Monday, August 31, 2009


When I saw the title of my last post I knew immediately what today's would be. The weekend was jam packed with goodness, but I ended up paying dearly for it by Sunday evening. Monday was just a waste. I climbed into bed at.....6:30!!!! Sunday evening and got up about twelve hours later. I shuffled around most of yesterday, heading to bed early, but not as extreme as Sunday night. Today, on the other hand, is a new day, not to mention a new month--I plan to rise to the occasion.

We had the hugest storm last evening just after Bruce got home, with the most extreme thunder and lightening, not to mention rain and wind, that we've had in a few weeks. Baxter was one scared little dog! The back patio flooded sending rain under the door into the sunroom--not too much, but enough that it is still drying out.

As you know my busy season is fast approaching with the gallery show only six weeks away. Last evening before Bruce arrived I was going through my library once again trying to find things to fit the theme. The curator saw one I'd done of the hourglass and loved it--it is the one being used in advertising. She decided she wanted me to show pieces with the sand/glass theme which I originally thought was just fine until I started trying to choose things. Hmmm....the photo above is one I shot with the idea being the divide between people who see things as half empty/half full. I'm unsure if I've succeeded. Anyway, what I wanted to tell you was that I had a tray full in Picasa that I'll have printed at Target to study. The storm arrived quickly shutting my computer down. The tech savvy among you already know the ending to this story. Poof! All gone. I'll start over again today. This morning I couldn't get the computer to start, but after unplugging everything I eventually got it going--Whew!

Somehow I got roped into providing the art for this project. I'd only just picked up my canvases Saturday after the market when after returning from the birthday party Saturday night I checked my email. Long story short--I agreed to letting them "borrow" the canvases until the 67 days is over. If this has you puzzled, check out what I'm talking about here: ORLANDO
Here I am with the lucky couple wearing one of my new creations I might add.

Sunday was good, albeit HOT! The crowds and sales continue to amaze me.

Both parties were fun in their own way. Friday night we saw folks we'd not seen in years and years. One family's situation made us very sad. This couple used to be great friends, but our lives drifted apart when the kids got older. I'm wondering if Matt remembers that they picked up he and his brothers to stay with them while I was delivering Jonathan. Their daughter cried when she learned I'd had another boy! Not me, I was fine and dandy with it! Anyway, they went on to have five children total, and sadly, not a one of them has done much of anything with their lives. As well, the father has prostate cancer which has not only been hazardous to his health, but his finances as well. They were never very good with money, this has proved to be the breaking point. The food, all made by Mary was delicious!

Saturday night Victoria reserved the dock at Houstons for the party, and what a lovely party it was. Beautiful setting, people, and food; it could not have been nicer.

My two month vacation from the museum has come and gone. This morning I start my reception duties again. Time to make myself presentable.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Yes, that was me today. Some days I seem to fool around all day getting little accomplished. Well, that's not entirely true but it just usually doesn't show like what I was up to today.

First off, I've definitely been bitten by the sewing bug. I took a little trip out to Sewing Studio in Maitland to see what their fabric selection was like. Turns out there is a lot of special occasion, quilting, children, and home decorating material, kinda like JoAnne's. I did manage to find two fabrics I like; here's the dress I made with one of them which cost me all of $9.00 to make! Who says you can't save money by sewing? Plus, for me, I can make things that fit me for a change. Almost all of my clothes have some sort of fit problem--now I don't intend to make everything but I'm sure making some dresses with pockets. I got this pattern for $1.00 last Saturday. I made a sleeveless version on Tuesday so I guess I need to tack on another 50 cents to that cost I mentioned. It took me about three hours total, not bad for being rusty!

I woke up quite early today, probably because I went to bed so early last night. Getting busy right away, I got some things ready for the mail (one of them the W-2 for the city calendar--only one this year). We'd been having a problem with our kitchen sink smelling--forgive me, I know not a pleasant topic, but anyway I'd tried lots of things including bleach to no avail. This morning I tried pouring baking soda down the drain followed by white vinegar. If you've never mixed those two things before you should try it because the foamy reaction is very fun to watch. I'm thinking it did the trick!

