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Glee Club

You could almost feel the giddiness in the air around these parts the last few days--the temperature has finally dropped below 90!!! I'm merely speculating but I suspect it's been at least five months since that last occurred. More than likely we'll still have some very high temperatures, but those days are numbered. Let's all break into song..

Actually I hadn't thought of a glee club in years and years. When we were in high school, glee clubs were a fixture, but probably not so much anymore. Isn't it such a happy name? A few weeks ago while driving home, I heard Teri Gross interview the man who created the show with that name Glee. Fascinating to not only learn that he was a journalist in a former life but created the show "Nip and Tuck." Not being a television watcher, aside from college football, I've yet to see it but, I sure like the concept.

Where were we? Oh yes, the glorious weather! Walking Baxter yesterday morning, I ran into Lois, the master gardener who lives several streets away. She suggested I come over and see what her garden grows. Peddling the few blocks to her home I didn't even break a sweat! Fortunately for me her husband had his compressor going and he was kind enough to fill my tires which were way low. This is her beautiful dog named Melvin.

You'll notice he has one blue eye and one brown if you see it large.

As you know whenever I begin preparing the evening meal Baxter sits by the side door watching for Bruce. You should see him go crazy when he sees his car coming down the street. I took this the other evening when Bruce wasn't coming home but Baxter did find some reason to bark. He started jumping around and scattered the rug. Another view of those cute roses as well.

I delivered the pieces today to the gallery, getting a lecture on how to conduct myself as an artist while there. I said I'd be on my best behavior on the opening night, to which she replied that she would pinch me if I was in any way self-deprecating. She then realized I didn't have much to pinch! Anyway, here is the link to their site with the show info:Ancient Visions. Now that they are there I'm feeling a sense of relief, partly because they seemed to like them, partly because I think I finally get it. A gallery showing is not like an art show, in that they have to use themes to put shows together. I'm using to showing all sorts of stuff at the same time so the thought of having three different hourglass pieces was freaking me out a bit. After doing some research this morning on hourglasses and their significance in history it is coming together for me. Did you know there were special sandglasses, as they were once known, for all sorts of occasions, including a sermon one? A former pastor of ours could have used one of those! You'll not be surprised to learn that the Italian artisans turned theirs into works of art. What may surprise you is how useful they were to sailors. So good deal, less than two weeks to go. Only a piece to write about my inspiration which will in itself prove challenging, however I think I can do it. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can......

Super weekend to all dear ones.
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