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A Three Day Affair

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What's Not in Bloom?

Whilst a volunteer at the Polasek Museum for many years, whenever I had spare moments, you would find me photographing the gardens. That doesn't surprise you in the least no doubt. Because I had so many shots they began a feature in their newsletter/website called, "What's in Bloom?, using my photographs. So, I wore two hats, one as a receptionist, and one as their resident photographer. While riding around in the last week or so, it came to me that now that the weather has mostly cooled off, we have a whole new group of flowering trees and plants that are very happy, prompting the thought, what's not in bloom?, because there is a whole heck of a lot going on in the plant world.
Before we take a tour of what's blooming, we have some happenings to discuss, including a nice little walk to the polling place on Michigan. Apparently 46% of our precinct voted early, but we are old school, preferring to vote on Election Day with our neighbors. Bruce, as you see, brought a…

A Week in Review

Seriously, I can't believe it has been a week since last I wrote a blog post! In my defense, it has been a busy one with mostly good weather for which I am super grateful. When I've had the opportunity, I've been out on my bicycle looking for beauty, which as we all know, can be found most anywhere if you have your eyes and mind opened to it. After months of whining, I'm now in a better frame of mind and seeing why nearly 900 people move to Florida every single day.
I just love this type of Philodendron with holes! While you will see and read about how great I think birds are in this space, plants are pretty darn remarkable in their size and variety. Not to mention color schemes. Then too, how about a little ruffled edge?
Crotons are one of those plants you either love, or hate. While they aren't what I would call pretty, there is no denying that their color schemes are downright dramatic.
Perhaps I've mentioned that there are ten raised beds in the front of th…