I put the sewing machine away and got to cleaning--a chore you just know I hate. One of the kitchen sinks held this before I placed them on the windowsill to clean it:

I took this photo because it shows me to a tee! I am such a creature of habit. First thing in the morning, orange juice, next up hot tea, a coke for lunch and wine for dinner. Day in and day out. Notice the giant limb in the yard which fell on Monday night. The lawn guys just left and I had to remind them to deal with it. They are making me so crazy these days I feel like doing it myself!

As well, the windowsill holds some treasures. On the far left is a tiny Christmas ornament Matt once used for name tags. Then the drinking vessels. Next, a beautiful bowl Maureen brought back from Italy for me. I fill it with things I either want to photograph, or treasures I find. I have a monarch butterfly wrapped in plastic wrap along with a peacock feather. Beside that is the postcard to remind me to go to a Radiology conference in September for some CEU points--can't let that license go. even when I'm not working!

I managed to dust (particularly dreaded), clean our bathroom, vacuum and clean up a few clutter piles. Are you like us--fewer and fewer pieces of mail? I'm sorry for the post office, however, it's a good thing for us--less junk mail to trash! I suspect Bruce will not even notice when he gets home tonight. Of course, he never complains when I let it get a little out of hand either. He's been in DC, taking the train these days to the job site, a first for him in all the years he's traveled. It seems to be working beautifully--no rental car and all that entails. The station is just across the street from the job with several hotels within walking distance. He's saving the company a little bundle each week. The Capital Grille is his largest project to date, both in terms of cost, and configuration, requiring constant vigil on his part. Normally he visits job sites every few weeks but for this one it will be weekly, getting more intense the closer we get to the completion date. So far, so good. You already assumed that, didn't you?

I'm still waiting on Roger. He's got my order, I spoke with him briefly on Tuesday evening; frankly, I think I've overwhelmed him. Bruce suggested I order eight canvases, as well as the three that people have given deposits for. Let's hope this doesn't happen again any time soon!

How fun is this? Two surprise birthday parties this weekend!
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Monday, August 24, 2009

Living Up to My Name

Today I'm going just a little photo crazy! No surprise, as I'm sure you'd agree. Actually, I wanted to show you the great gifts from Bruce, and also my sewing project. The cookies are two of my favorites from--you guessed it--Big Lots. I adore cookies, really preferring homemade, but it's best not to have those in the house to tempt Bruce. We're doing our best to defy his genes by keeping his weight down.

Speaking of weight, the other day, leaving Angela's house with Baxter in tow, I saw our neighbor "Big Dave." We used to see more of Dave before he got so big. Suddenly, this summer I'd begun to see him walking slowly around the neighborhood, supplementing his recent bariatric surgery with exercise. This was the first time we really got to chat about what he's been through. He told me that since June 20th he'd lost 71 pounds! Apparently he'd gotten up to 388lbs. by the time he went in for surgery. Furthermore, he's been doing water aerobics and exercising up to three hours a day, something unthinkable before. His goal is to lose at least 100 more pounds--I sure hope he's successful for lots of reasons, not the least of which he's not very old--maybe middle 40's. His job was getting more and more difficult to perform with his body already wearing down from the extra weight. Since the surgery he's taking one blood pressure medication, down from three! When this sort of surgery was first performed years ago, people suffered multiple complications, now it turns out they do it laproscopiclly which blows my mind. Hurray for medical breakthroughs!

So here's the gorgeous purse sitting atop the fabric for the chair cushion and throw pillow:

Maybe I should have called it my new gorgeous handbag--that seems to be the term of choice these days!

