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Well, That was Tough

I'm referring to many things with that title. First off, Bruce had to leave on Labor Day early to get to Chevy Chase. He always hates leaving on a Monday, especially on a holiday, but it had to be done. Before he left however, he did his best to see what could be done with our internet connection which has been spotty for weeks now. You may remember they came to fix it, but the problem is not solved. He rushed off to Walmart to buy a new modem and was going to install it when I said, don't bother, we'll get one for free from Bright House, not pay $67! I'm just living with it for now. Anyway, after chatting with Bill about his vacation, I headed over to Leu Gardens for a bit, before the heat sent me back home to the pool! Lots of butterflies on Monday around noon.

Secondly, I'm referring to Florida State's loss to Miami on Monday night. If only I didn't care who the teams were, it would have been a thrilling game! Thirdly, I hated watching it by myself. I so remember watching games with a room full of Peck men. :(
Sadly, I had to pace around the living room by myself, although Jonathan called before the start of the game. I expect he was so agitated he didn't even want to chat about it later. Furthermore, memories flooded back about a letter Matt wrote when he first went to FSU, aged 17, about standing in line for days to get tickets to the FSU-Miami game. It is remarkable to think how times have changed in these few years. Lastly, it was on SO late!

Backtracking a few days, returning home from the Whole Foods market on Saturday, I found an email in my inbox from an old friend who wrote that she'd been reading this very blog for months now and wanted to touch base. That made my day. Apparently, her son found it and passed the link on to her. Nice.

The Sunday gig was a waste. Well, that's not entirely true because I did sell one small print! It's been a long time since I've been skunked and I thought this might be the day, but fortunately someone came through for me. As well, Bruce got to have a break, so that was good. Yet another good thing was that I wasn't hot in the slightest because it was INDOORS! While I was there, Dana called to tell me that one of the vendors that was set up quite close to me for the last year or so died in her sleep! She was only 50. Not so nice.

I went to the Polasek yesterday for a very slow day--no visitors at all! Fortunately, I'd brought Olive Kittredge along to keep me company. For years Bruce wanted to move to New England after spending so much time there building restaurants. In particular, he still wants to move to Vermont. I'm like, "honey it is WAY too cold there!" He usually responds that it's not that bad, but I believe the weather charts prove otherwise. I've always told folks that I don't know how I would do in the cold, but I sure know that lots and lots of gray days would not be good for me. In addition, I don't think my personality suits New Englanders. I'm way too chatty for the folks from there. In fact, with my penchant for asking questions, I do believe they might just call me nosy. I prefer to think of it as curious.

By now, I'm sure you're wondering why I'm rambling about New England. The book is set in Maine with the main character appearing in various degrees in the chapters. More like a portrait of a small town and the people who populate it. One part that is so hard to take is when her only son moves away, not only geographically, but emotionally as well. I'll say this much, Elizabeth Strout is one fine writer.

On the other hand, I've been thinking of late that I may not want to go through my whole life without the experience of seasons. It seems like there is something I'm missing out on. Some people argue that we have seasons here, and we do, but there are only two---greater and lesser summer. Don't know where that will lead, but it's something I've been pondering.

After having a late lunch I went with Angela to her home in Lake Mary. She spent much of last week painting, which I had agreed to help her with, but my mind said yes, my body said no. She'd hired some stagers to get the house ready for selling. When she and Matt married they decided to move into his house and she's been trying to sell this one off and on for more than a year. Some of what they did was good, some not so much. When we got back home I rummaged through closets finding stuff to make it look just a bit homier. Amazingly, she owns the house free and clear, paying it off in only four years, but she'd love for someone else to own it now. I hope the real estate market improves enough for a sale soon.

Here's what one of my dumpster shots looks like:

I'm going to post this right now while I still have a connection. Hope your week has gotten off to a great start!
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