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Winter is Coming

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Hello Sunshine, My Old Friend

Or so I thought while out walking Tuesday, under a gorgeous blue sky with the warm sunshine beaming down unimpeded by clouds. For me, it is a glorious sight seeing the snow capped mountains as I walk through downtown on both errands, and just plain sight seeing trips.
In the above photo I am in Gastown, near Waterfront Station, the main transit station downtown. From the station you can board all manner of transit including the Seabus that takes you across the water to the pictured North Shore. I've yet to do that but, of course I will at some point.

I've put some miles on these legs this week; this day I went from one side of the city to the other and then across it aways, stopping at Canada Place for another mountain view.
That bevy of ducks in the water! I only wish I could have gotten closer, alas, that was not to be. My next touristy thing was to go to the Hyatt Regency on Burrard Street to see their annual display of gingerbread houses. Crossing Dunsmiur, why, yes it is …

Hockey, A Parade and More!

I think it is the sameness that gets to you. The sun sets early, plunging the city into darkness by 4:30 in the afternoon, and doesn't rise until nearly 8 the next morning. Not that you would know it because there is only a gradual change in the sky, from dark, to dark gray. If you think I've been exaggerating about the rain, this article I came across validates all of my moaning. Yup, the year of my birth was the last time this much rain fell in Vancouver. So it was that I was thrilled to see some color in the sky both yesterday, and this morning. Particularly today as there were lovely shades of pink to begin the day.
But, before we got so lucky, December came, continuing November's rainy ways. We walked through a pouring rain to church Friday night, however, it was worth all of the discomfort as they had a brass band and Christmas carol sing along.
Can anyone believe I got Bruce to go to something like this? A year ago I would never have dreamed he would agree to this k…