Next up:

Taken with my trusty tripod, wearing the fab new top and sweet necklace. I've also got on a jeans skirt Matt gave me for Christmas which still looks fairly new because it was below my knees and I'd been too lazy to hem it, wearing it only a few times. Now so now! I got a heavy duty needle and had it hemmed to my liking in no time. Why do we procrastinate I ask you? Maybe you don't...?

Next up is a little dress detail. I was going for a little "Anthropologie" vibe with the mixed colors. I found the buttons in the closet which I think are super fun. I wore it to the market yesterday, staying amazingly cool all day. Must be why seersucker has been around all these years!

I didn't realize I was forecasting the future when I wrote about Mr. Roger's alleged return. After we last met, as I was driving over to his house with my latest disc and order, I decided to check my phone. Sure enough Trish (his wife) called, leaving the dreaded message--not coming home till Monday! Between the two of them, miles apart, they got me some new paper prints but what I needed most will have to wait until this week. Because my canvas supply was so low I had to bring some framed prints which sat there like a bump on a log. I did, however, manage to sell three of the hanging canvases, much to my surprise and delight! Now, to figure out what to replace them with.....
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Friday, August 21, 2009

Up and Running

Don't ask me why I posted this picture for today's blog, I'm not really sure, only that I know my sister Lisa loves turtles. As a photographer you learn pretty quickly that people love all sorts of things. This has been a revelation to me. Before selling photographs, I had no idea how much dragonflies inspired people, to name just one obsession.

I suppose one thing this reminded me of was the four guys working here yesterday. The "cable guy" arrived as scheduled at twelve. He assessed the situation, spending the next 3 1/2 hours repairing what he could including changing all of the exposed cable outside. It seems as if squirrels may have enjoyed a little meal on the cable where it connects to the pole. Turns out a contractor will be needed to get to the rest because our crafty Mr. Bruce hid a portion of it in the eaves. He'll be here on Saturday morning to meet with Bruce.

While he was working on the cable, the three lawn guys arrived. When folks come to the house Baxter stays alert. Most days he lounges quite a bit but not so when he feels he needs to keep his eyes on things. Quite the guard dog.

During one of the times the internet was functional on Tuesday, Matt called. Naturally I asked if we could do the video chat. Now it was unfortunate that I looked like a mess that day as I'd not "seen" Matt in ages but I'm pretty sure he got past that. I'd been sewing, as you know, and hadn't bothered to do a thing with myself. Reflecting on our visit, I realized it was the longest time in my whole life with Matt not speaking to him. I think it was easily six weeks or more. He'd been swamped at work and more recently taken a "staycation" in Britain, visiting Stonehenge which he described as the most incredible sight he's ever seen, and he's seen a lot. After graduating college he took a month long European tour, visiting quite a few countries. That was just the beginning of his traveling life, since then he's seen even more. Anyway, it was a dandy chat and I'm thrilled we stayed connected.

Mr. Roger has been on a business trip for at least three weeks, allegedly he's returning today. As such, I have a huge order prepared which I'm taking over to his house when I'm done here. As the weeks have gone by I'm digging deeper into the inventory, which is a good thing, but now I need a new infusion of both paper and canvas prints. Naturally I'm not content with what I've had before so I have a disc with lots of new images. I've not spoken with him in weeks so I'm not sure what he can get to right away but I hope it is sooner rather than later!

I finished my dress project which turned out kinda cute although I somehow messed up the facing. I've rigged it so it works but it shows how rusty I am. The machine, on the other hand, is not rusty at all. I'm absolutely amazed at how perfect it runs after sitting in the closet for so long. One thing that was somewhat silly of me is that I added three different colors of top stitching to the design. So what you ask? My eyesight is not what it once was and threading the needle multiple times was not the easiest but, much to my amazement, I got the job done. The main thing is the fit--terrific.

Now, it is off to do errands my faithful readers....Have a super weekend and I'll try to do the same.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009


My dear friends, I'm writing this as quickly as I can to let you know that I'm still a blogger, albeit intermittently. I had a blog entry all set in my mind for first thing Monday morning but Brighthouse Networks thought otherwise. Arriving home from the market on Sunday evening we discovered that both our digital phone and internet were down. That is not good as you well know. Bruce tried all the usual tricks with no success. After learning that no one could come to the house until Tuesday morning I was not a happy camper.

