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Oy Vey--The Weather!

The title says it all about my weekend. Saturday there was a steady light rain, Sunday, not so much, but the predictions were such that the market was super slow. At least that's what I'm blaming my lack of sales on....

We're skipping any other mention of my work, focusing instead on things both near and nearer.

Last week I delivered the final canvas to the condominium; here's the view from the eleventh floor:

Some of you may have read how our Lake Eola fountain was finally done in by a bolt of lightening after 52 years of entertaining both visitors and residents alike. For those of you unfamiliar with it, there are jets of water and colored lights that make it very nice at night. There is quite the lively discussion going on regarding the future of our city icon. Some people say demolish the silly thing, others say, not so hasty--let's not erase all semblance of the past in Orlando. Updates will be posted as news comes in.

Last week I discovered a nice new wine bar opened in SODO right near the house. I was anxious to show Bruce because I knew he'd be impressed, on the other hand however, I wanted to cook for him. He's been traveling so much that my only opportunity to prepare nice meals is on the weekends. Furthermore, he's trying his best to lose a few pounds, and as everyone knows, eating out six or so nights a week is not the best for a waistline. Nonetheless, here's what we had on Sunday evening after the market. The polenta and crab cakes are outstanding! We so hope they can make it during these trying economic times.

One of the best parts is the first rate cutlery. I absolutely hate it when a restaurant is nice in every way and then uses cheap lightweight cutlery. Probably silly on my part--perhaps it's because I'm getting old and grouchy?

Remember I said near and nearer? That was because Regina came by this morning looking so lovely I asked her if she'd mind if I took her photograph to share with you all. She's 72 and still so attractive. I imagine you feel as if you know her because I've written about her extensively--now you can put a face with the stories!

The conference was fine. The topics included:Muskoskeletal Imaging, Pediatric Abdominal Ultrasound, Breast Imaging, Ethics, Managing Radiation Dose in Imaging...and a few more. 6 points down, 6 more to go.

Speaking of medicine, our friend's son is still in ICU after more than two weeks. After getting a second opinion they are a little less anxious, but only a little. Turns out they think it could take months for him to heal. Fortunately, he's lightly sedated to keep his heart rate down; his mom and dad could use a little of that right about now.

How about ending this on a positive note shall we? I'd entered an art show for late November that I thought I'd have little chance of being accepted. Turns out on Friday when I got home I had an email with the good news that I did! Fall Festival. This is not to be confused with the spring show in the same city--two entirely different events. Nice.
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