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Up and Running

Don't ask me why I posted this picture for today's blog, I'm not really sure, only that I know my sister Lisa loves turtles. As a photographer you learn pretty quickly that people love all sorts of things. This has been a revelation to me. Before selling photographs, I had no idea how much dragonflies inspired people, to name just one obsession.

I suppose one thing this reminded me of was the four guys working here yesterday. The "cable guy" arrived as scheduled at twelve. He assessed the situation, spending the next 3 1/2 hours repairing what he could including changing all of the exposed cable outside. It seems as if squirrels may have enjoyed a little meal on the cable where it connects to the pole. Turns out a contractor will be needed to get to the rest because our crafty Mr. Bruce hid a portion of it in the eaves. He'll be here on Saturday morning to meet with Bruce.

While he was working on the cable, the three lawn guys arrived. When folks come to the house Baxter stays alert. Most days he lounges quite a bit but not so when he feels he needs to keep his eyes on things. Quite the guard dog.

During one of the times the internet was functional on Tuesday, Matt called. Naturally I asked if we could do the video chat. Now it was unfortunate that I looked like a mess that day as I'd not "seen" Matt in ages but I'm pretty sure he got past that. I'd been sewing, as you know, and hadn't bothered to do a thing with myself. Reflecting on our visit, I realized it was the longest time in my whole life with Matt not speaking to him. I think it was easily six weeks or more. He'd been swamped at work and more recently taken a "staycation" in Britain, visiting Stonehenge which he described as the most incredible sight he's ever seen, and he's seen a lot. After graduating college he took a month long European tour, visiting quite a few countries. That was just the beginning of his traveling life, since then he's seen even more. Anyway, it was a dandy chat and I'm thrilled we stayed connected.

Mr. Roger has been on a business trip for at least three weeks, allegedly he's returning today. As such, I have a huge order prepared which I'm taking over to his house when I'm done here. As the weeks have gone by I'm digging deeper into the inventory, which is a good thing, but now I need a new infusion of both paper and canvas prints. Naturally I'm not content with what I've had before so I have a disc with lots of new images. I've not spoken with him in weeks so I'm not sure what he can get to right away but I hope it is sooner rather than later!

I finished my dress project which turned out kinda cute although I somehow messed up the facing. I've rigged it so it works but it shows how rusty I am. The machine, on the other hand, is not rusty at all. I'm absolutely amazed at how perfect it runs after sitting in the closet for so long. One thing that was somewhat silly of me is that I added three different colors of top stitching to the design. So what you ask? My eyesight is not what it once was and threading the needle multiple times was not the easiest but, much to my amazement, I got the job done. The main thing is the fit--terrific.

Now, it is off to do errands my faithful readers....Have a super weekend and I'll try to do the same.

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