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Let us begin at the entry:

As you can see with your own two eyes, Bruce arrived in time to accompany me to the City Arts Factory. We were both astonished and delighted to find this large graphic over the door advertising the show. The organizer must have worked incredibly hard to make it very special including this light display once inside. Note Bruce's new shoes amongst all the pretty colors. It was in this space that I checked in, receiving a button to identify myself as one of the "artists" in the show. Crazy, right? It was all very exciting.

There were so many people there I couldn't believe it--oh how I wished I'd invited people although I know they probably get sick of being asked (or that's my perception, right, or wrong). Here is a woman looking at my two. This show had some very particular entry parameters including writing a little blurb about each piece to fit the theme. Entering several months ago, not really expecting to be chosen, my words might have been chosen more carefully if I'd known they would be hanging on a wall for loads of people to see. I can say that I didn't embarrass myself too bad. They allowed five submissions, selecting these two. As you may recall from my post earlier this week, getting them together to deliver was quite crazy, including not only broken glass but a damaged frame which we replaced at the last minute. We never expected so many people to be exposed (no pun intended) to my photography in this kind of setting. Lest you think it was all about me, there were around 50 pieces from various artists. Thinking they were all local, Bruce remarked to the organizer that it was some of the best Orlando art he'd seen--he was told that the artists were not only local, although where they were from, he didn't find out.

Actually we did see one couple that have bought pieces from me, although that meeting was accidental. They were so sweet, saying that I have a following around town now. Then making a pleasant outing even more so, we ran into Dominic and Maria. Ironically this event was on the same night as Taste of Thornton Park, the event when Maria won my piece in a silent auction last year. I remember being so excited to be doing that last year, never imagining that I would end up being friends with the person who bought it. As you may recall she has been an enormous help to me, promoting me, as well as selling some of my pieces to her interior design clients. Yeah for serendipity. We had a light meal with them after the show.

I wore my new heels purchased for the wedding to break them in...hmmmm...I think I'll need more time in them, either that, or go barefoot during the reception. I expect that idea will mortify my children.

Concluding this post I am happy to say that it could have been worse. Fortunately I have what I call "photographer's knee", a rough patch on my right knee from placing it on concrete with regularity. I took a tumble this afternoon. The good news is that the camera seems to be just fine, the bad news is that my right knee is scraped as are three knuckles on my left hand from the road. My sandal caught on something and down I went, the camera wildly flying out of my hand onto the street! A passing car slowed to make sure I would bounce right up, and I'm happy to say that I did. I suspect when I was young this kind of thing would have embarrassed me, now I was just glad that nothing broke!

So long, farewell, we'll meet again soon; same place, different story.

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