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Blessings Amongst Sadness

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Fast Track

Before daybreak this morning, I heard the familiar song of the Northern Cardinal in the gigantic oak tree out front. Rarely have I seen him, it's only his song that tells me he is around. Not even once, in the 5 1/2 months that we have been back, has he paid us a visit which surprises me because I fully expected any number of Cardinals to feast on our feeders. I used to take them for granted at our home as they were so plentiful. It's easy to do that, isn't it? Taking things for granted seems to come more naturally than savoring every experience. Just thinking out loud here....
One thing we all took for granted was Maureen's hip healing, or at least the incision. It has not. Fully intending to write a post on Thursday afternoon, I visited Maureen in the rehab center in the morning during which time I learned that her hip was infected and she was going back to the hospital in an ambulance. While there the aide told me she really needed more clothes that were easy to get…

A Much Needed Field Trip

Not too dissimilar from how we spent January 2, 2018, we went on a field trip to see some birds.  Well, actually that is not entirely true as on that day, it was crazy cold, and instead of seeing Roseate Spoonbills, we saw hundreds of Snow Geese. Plus Bruce drove that day in keeping with my no driving while in BC policy.

Now, however, I am back to driving the baby car, and because this field trip was my idea, I offered to drive to Blackpoint Wildlife Drive in Merritt Island. Because the best time to see birds is just after daybreak, we took off at 6AM in the pitch dark, driving down Colonial Drive until we hit US1 in Titusville. I was a nervous wreck most of the way; at one point I said to Bruce, "I'm losing my nerve honey," however with encouragement, I made it, driving across the causeway at daybreak. I pulled over to not only catch my breath, but to witness this scene up close and personal.
We were rewarded with not only seeing the dim sunrise but also DOLPHINS swimmi…

Among Other Things, I Turned 65

I had every intention of getting off to a good start on my blogging, however, my computer woes continue. Just when I'd decided I could not take it anymore and was going to buy a new computer, of all things, the Apple guy talked me out of it! Plus, he made all kinds of calls to help me which, of course took hours. And it ain't over yet, but I'm closer to a resolution. Enough so that I am giving it a go now. And what exciting things I have to report! Or, perhaps I should say they were exciting to me!

Seriously though, I wonder if I'm getting too old to have a blog? I hope not because when the computer is working as it should, I still love writing and sharing. What the heck, 2019, here we come.

In my last post, gifts from Matt were shown off because I said they had come the farthest, however, that was wrong by a long shot. Alissa and Jon, during their fantastic trip to Iceland, bought a beautiful blanket for me, carrying it back in their luggage to Austin, followed by the…