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When I saw the title of my last post I knew immediately what today's would be. The weekend was jam packed with goodness, but I ended up paying dearly for it by Sunday evening. Monday was just a waste. I climbed into bed at.....6:30!!!! Sunday evening and got up about twelve hours later. I shuffled around most of yesterday, heading to bed early, but not as extreme as Sunday night. Today, on the other hand, is a new day, not to mention a new month--I plan to rise to the occasion.

We had the hugest storm last evening just after Bruce got home, with the most extreme thunder and lightening, not to mention rain and wind, that we've had in a few weeks. Baxter was one scared little dog! The back patio flooded sending rain under the door into the sunroom--not too much, but enough that it is still drying out.

As you know my busy season is fast approaching with the gallery show only six weeks away. Last evening before Bruce arrived I was going through my library once again trying to find t…


Yes, that was me today. Some days I seem to fool around all day getting little accomplished. Well, that's not entirely true but it just usually doesn't show like what I was up to today.

First off, I've definitely been bitten by the sewing bug. I took a little trip out to Sewing Studio in Maitland to see what their fabric selection was like. Turns out there is a lot of special occasion, quilting, children, and home decorating material, kinda like JoAnne's. I did manage to find two fabrics I like; here's the dress I made with one of them which cost me all of $9.00 to make! Who says you can't save money by sewing? Plus, for me, I can make things that fit me for a change. Almost all of my clothes have some sort of fit problem--now I don't intend to make everything but I'm sure making some dresses with pockets. I got this pattern for $1.00 last Saturday. I made a sleeveless version on Tuesday so I guess I need to tack on another 50 cents to that cost I menti…

Living Up to My Name

Today I'm going just a little photo crazy! No surprise, as I'm sure you'd agree. Actually, I wanted to show you the great gifts from Bruce, and also my sewing project. The cookies are two of my favorites from--you guessed it--Big Lots. I adore cookies, really preferring homemade, but it's best not to have those in the house to tempt Bruce. We're doing our best to defy his genes by keeping his weight down.

Speaking of weight, the other day, leaving Angela's house with Baxter in tow, I saw our neighbor "Big Dave." We used to see more of Dave before he got so big. Suddenly, this summer I'd begun to see him walking slowly around the neighborhood, supplementing his recent bariatric surgery with exercise. This was the first time we really got to chat about what he's been through. He told me that since June 20th he'd lost 71 pounds! Apparently he'd gotten up to 388lbs. by the time he went in for surgery. Furthermore, he's been doing water …

Up and Running

Don't ask me why I posted this picture for today's blog, I'm not really sure, only that I know my sister Lisa loves turtles. As a photographer you learn pretty quickly that people love all sorts of things. This has been a revelation to me. Before selling photographs, I had no idea how much dragonflies inspired people, to name just one obsession.

I suppose one thing this reminded me of was the four guys working here yesterday. The "cable guy" arrived as scheduled at twelve. He assessed the situation, spending the next 3 1/2 hours repairing what he could including changing all of the exposed cable outside. It seems as if squirrels may have enjoyed a little meal on the cable where it connects to the pole. Turns out a contractor will be needed to get to the rest because our crafty Mr. Bruce hid a portion of it in the eaves. He'll be here on Saturday morning to meet with Bruce.

While he was working on the cable, the three lawn guys arrived. When folks come to the h…


My dear friends, I'm writing this as quickly as I can to let you know that I'm still a blogger, albeit intermittently. I had a blog entry all set in my mind for first thing Monday morning but Brighthouse Networks thought otherwise. Arriving home from the market on Sunday evening we discovered that both our digital phone and internet were down. That is not good as you well know. Bruce tried all the usual tricks with no success. After learning that no one could come to the house until Tuesday morning I was not a happy camper.

Sending photos of the market activity is the first order of business when I arrive home so City Hall has them Monday morning. Inexplicably when I got up early on Monday it was working again but only for about thirty minutes. Mission accomplished.

