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Good Morning

Hope your day is going swimmingly. The economic news keeps up it's relentless cycle of misery, but with spring beginning everyone will be feeling just a glimmer of hope. It's impossible not to when the days get longer, the air is filled with singing birds, and of course those beautiful flowering trees. The ones I showed you last week have lost all their blossoms but I came across this one yesterday at the Maitland Art Center. Gorgeous against the beautiful blue sky.

I was on my way home from delivering the book which is open here on the kitchen table. You'll remember I labored over how to put it together as well as what images to use. I was very pleased with the paper stock and the overall quality of the project.

Here is a link to the place where it now resides: Hospitality Galleries. I had two interior designer friends give me feedback on the layout and images I chose with mostly positive reviews. Ashley, my contact at HG seemed very positive, saying they had been getting calls for photography lately. I've no real expectations which is probably a good thing; this venture falls into the category of "you never know until you try."

Last Friday our little Baxter shed his shaggy dog appearance for this:

I think his diet is working, he still is cuddly, but just not quite so much!

Jonathan and Alissa are nearly giddy with the glimmer of hope I mentioned in the opening paragraph. Tuesday was sunny and warm (Chicago warm, not Florida warm!) prompting Alissa to walk home from work to enjoy the weather. It has been a brutal winter. One of the great things about Chicago is the music scene, there is always someone to see live with Primal Scream on their agenda this weekend. Aside from the miserable weather Chicago is perfect for them.

I had a long video chat with Matt Tuesday evening. As is always the case, he's busy working and playing.

We are still puzzling about a holiday. It has been so long since we've gone anywhere for a week that we hardly know how to go about planning. On Monday Bruce has two new restaurants opening which is never a good thing because although his projects are nearly perfect, on occasion things just happen. Here's hoping that will not be the case this time! Anyway, once that happens he can relax just a bit, and focus on both when we can go, and where. He's been so many places his enthusiasm to travel does not quite match mine. Because he is super easy to get along with, once we have concrete plans he will embrace them wholeheartedly. I am a lucky gal.
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