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No Joke

By now you know I'm not much for pranks--way too practical and serious for that sort of thing. People always used to get such a kick out of the fact that I had twins on April Fool's Day thirty years ago today; I didn't see it that way. It seems as if the ambivalence Bruce and I share about birthdays has been passed onto Bill and Dave. I spoke with both of them this morning, neither of them were impressed. Just another day is how David put it. That's my boy.

Actually it occurred to me that on Matthew's 30th birthday I was in the hospital. I can't even recall for certain if I spoke with him, but I do know dire news regarding my mortality was being batted around at the time. Shows you what doctors know.

Moving on....
One thing I am is a hamburger lover. I rarely go to fast food places, yet today the billboard advertising Burger King's "burger shots" seduced me into a BK, which if you shared my ignorance on the subject, was founded in 1954. Who knew? Here is my serving which is nothing like a billboard one:

I actually returned this version after photographing because the cheese were just little slabs, and the ridiculous amount of seepage, not to mention it was lukewarm. Somehow when there is a bit of melt to the cheese it makes you forget what a sorry excuse it is for cheese. Suffice it to say I won't be back anytime soon. Curiosity satisfied, taste, not so much.

The recent winds and rain caused most of the tabebuia trees around town to shed their glorious petals. The intense yellow color is such a day brightener, I'm sorry to see them go for another year. As you can see, the carpet of yellow below this tree at Leu Gardens is pretty thick. I promise this is the last of these you'll see from me!

Often I picture Mr. Baxter in a close up which is really not much of a true representation of his size. Last week I took him to the park closest to the house on a Tuesday morning when few were sharing the space with us. I took his leash off, and boy was it a joy to see him run, something I can't remember ever experiencing. He would run a ways, stop, looking back at me as if daring me to catch up. Those of you who've not had the pleasure of meeting him in person, (really I'm not prejudiced!) can appreciate his small stature. Speaking of which, he's trimmed down a bit on his new diet.

One last detail I wanted to mention from last weekend's show in DeLand. My first customer was a woman who bought quite a few from me last year to give as gifts. It was such a pleasure to learn she'd come to find me again, as did a few others.

You know how sometimes you don't want to fulfill an obligation, instead preferring to stay home and be left alone? I was totally feeling that yesterday morning before leaving for the museum. I've realized that those are the times when something unexpected is the most likely to happen. As I was saying goodbye to Bruce yesterday morning I mentioned something about my dear friend Judy Auger. I'd been thinking of her because she went to Stetson University in DeLand many years ago. She's a devout Catholic and SU is a Baptist school...Anyway I'd not seen her for WAY too long. I stopped at Publix on my way home for Cokes and what to my wondering eyes should appear? Judy! We chatted it up forever in the little clinic waiting area. Such a lovely surprise. Judy is a bit older and didn't know that when text is in a different color on my blog that means I'm suggesting my dear readers click on it to reach another web page that hopefully will tell them something I can't. Now she knows.
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