Sending photos of the market activity is the first order of business when I arrive home so City Hall has them Monday morning. Inexplicably when I got up early on Monday it was working again but only for about thirty minutes. Mission accomplished.

When the internet is not working pretty quickly you realize how much you rely on it. I used my down time to sew if you can imagine. I'd only had the machine down once in years to make our display tablecloths but Angel inspired my decision to give sewing a go. Actually my darling Bruce wanted a new cushion for his desk chair and was wondering where to have one made. Duh--it's not as if I couldn't do it. I went to JoAnne's Fabrics Monday morning to search for something suitable. I found a fun giraffe print (understated of course) and bought the necessary supplies. As well I bought a pattern and material for a dress. Let me tell you, there is no vanity sizing in patterns, in fact, I don't think they have changed one bit. Turns out I wear an 8 in a pattern. Once I was home I went looking for tools I needed for the project and found enough material, thread, zipper, buttons and a pattern to give it a go. I found that I hadn't forgotten much--some, but enough to hopefully make something cute.

I made both the seat cushion and a small back pillow for his chair which I'm pretty excited about. I know you won't believe this but I didn't take even one photograph on Monday--a first for quite some time.

I, did however take one yesterday evening but I'm so afraid the connection will be lost I don't want to take the time today to upload it. The above image is one from a month or so ago. My intention when posting it on the blog was to have you come up with as many ways to use the word OUT as you could think of. Try it--you will be amazed. Instead I'm using it for what's happening now.

The cable guy arrived a little after noon yesterday, spending but a few minutes deciding it was in the connection to the modem. OK, if you say so. NOT--this morning while responding to a friend's request to read something she hopes to have published in the Sentinel, it went out again. As such, I've no idea when it will decide to vanish once more, thus, my quick post. A new appointment is set for tomorrow.

Yesterday, as most of you know, was our 36th wedding anniversary--an occasion to celebrate. Before he left in the morning Bruce said he had a card and a little gift. I replied, let's wait until you get home. OH MY GOSH--it was not so little after all. Apparently, while I was at the market on Sunday, he was visiting all the departments at Nordstrom. He got me a darling little necklace, a bracelet, an incredible handbag, and a wonderful top and jeans!!! Although I was dressed for our dinner out with Dave, Michelle, and Bill, I quickly changed. He is just the best!!!

Naturally lots more has happened since we last met but if I've any hope of getting this online I'd better do it now...

Friday, August 14, 2009

Something New

This morning, around 7:45, I met my subjects at Delaney Park to do my first photo shoot of children. Although I tried to dissuade their mom with the horrors of modeling, they'd like to give it a try.

I'd meant to do a little research prior to meeting up with them, but only got around to it this morning around 6:30. One of the first things I discovered was the child should wear something plain, but colorful. Because their mom said she'd looked into head shots and such, I figured we would be ok. Not so. The girls wore identical white sun dresses. Fortunately, they live fairly close allowing Mom to return home to rummage around for something suitable. I know these girls slightly from the market where everything begins; after Mom left we got comfortable. I sent them to the swings to get happy, and it wasn't long before we began to have fun. Torrential rains the night before made things a little dicey to begin with; fortunately Polly brought towels.

Wouldn't you know it, my favorite picture of Mattie is in her white dress:

And her is Claire with her gorgeous strawberry blonde hair and the perfect shade of green.

After about an hour we were all hot and sticky and called it a morning. Hopefully there is one great shot of each of them. I do so hope I can do more of this kind of thing to improve my skills. I'm never quite sure where to start when photographing people formally which is weird because I am totally comfortable with just about anyone I meet. I got the girls talking about favorite things which seemed to loosen them up just a bit. As well, I showed them the "Smarties" I had in my pocket which they are used to getting each time they visit my booth. Anyway, I'm hoping it was a success but only time will tell....