When the internet is not working pretty quickly you realize how much you rely on it. I used my down time to sew if you can imagine. I'd only had the machine down once in years to make our display tablecloths but…

Something New

This morning, around 7:45, I met my subjects at Delaney Park to do my first photo shoot of children. Although I tried to dissuade their mom with the horrors of modeling, they'd like to give it a try.

I'd meant to do a little research prior to meeting up with them, but only got around to it this morning around 6:30. One of the first things I discovered was the child should wear something plain, but colorful. Because their mom said she'd looked into head shots and such, I figured we would be ok. Not so. The girls wore identical white sun dresses. Fortunately, they live fairly close allowing Mom to return home to rummage around for something suitable. I know these girls slightly from the market where everything begins; after Mom left we got comfortable. I sent them to the swings to get happy, and it wasn't long before we began to have fun. Torrential rains the night before made things a little dicey to begin with; fortunately Polly brought towels.

Wouldn't you know it,…

Take The Long Way Home

Let me tell you that I indeed took the VERY long way home. My little trip over to the Gulf coast clocked in at 328 miles! Tuesday morning I asked Angela if she'd watch Baxter for me for a few days while Bruce was out of town with her heartily agreeing to the task. I called Laura and asked if she'd have me for the night knowing that because she is a neatnic no cleaning up for company would be needed. Perfect, she said, I'm getting off early today anyway. So, off I went. Now you are very familiar with the fact that I am no fan of bridges which heading anywhere on the coast involves but she assured me the causeway had only one minor hump which she was sure I could handle. And handle it I did. Arriving at her duplex 2ish she met me there with her boyfriend Jerry, a seriously nice guy. Their suggestion to go to John's Pass at Madeira Beach was perfect. We wandered around, sweating profusely I might add, enjoying the shops and scenery. Our wish to see some dolphins up close …


It might seem strange for someone who has done really well with a photograph of graffiti to be complaining about it but this sort of vandalism makes me sad.

As I was coming upon it my first thought was that some rabid Florida Gator fans were getting in gear for the upcoming football season with a slur against the Alabama team. Duh! Am I naive or what? The second one they managed to make it more like one word. I'm all for free speech, however, I think defacing someone's property is the worst way to do make a point. Driving by that evening we saw a man repainting both walls. Thank you sir.

Write about movies! This was a reminder to myself to write about some movies we've seen. Last week we watched Into the Wild, which turned out to not be very good at all. There were a few good things about it, but ultimately it was about a very selfish boy who broke hearts. Although he may have had good intentions, what it portrayed to me was a life lived without regard for those around him. …


Yesterday morning I was awake early saying goodbye to my sweetheart. It seemed like a good time to meander. You probably already know that I've got more photographs than anyone could possibly need, yet, that's how it is with me. A better one just might be around the corner. As I was driving down the street I saw Regina walking Abby, she inquired where was I going, and I honestly answered, I'm not sure. One place I knew for sure I was going was here:

Obviously this is a semi-demolished building. While on I-4 the day before I noticed the red dumpsters behind this scene, and thought maybe I could do something with them. As well, my show in October has a glass/sand theme and I knew for certain there would be glass galore here. I was not disappointed in the glass department--there was a bunch. Fortunately a security guard type was there when I arrived around 7:30 giving me permission to roam.

I got a kick out of seeing this "painting" still on the wall amongst all the …

Hot Time, Summer in the City

Oh my, has it been hot, particularly this weekend. Just ask Pat and Ruth how hot it was at the market; they'll be happy to share how sweltering it was because they were kind enough to visit me there. It is always such a nice surprise to see my loved ones, not to mention that they buy things from me for gifts, which is weird to sell to your family but they insist. Good news #1: there was no rain. Good news #2: I almost made my goal, not quite, but close. Bruce told me on Saturday afternoon that I was nearly up to 700 sales this year, all I needed were 11 more. As you well know, it has been mighty slow, however, I arrived yesterday morning hoping it might be a possibility. I was two shy; not to worry though, I'm bound to hit that next weekend. My dear market neighbor Kathy insisted that selling two canvases should count for more than just two sales--my response was that in the monetarily it sure does, but not actual numbers. She is always trying to encourage me. As well, when I …