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Camping Gear

You've probably guessed by now that I am NOT the planner in this family, preferring to wing most things; good thing I'm married to one! It is what makes Bruce such a superior construction project manager. You always hear horror stories about projects that never come in on time, however, if memory serves me right (a dubious claim from me!), he has a perfect track record. Which brings us to the camping trip.

While flying to Boston on Wednesday morning Bruce worked on a check list for the trip. It is so handy with all the necessary supplies listed along with menus for each day. He is so excited he can barely wait; he loves this stuff!

While he was flying, I was driving to both WalMart, and BigLots for stuff. Here is a little pile of what I purchased. Bruce already had a sleeping pad, now I have one too. I'm hoping this will help my slender body not be too uncomfortable sleeping without benefit of a mattress. Perusing the vinyl tablecloths for $3.30 at BigLots, I chose the more sedate green one over the bright green with multi-colored gerbera daisies. I suspect Bruce wouldn't have complained, but I know he will be fine with this one. You can just see the OFF wipes for my mosquito problem. Baxter knows something is up!

Our plan is for me to do the markets this weekend with our departure Monday morning as early as possible. Bruce will get the camping box down, check everything out, and do his project managing thing while I'm hawking my wares. This Sunday should bring a lively crowd downtown because there is a special event planned. 41 Gibson guitars made of fiberglass (?), standing about 8' tall, have been positioned all around downtown, customized by local artists, as a public art project. Both the artists, and guitars reunite at the market all day before heading to Universal Studios for a future charity auction.

The other afternoon I ran into an old friend who is a voracious reader like I used to be. She immediately launched into a long list of "have you read....?" with me admitting no, not even one of them. Moreover, not only have I not read them, I've never even heard of them, which is not like the Gail of old. I used to devour at least one novel a week, these days I might read one every month or so which might be a slight exaggeration. Armed with a list written on the back of her grocery receipt, I went straight away yesterday to the library downtown only to find just one she insisted I'd love. I turned to my tried and true method, looking at the jackets, reading the synopsis, and whether or not the NYT gave it a good review. I'm never fooled by the glaring lead--a New York Times bestseller--usually, more often than not a reason to avoid the book in my humble opinion. I'm just as enamored as anyone with the Susan Boyle craze, although I take a bit of an exception with the whole "can't judge a book by it's cover" comparison. I've judged a ton of books like that! Hopefully I will have loads of time to read and hang out while we are riverside next week. I enjoy paddling the canoe while seeing the sights but fishing isn't my thing; it requires more patience than I currently have. That is not the case with Bruce, he has loads of patience when it comes to fishing, with just a bit of a competitive streak thrown in for good measure! He is a catch and release guy taking great pains to be gentle with the fish.

The computer is on Bruce's check list but I'm thinking there will be no connection, so why bother? A camping trip is all about getting away from the daily routine of which the computer plays a big part for both of us. So not only will we be leaving Baxter home, but Bruce's laptop as well. We'll be back soon enough.

I can't wait to try the pound cake in this article. Although I'd never drink it just because I don't like creaminess, it sure enhances all sorts of recipes.A Favorite Ingredient

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