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No Matter the Weather

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Welcome to November!

If someone were to have told me six months ago that I would voluntarily go out in miserable weather, frankly, I would have thought they did not know me very well. Look who is eating crow now.

Me, that's who! I am learning the value of layering. I am also learning that there is no getting dressed in a hurry, unless you, like me, leave your pajama top on, throw on some jeans, jacket and shoes and take your dog downstairs as fast as possible upon first rising. I miss Bruce when he is gone for many reasons, one of which is his taking Baxter down first thing, wearing sandals no less.

Zarita guaranteed me that it would rain every single day in November, and although that hasn't been entirely true, it has not been too far off. Not rain like we get in Florida, I really think you have to experience it firsthand to understand how it is different. This week, particularly Monday and Tuesday, the wind has been super strong as well, knocking down more leaves than you can shake a stick at. T…