Here's a quote I found online which I believe shall become my goal.
"When people look at my pictures I want them to feel the way they do when they want to read a line of a poem twice." Robert Frank, LIFE (26 November 1951)

I've been super busy the last two days and now it is time to load the car for tomorrow's market, which if it weren't for the fact that I'm not a quitter, I'd have quit by now!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Take The Long Way Home

Let me tell you that I indeed took the VERY long way home. My little trip over to the Gulf coast clocked in at 328 miles! Tuesday morning I asked Angela if she'd watch Baxter for me for a few days while Bruce was out of town with her heartily agreeing to the task. I called Laura and asked if she'd have me for the night knowing that because she is a neatnic no cleaning up for company would be needed. Perfect, she said, I'm getting off early today anyway. So, off I went. Now you are very familiar with the fact that I am no fan of bridges which heading anywhere on the coast involves but she assured me the causeway had only one minor hump which she was sure I could handle. And handle it I did. Arriving at her duplex 2ish she met me there with her boyfriend Jerry, a seriously nice guy. Their suggestion to go to John's Pass at Madeira Beach was perfect. We wandered around, sweating profusely I might add, enjoying the shops and scenery. Our wish to see some dolphins up close was not fulfilled, but we did watch some fisherman cutting up the day's catch with Laura critiquing their performance. From there we went to "Biff's Burgers", a local hole in the wall with a tradition for outstanding food. Asking for a wine list was out of the question--it's one of those places that serve red or white. I ordered the cabernet. The server brought me a plastic cup and a small bottle of Gallo--a first for me. Fortunately it was super cold which somewhat masked the taste and helped cool me down. Live entertainment is part of the package with the singer opening up with Fire and Rain , followed by more James Taylor and the obligatory Margaritaville, a song I told Jerry that if I never heard it again it would be fine with me. He likes it more simply because he's about half my age so he's not been subjected to a hundred different renditions like I have. He's a classic rock guy--no surprise there--his request for Lynrd Skinner (sp?) was granted.

The above picture is the happy couple back at Madeira Beach where we went to catch the sunset which was gorgeous. Instead of a quick sinking the sun seemed to melt into the horizon which seems fitting. In this heat we all feel like we are melting! A small boy had a little fish on his hook which Laura was trying to tease Jerry with while he was doing what everyone does these days--mess with their phone. Note he insisted on carrying my tripod for me.

They left me at Laura's for the night--she generously gave up her bed. I told her I wasn't certain if I'd be there in the morning when she came home to get ready for work and I wasn't. I woke up before 5 and decided to get on the road to see what I could see. I headed south to Fort de Soto State Park in the pitch dark. Mostly what I'm taking away from that jaunt is this which would have been impossible except for the tripod:

If I'd had the nerve I could have driven over the Sunshine Skyway and headed down to Sarasota but I didn't. It's huge and way, way too scary for me.
Logistics of Sunshine Skyway
Instead I headed back up the coast, eventually eating lunch in Tarpon Springs. I saw some beautiful sites along the way. Honeymoon Island is one those places I'd heard of before--always coming in near the top on those beach rating lists. It was not what I expected at all. You can't tell it from this angle but there was a barrier of small to medium rocks before you got to the water. As well lots of grasses along the shore.

Tarpons Springs, for those of you unfamiliar is a Greek community where sponges are harvested from the Gulf of Mexico. It was much like I remembered from a trip there many, many years ago with hawkers along the streets inviting you into the shops. It was also extremely hot while I was there. Pretty much suffocating because rain was on the horizon which always makes it worse. Unbearable really. I had lunch at a spot recommended by a local which was mediocre at best but entertaining. I mentioned to the cashier that it seemed like lots of gossip going on and she said it was really the whole street. I can imagine how that goes.

