beautiful state of Florida, wreaking havoc in all parts of the state. How weird that I'd taken this photo just last week, returning from picking up Bruce's boots from the shoe repair guy on Georgia Street.
In my last post, I expressed frustration with the news coverage, and while people pointed out I could use the internet, unfortunately, that wasn't really much better than the television coverage. Everything kept saying it would first hit Miami and the surrounding cities, and when they didn't happen, it was Tampa/St. Pete, and when that didn't happen, the only way I learned it was heading straight to Orlando was from Facebook! Bill called, saying their power was out, asking if it were coming their way; it took me quite a while to find a site that showed it was not merely a rumor. What the heck?

Friends and family described a harrowing night with little to no sleep, what with the winds howling, the rain peltin…

Sky High

It has been one hell of a summer in North America, hasn't it? Earthquakes, hurricanes, torrential rain, and if you live in this part of the country, wildfires burning out of control. I suppose it boils down to one part of our continent has too much water, and one doesn't have enough.

If you live on the twentieth floor of a high rise, you tend to notice the sky. Or, at least I do. I marvel at the changes on a daily basis. Smoke from wildfires in both Oregon and Washington State traveled north and once again have blanketed the city, turning the sun an eerie shade of reddish orange.
Every now and again, the sun would peep from behind the haze and clouds, shimmering orange on the water.
Thinking of my favorite color, many of the high rises use orange as an accent color and rightly so. It adds pizazz!
Not only was the dreariness from the smoke, but a little rain has fallen. Still not enough to wash away that pee smell, but it sure emptied out the park. The tiniest bit of sun shimme…