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Living Up to My Name

Today I'm going just a little photo crazy! No surprise, as I'm sure you'd agree. Actually, I wanted to show you the great gifts from Bruce, and also my sewing project. The cookies are two of my favorites from--you guessed it--Big Lots. I adore cookies, really preferring homemade, but it's best not to have those in the house to tempt Bruce. We're doing our best to defy his genes by keeping his weight down.

Speaking of weight, the other day, leaving Angela's house with Baxter in tow, I saw our neighbor "Big Dave." We used to see more of Dave before he got so big. Suddenly, this summer I'd begun to see him walking slowly around the neighborhood, supplementing his recent bariatric surgery with exercise. This was the first time we really got to chat about what he's been through. He told me that since June 20th he'd lost 71 pounds! Apparently he'd gotten up to 388lbs. by the time he went in for surgery. Furthermore, he's been doing water aerobics and exercising up to three hours a day, something unthinkable before. His goal is to lose at least 100 more pounds--I sure hope he's successful for lots of reasons, not the least of which he's not very old--maybe middle 40's. His job was getting more and more difficult to perform with his body already wearing down from the extra weight. Since the surgery he's taking one blood pressure medication, down from three! When this sort of surgery was first performed years ago, people suffered multiple complications, now it turns out they do it laproscopiclly which blows my mind. Hurray for medical breakthroughs!

So here's the gorgeous purse sitting atop the fabric for the chair cushion and throw pillow:

Maybe I should have called it my new gorgeous handbag--that seems to be the term of choice these days!

Next up:

Taken with my trusty tripod, wearing the fab new top and sweet necklace. I've also got on a jeans skirt Matt gave me for Christmas which still looks fairly new because it was below my knees and I'd been too lazy to hem it, wearing it only a few times. Now so now! I got a heavy duty needle and had it hemmed to my liking in no time. Why do we procrastinate I ask you? Maybe you don't...?

Next up is a little dress detail. I was going for a little "Anthropologie" vibe with the mixed colors. I found the buttons in the closet which I think are super fun. I wore it to the market yesterday, staying amazingly cool all day. Must be why seersucker has been around all these years!

I didn't realize I was forecasting the future when I wrote about Mr. Roger's alleged return. After we last met, as I was driving over to his house with my latest disc and order, I decided to check my phone. Sure enough Trish (his wife) called, leaving the dreaded message--not coming home till Monday! Between the two of them, miles apart, they got me some new paper prints but what I needed most will have to wait until this week. Because my canvas supply was so low I had to bring some framed prints which sat there like a bump on a log. I did, however, manage to sell three of the hanging canvases, much to my surprise and delight! Now, to figure out what to replace them with.....
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