From there it was time to head home which was a drawn out affair to say the least. There's really no direct way to get to Orlando so I just set off with the map (quaint, I know) on the passenger seat. A little sample of what I saw along the way--a donkey farm, yard mulch factory, old worn out houses and trailers, need I mention horses and cows?, a town called Mabel, and one called Mascotte with a large bar called BadaBada Bing. Their slogan, painted on the building, was this: What happens at the Bing, Stays at the Bing. According to Wikipedia the population is 2,687. As well, I went through Zephyrhills which actually has some serious hills, or serious to Floridians anyway. I came across this along the highway near there.

Must be one of the last few drive-ins in business. I wonder with the current nostalgia for all things from the past (think candies), if they might be ripe for a comeback? Actually, I can't imagine how we stood it in the heat back in the day.

Eventually I arrived home to find Baxter comfortable at his home-away-from-home. Luckily for me there was very little rain on the drive making it enjoyable. It is great to get away if even for a little while to make you appreciate not only what is out in the wide world but what is right at home.

In that vein, I'm linking to Matt's photographs from his journey around England. Naturally they are amazing. Matt's Staycation
I'm doing laundry now so I'll call it a day with my blogging. Time to get some work done.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


It might seem strange for someone who has done really well with a photograph of graffiti to be complaining about it but this sort of vandalism makes me sad.

As I was coming upon it my first thought was that some rabid Florida Gator fans were getting in gear for the upcoming football season with a slur against the Alabama team. Duh! Am I naive or what? The second one they managed to make it more like one word. I'm all for free speech, however, I think defacing someone's property is the worst way to do make a point. Driving by that evening we saw a man repainting both walls. Thank you sir.

Write about movies! This was a reminder to myself to write about some movies we've seen. Last week we watched Into the Wild, which turned out to not be very good at all. There were a few good things about it, but ultimately it was about a very selfish boy who broke hearts. Although he may have had good intentions, what it portrayed to me was a life lived without regard for those around him. Plus, it was entirely too long. Even the great cast couldn't make up for that.

I wrote that reminder on, say Wednesday night, before we learned that John Hughes died. So many of his movies were great; I suspect Netflix will be inundated with requests to rent his movies, many of which are classics. My friend Elena re-posted this and I'm doing the same: Sincerely, John Hughes It is hard to imagine this happening today what with the death of letter writing.

We had a super fun weekend. Friday night we went to Ember, a nice downtown spot we'd yet to have tried. Loud and happening. Saturday, I did the WF market which was sad. I sold two pieces for my trouble. I did get to see Norka, my little friend who collects the rent, and Cole, Dana's son who runs the market. He'd begun celebrating his Saturday birthday Friday night and was feeling mighty poorly. Fortunately I didn't have too long to dwell on it before we went over to Dominic and Maria's beautiful condo for dinner, but not before Bruce toured me around the house showing off his handiwork. As you know he rarely takes a Saturday off, but this week he did. Mostly he was thrilled with his installation of a wireless cable router so now his television in the garage has more than two channels to offer. He did some rearranging to give us just a bit more room out there as well.

Before I forget I saw one of the ladies I worked with at the hospital at Saturday's market. Actually Suda is the one who bought the Subaru from us after I bought my darling yellow MINI Cooper. Anyway she and her husband Gary brought me up to date on their sons progress through the teen years and on into college. I asked her about another woman's children and things were much less pleasant. All three of her children are a mess, one with bulimia, one with two children, no job, and only 23, and one who is seriously injured from a motorcycle accident suffered on his eighteenth birthday. Can I just mention how grateful we are that our sons navigated those years without too many lasting problems?

