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Today we begin our post with a collage I made with Picasa. It occured to me that what I was going to write today might fit the same mold. All sorts of stuff to follow.

While cooking this afternoon I had on "All Things Considered" and heard this story:
New Canterbury Tales. The broadcast began with an actor reading the original language version of The Canterbury Tales of which I could understand little. It definitely made me even more impressed with Matt's reading of The Faerie Queen, an English epic poem by Edmund Spenser written in 1590. Unthinkable--a poem and archaic language--a double whammy. Did I mention it is huge, but I guess you knew that by my description. Of course nothing Matt does surprises me, but still....

Back to the program--a man is walking the same path as the pilgrims in the book and documenting the changes to both the landscape and the culture. He's only outside London as of today's installment.

How much do I hate long fingernails on men? A lot. Make them stop will you?

It has been such a blessing of late--rain has been a week day event rather than a weekend one. Good for those who wait all week for a chance to be outdoors, and good for me because I have to be!

Met an old junior high classmate at the market yesterday. Their family has sixteen cats if you can imagine. I know I can't.

Baxter's shade shelter is complete. Now we just have to pick a place to try it out.

Friday afternoon Bruce called around 3:30 with a problem in Port St. Lucie. He made the round trip of 260 miles, arriving home around ten. Thursday night his plane was delayed and he didn't get home till midnight! That man is a wonder!

For nearly every year of our adult life we've gone to church, not just on Easter and Christmas, but weekly. This Sunday gig has changed all that. I hope God doesn't mind.

The above collage is made up of pictures I'm thinking of printing. If you notice any standouts, please let me know. I realize there are some you've seen, some not.

It seems like every day I go somewhere I see another closed business; on Friday I saw our local Big 10 Tires closed up shop. They practically knew us by name between tires, and the last repair to the Altima before I sold it. Did I ever tell you the young woman totaled it six months later? Better her, than us. I seriously do not understand all that has gone into this recession. It seems impossible to me that everyone has either a sub prime mortgage, or a home equity loan they can't afford. What were they thinking? Was it all an attempt to keep up with the Joneses? Didn't their parents teach them that it never works? It bears repeating--"if it sounds too good to be true, it IS!

Apparently Bill and LeAnne are breaking up once again. She is scheduled to move out this week. As you may recall, Baxter moved in with us the last time this happened three years ago. Both of them have their problems, neither one is to blame more than the other and as such I definitely think it is time for them to say their goodbyes. We'll see if it sticks this time.

In the post today I received a notice that our homeowners insurance was being canceled--sort of. Actually a new policy is slated to start, but before the due date they wanted us to see the language of the new policy. I don't know about you, but slogging through sixteen pages of insurance lingo is not my cup of tea. One thing I'm sure of is that they don't have our best interests in mind.
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