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More about Seniors Camping

Before I get more into the trip, for my memory alone, I must write that although the trip was a happy time, today we aren't quite so happy as our friend Jeff has very little time left to live. Sunday, after church, we visited with them at the rehab center, however since then, he has been moved to hospice at the hospital. He's the same age as Carol. Nearly one year to the day he learned news no one wants to hear.  To put a face with the name, I took this photo about six months ago.
Pray for Lori, pray for Bruce, and all of Jeff's friends, of which there are many, as he is one of the good guys.

I must confess, it is weird to think that we are senior citizens at least as far as conventional wisdom is concerned. Do we feel like seniors? Sometimes! Like when I was walking the trash to the dumpster at the campground and my knee was killing me. Of course, it had been a busy day, but I must say that I was delighted when a couple came up behind me, offering to take my bag the rest …

Winter Camping

Baby, it was cold outside.  Of course that's a relative term isn't it? Whereas Northerners endure temperatures in the 30's and 40's, Floridians begin shivering when the temperature drops below 60, and on this trip, we did our fair share of that. Still, it was loads of fun in spite of the overnight cold. Think 43 degrees!

The other day Nancy asked, "so just what do you do while you are camping?" The answer is, pretty much what we do at home, just at a campsite. Meal times take up a fair amount of time between the prepping, cooking, and clean up. We sleep, sit by the fire, walk, ride a bicycle, and on this trip I did some swinging as the playground was our next door neighbor. Mostly all Bruce wanted to do was read and I can't say as I blame him for that because he's reading The Hearts of Men which is entirely engrossing. His kayak made the trip, however, he was none too keen to step into the cold water, so it merely sat on top of the car, adding a huge …