Wicked heat on Sunday maybe thinned the crowds at the market, but it didn't keep them away. I had the best sales day I've had in quite a while (19) proving once again (I know, how many times will I repeat it?), that you can never predict what will happen when you go out. What pleased me the most was the sale of three pieces which I thought were never going to sell! After work we joined Dana at the wine bar across the street cooling off a bit with chilled Savignon Blanc. We were all pretty worn out, her from all the market drama, of which there is surprisingly a lot, and me from the heat and all the transactions. Plus, we had lots of surprise visitors. My friend Karen showed up about the same time as Matt and Angela arrived by bicycle, just behind Bruce who cycled up early to meet his mom there. She brought me a lovely little bouquet of flowers. She kept remarking on how she couldn't get over how big the market is now. Neither can we for that matter. Here's Bruce resting after spending nearly two hours setting up our booth:

From reading this blog one would think that I'm the only one with something to sell but these days here's a sample of what you can find at the market:
Nine tents of produce
Grilled corn on the cob
Kettle corn
Home-made soap
Variety of cheeses
Vegan Rice Bowl
Outdoor and indoor plants
Two orchid vendors
Jewelry GALORE (Dana says she gets so many requests she could have a jewelry market)
Smoked Turkey Legs
Fair Food
Olive Oil
Homemade Cookies
Quiche and other French treats (superb, I might add)
Stained Glass
Face Painting
Finger Puppets
Specialty Coffees
British Food
Homemade aprons
The list goes on but you get the idea--there is a lot for sale with more people every week wanting to join in.

And then there is Out & About Photography....

Lastly I was wondering why it had been so long since I blogged and then I remembered. I spent perhaps eight hours re-doing my online gallery. I'm hoping to get some feedback on the changes please. You can most easily go there from the link on the right hand side under the flickr badge. Jonathan and Bruce were kind enough to give me their opinions already.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Yesterday morning I was awake early saying goodbye to my sweetheart. It seemed like a good time to meander. You probably already know that I've got more photographs than anyone could possibly need, yet, that's how it is with me. A better one just might be around the corner. As I was driving down the street I saw Regina walking Abby, she inquired where was I going, and I honestly answered, I'm not sure. One place I knew for sure I was going was here:

Obviously this is a semi-demolished building. While on I-4 the day before I noticed the red dumpsters behind this scene, and thought maybe I could do something with them. As well, my show in October has a glass/sand theme and I knew for certain there would be glass galore here. I was not disappointed in the glass department--there was a bunch. Fortunately a security guard type was there when I arrived around 7:30 giving me permission to roam.

I got a kick out of seeing this "painting" still on the wall amongst all the mess.

Maybe they just couldn't bear to take it down. I know dumpsters sound like a weird photographic subject but I'm thinking I might have something interesting. Layers of peeling paint, rust, scratches--that sort of thing. They are certainly abstract and a certain percentage of my buyers like that--this last weekend I sold the orange bathroom stall door in canvas, one I never thought anyone would ever see, much less buy.

Next my intention was to head out Apopka way which I did in a round about fashion. On my travels I saw chickens, pigs (a first I think), cattle, horses, goats and peacocks. Greenhouses, greenhouses, and more greenhouses. Oh yeah--a nice hawk as well. I ended up at a park fronting Lake Apopka; locals know this a massive lake with serious problems, although you can't tell it is sick from this shot:

The sound of helicopters kept intruding on the peacefulness of the place, making me wonder, of course, what exactly was happening nearby. By now I was pretty lost but someone kindly pointed me in the right direction to get to Zellwood. I followed a long, winding road and came across this very scene at almost exactly when they took this photo!
Drive By
Actually, I'd called Lisa later in the day to ask her what was happening because she is a loyal news watcher. By the time she got back to me I'd already found the above article. I was, however, happy to catch up with all the news. It seems as if Danny is doing quite well, tired, of course, but things are looking up.

Roger's son Ed is healing nicely as well. Unfortunately Roger's real job is taking time away from his part time gig making things a little touch and go around here. Sunday a young woman ordered a large canvas, with me promising to have it to her by the next Sunday, which as of this moment might not be true. It makes it somewhat complicated when I rely on another person to make the business go; let's hope he'll be around soon.

