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Microblogging, or not....

My friend Josie tells me micro-blogging on sites like Twitter, or Facebook, is the wave of the future; this does not bode well for narrative writing. I'm still going to buck the trend and keep writing. According to the newspaper I read while eating lunch, writing each day increases your brain power; Lord knows I can stand a little bit of that.

When last I left you I was pontificating about photography's place at art shows. I was hoping to hear back from someone about this matter, anyone have an opinion? I've begun to wonder just what is "art?" I've looked up the definition although I'm not sure that tells me what I want to know. Furthermore, who decides what great art is anyway? We all know that some artists now considered masters were shunned while living. How does one place a value on art? Is it skill, creativity, color, nuance, or the ability to make the viewer either think or feel that sets some artists apart from others? Sounds like I should take a class!

Despite the ongoing weekend art festival, I still did well at my markets.

Speaking of which I was delighted to see Lisa and Danny at Eola on Sunday. I think I was chatting with someone and looked up to see Lisa. She was astonished to see the transformation of the market, barely recognizing it from her earlier visits. They walked around the lake, staying to not only listen to music, but have some delicious treats. I think Danny drank a half gallon of the fresh squeezed orange juice, and I know for a fact Lisa enjoyed some delicious sweets. Danny is still having treatments, which are keeping things under control, but the side effects are not so great, one of which is extreme fatigue. It is difficult to exercise under these conditions, but owing to his indomitable spirit, he's still trying.

Whether or not what I'm doing is artistic, I'm in a show this weekend in Deland. With the flagging economy this might prove futile, but it is always good to be in juried shows every now and again to improve your street cred. I'll be surprised if anything comes my way, but I'm giving it my best shot. Bruce left yesterday morning for his inspection in Kissimmee (perfect as always!), from there straight to the airport for his inspection today in Foxboro, MA. After he's done there it is on to CT to check on the progress of that job. He won't be back until sometime Thursday evening which makes for a very long week. I hate to drag him up to Deland on Friday afternoon to set up the tent, however the show begins at 9 on Saturday morning. We'll be hard pressed to set up in the morning because it takes forever. The amazing thing about Bruce is that no matter how hard he works he never complains. We could all learn a thing or two from him.

I've been somewhat entertained by all the old fashioned things becoming popular once again now that the economy is so tattered. Cube steaks, a mainstay of both my childhood, as well as our boys, have seen some astounding sales increases. I've been reading that movie tickets sales are soaring, as are candy sales. By candy I don't mean Godiva, I mean Necco wafers, the cheap stuff. In case you are wondering, here's how they stack up. Not one to jump on a bandwagon, I took this a month ago trying to make an interesting photograph.

We had some much needed rain yesterday which sent me over to Leu Gardens to take advantage of the gray skies and wet plants. The pictured amaryllis plant was not only drenched, but the color was unbelievably saturated. Hoses and sprinklers are poor substitutes for a good long rain. Everywhere you looked there were large stands of the beautiful bulbs. The rest of the day was pretty much non productive on my part. Today, however, is another day, and I've already done a bunch. I thrive on a combination of activity and routine.
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