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And So It Continues

I've no doubt that there are those amongst my readers that could have seen this coming, but not this blogger. Although there are what I consider plenty of benefits to being an optimist, it does mean that sometimes you are let down, not often, mind you, but it happens. And so it is that I am still in shock that here we are, four months into the pandemic with seemingly no end in sight. And now we know someone who has tested positive and it is not Maureen. No, Bruce's brother Cris has tested positive and is currently in the hospital, although at this point it is not a severe case, something we obviously hope remains so. While we were having a two hour long birthday Facetime chat with Matt yesterday, we talked about how if Cris could get it, in spite of almost never leaving the house, anyone can. That's the scary part, don't you agree? I will post more news when I have it. Please keep Judy, Cris, Katie and Jessica in your prayers.
This will be a dull post as I've not mu…

The Last Day of June

My stove top and I did not get along very well yesterday, and while I'd love to blame it on the appliance, unfortunately, I have no one to blame but myself. To begin with, while cleaning the glass top with the fantastic cleaner Nancy bought for me, apparently, I locked the cooktop. Now that may not sound like a big deal to you, but it is a way big deal to me as I use the range multiple times daily. In fact, the oven was still warm from a batch of some seriously yummy Banana Nut Muffins I'd made first thing in the morning. No matter how many times I tapped the pad, nothing would respond, so I did what we all do, (or so I thought), turned off the breaker to reset the digital display. After there was no change, I called Whirlpool, holding for nearly 40 minutes before I was able to speak with someone. As an aside, we still have our house phone and this instance is one reason why. It is so much easier to hold a larger phone on your shoulder while performing other tasks! Anyway, aft…

Mystery Solved!

Before I reveal the mystery that was solved, let's all just bask in the total cuteness of the card Bill and Fallon gave to Bruce for his birthday, shall we?
Talk about a feel good way to begin, I can think of nothing more fitting than Snoopy and Woodstock. We are the kind of folks who save cards for ages, loving to come across a fine stack to reminisce; this one will surely be enjoyed many times in the future.

Okay, so here is the mystery. There have been no field trips this week meaning lots of staying around here, including one afternoon when Bruce and I went to the pool to cool off and read. And yes, it's been killer hot, with temperatures climbing to 96 yesterday and today. Plus all the dust in the atmosphere! Anyway, we came home and found a white mailing bag on the front porch. With my memory, I thought, did I order something and forget? Heavy, there was not a smidgen of paperwork in the bag or any clue on the outside as to the contents, or sender. Opening it, I burst in…