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Upstaging Baxter?

Not likely. I expect the picture of him in the life jacket will be hard to beat. This is just another pretty flower from the master gardener's yard:
Before I forget, I neglected to tell you that I cleaned out both of my closets as well as my drawers last week. Years ago my sister Nancy organized everything, but as time has passed I began mixing it all up. She'd taken everything out, and started over. Because I've not changed sizes ever I tend to keep things a while, but it was clearly time to repeat the sorting. Everything now is hanging by not only color, but by sleeve length. I use Bill and Dave's old closet for my dresses as well as purses. Dare I use that term anymore? That closet looks much better.

Anyway I gave away a ton of things, one of which was a bit hard to do. I'm thinking I bought these black capris pants at least five years ago on a shopping trip with Matt. I remember they were very expensive, however you know me well enough by now to know I got them at a serious discount at Off Fifth, Sak's outlet. I loved those things; I realized after all this time they were pretty faded even if they'd only been dry cleaned. I made myself do it. I took a mountain of things to that new little thrift shop I mentioned a while ago.

On Wednesday Regina and Angela came over to help me with another long put off project. When I re-did the dining room last year I never liked the fabric on the seat cushions. Although I'd gotten fabric to cover them that matched the new chair in the living room, I never really liked it. When I went to Altamonte Springs last week to get the vacuum cleaner bags (8 bags for $40!!) I stopped at the nearby Calico Corners finding a lovely neutral fabric that is what I'd call somewhat elegant. Angela kinda got forced into it. Watching how slow we were she grabbed the staple gun and started shooting! Nothing like being young--no fear and lots of energy.

Yesterday I drove to Orange City for a meeting of the Florida chapter of this organization: National Museum. During the DeLand show some lovely women invited me to the meeting. When they first approached me I thought it was at night which didn't strike me as too fun being that far away. Furthermore, I had no knowledge of what they were talking about. Turns out there were around thirty women artists at the meeting, a few I knew, most not. One of the ladies who invited me purchased my peacock canvas at the show. She brought it to the meeting, putting it on an easel up front, and revealing it as she introduced me. Needless to say I was a bit embarrassed, but such is this new crazy life I lead. A delicious lunch was served, along with news about upcoming exhibitions, as well as the construction in DeLand of a space funded by a combination of both the national and local organization. One extremely cool things was a beautiful invitation passed around for a gala next weekend in Washington at the museum hosted by none other than the Obamas. The cost to attend--$500. I figured that every opportunity that comes my way always leads to something else so I might as well go. I'm happy I did.

They are predicting (who is they?) lovely weather this weekend. Excellent.
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