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At This Time of Year

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A Bird's Eye View

While trudging home, oops make that walking, with my arms weighed down with yesterday's shopping haul, I began chatting with an older woman. Oh wait...I'm an older woman! Well, she was older than me so does that count?

Anyway, I learned she lived on the 15th floor of a high rise some blocks away, and when her elderly mom was visiting she asked her how she ever got anything done, what with the show down below. I can definitely relate to that, and I'm just getting started. There is just such a crazy amount to keep a person entertained, day and night, because the action never stops.

Not a whole lot happens, from what I see in this photo below which is maybe a good thing as there is so much stimulation in all other directions! This is the little grassy area I passed through to go to the pool which is located in the building at the top.
As I type, the traffic goes back and forth across the bridge, not to mention pedestrians as well. Below they are still working on the set up fo…

Some Observations

I'm sure it won't last for much longer, but, by golly, the hydrangea blooms around the city are nearly the size of grapefruits, and I am seriously loving that!
I am still mostly on the sleep, eat, and shop routine, trying to outfit the kitchen a little more to my habits. I'm not out buying a pizza peel like I have at home, but finding some measuring spoons today made me ever so happy. Oh yeah...four trips down a day for Baxter too.

Without further ado, I share some observations from the past week and a half..

A. The tap water is delightfully chilly this time of year instead of the tepid water that I'm accustomed to at home.

B. The Canadian Geese visit the park early in the morning, taking off before the crowds arrive.
C. How did these two fellows end up wearing the same shorts?
D. In Yaletown they take their pets very seriously.
E. Along Granville, there are still remnants of the former Vancouver, the sleepy city that transformed its' image during the Expo 86.
F. B…