I just got off the phone with a woman I'd met at the market. We scheduled a photo shoot for Monday morning for her daughters who have been told should be models. When we talked I told her I had some first hand knowledge of the modeling business, much of it not so good. I didn't try to persuade her not to try it but I did want her to know there is much more to it than meets the eye. That could be perceived as a pun couldn't it? Every now and then I'm clever without meaning to--so does it count? Anyway I told her I'd be happy to give it a go--what's not to like about photographing darling girls, aged 6 and 7?

This is one of the last shots of the morning, taken just down the road from the alleged crime scene:
From what I saw, Zellwood wasn't much; somehow I got on a back road, ending up a few miles from Mt. Dora. Actually there was no somehow involved--I just turn the car in the direction I think might be interesting. By now the weather was sweltering. I decided that because I was so close to go there, mostly all I did was have a delicious lunch at "Fiesta Grande", as you can imagine a Mexican restaurant with fantastic salsa. I was home by around 1:30.

Speaking of home, Bruce will be back around dinner time today. I'm very excited because on this trip to Washington, instead of getting a rental car and all that entails, he took the train from the airport. Conveniently, there is a stop right across the street from his site along with a hotel just about that close. The job is stressful enough without the added burden of driving in miserable traffic. Hurray for mass transit!

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Monday, August 3, 2009

Hot Time, Summer in the City

Oh my, has it been hot, particularly this weekend. Just ask Pat and Ruth how hot it was at the market; they'll be happy to share how sweltering it was because they were kind enough to visit me there. It is always such a nice surprise to see my loved ones, not to mention that they buy things from me for gifts, which is weird to sell to your family but they insist. Good news #1: there was no rain. Good news #2: I almost made my goal, not quite, but close. Bruce told me on Saturday afternoon that I was nearly up to 700 sales this year, all I needed were 11 more. As you well know, it has been mighty slow, however, I arrived yesterday morning hoping it might be a possibility. I was two shy; not to worry though, I'm bound to hit that next weekend. My dear market neighbor Kathy insisted that selling two canvases should count for more than just two sales--my response was that in the monetarily it sure does, but not actual numbers. She is always trying to encourage me. As well, when I need a bathroom break she is happy to keep an eye on things. One of the best parts of the market are the great people we've met, both vendors and customers.

Early yesterday a young woman stopped by telling me she had seen two canvases in her friend's apartment and was crazy about them. That alone made me happy, but I think she'll buy some things in the next few weeks. Later on the girl who owned the canvases came by telling me she has received so many compliments and she loves them. Furthermore, her mom bought two which hang in her kitchen area and she too is happy with her purchase. When I'm told that something I made has made someone very happy it is very fulfilling. But come to think of it, I had a hand in making Matt, Bill, David and Jonathan, and they've made some folks happy.... does that count? It's a wonderful life, proving to me that hard work is well worth the effort.

While on my bike last week I took the shot above, giving it the antique treatment. I'll be curious to see if Matthew recognizes the place. Speaking of whom, he has most of the month of August off, which he sorely needed. Living in Europe definitely has it's perks--namely, they take vacations seriously. Now if only Bruce could take three weeks off at one time(officially he gets five weeks).....

Friday night's dinner was a success, so much so, that we were up entirely too late. I paid for it dearly at Saturday's market.

Did I mention that Baxter insisted he was ready for prime time, wanting me to send his picture into the New York Times when they asked for reader's dog photos? Apparently, local fame was not enough for him, although when I told him he'd made the cut, he seemed unfazed.
Mr. Baxter
Sorry you've already seen that shot; I used it because it is Bruce's favorite.

Speaking of the Times, did anyone else see this article:Annie Leibowitz? Incredible that someone who makes so much money could at the same time be so in debt.

Who can believe it is already August? Lisa was kind enough to inform me that my month in the city calendar has finally arrived. Because I don't have a copy myself I'd kinda forgotten about it. Next month I'm up is October. Only three more weeks until our anniversary. It almost seems like just yesterday that we had our little stay at the Ritz. Wonder what we should do this year?
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You Just Never Know