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That is exactly what I said to Baxter upon waking in the gray morning light. Do you think he cared? Probably not. :)

What really woke me up was a dream I was having. As some of you know, our sister, Carol, is an accomplished artist living in Beverly Hills. For many, many years she's had a fantastic studio in Venice Beach which she'll be closing on Saturday, another victim of the economy. I dreamed she told me not to get mad at her, but she'd soon be selling her photography. Could I be a psychic? If I told her about this dream she'd probably think that is the case!

So what has Mrs. Gail been doing that she's too darn busy to write? Well, a lot.

I'd been thinking of going to the beach in winter, so one morning I awoke at 5, and thought it must be a sign that the day was right. It was bone chilling cold, thus I made a mug of hot tea, dressed as warmly as possible, grabbed my cameras and off I went. Unfortunately, a stop for gas delayed my arrival just long enough for me to miss the sunrise. From the picture in the collage you can see this gentleman was prepared. I will tell you that the drive was wonderful because I got to watch the sky go from indigo, to purple, to pink. And then gold. Such a wonderful experience to watch time change. I pulled up, racing onto the sand with my Panasonic in hand, and this is what I saw. As well, all those gulls were huddled together trying to stay warm I suppose. I got quite close to them without them budging, however eventually one decided to move, and you know how that goes, they all follow! Something on the order of "birds of a feather flock together."

On my way home I picked up more paint. My faithful readers may remember that I've had a de-taupping project going on for almost two years. First it was the kitchen, then the living room, followed by the foyer a year later, and finally I've got the hall 96% done. Only 96% Gail? I lost my nerve around all the door openings, so I quit. Actually the day I did that I also did the soffit above the brick wall which if my memory serves me right has never been painted since we've lived here. Same goes for the hall ceiling which for years had been crying out for a paint job. I didn't have any white paint, so for now, it is painted Captivating Cream. I painted from 10 in the morning until 5 in the evening that day. Boy howdy, I'm not the spring chicken I once was!

Friday is laundry day and what I call house cleaning. Now some would think what I do is laughable as far as cleaning is concerned, however I've never claimed any housekeeping awards. Painting, yes, cleaning, not so much. If Bruce is impressed with the job I did, that's saying a lot.

Friday afternoon Angela and I waited patiently for Jo, from Ethan Allen, to arrive. She was late, and I'm talking on the order of an hour late. Traffic woes coming from Windermere caused her tardiness, but once she arrived we got right down to business. Sort of. Somehow she ended up being here for over three hours! We discussed fabrics, layouts, lighting, the tile job, and who knows what else. Oh yeah--rugs. That's how it happened that she remembered she bought a photograph from me about two years ago at the market! Can you imagine? I knew I liked her right off. As well, on her last visit we discovered that she had done the EXACT same kitchen valance with Crate & Barrel dish towels in her kitchen. I mean even the SAME towels. How did we go from rugs to photography? The rugs my friends. She suggested that once the tile was down we'd want to have rugs immediately so if I was out shopping over the weekend be on the lookout. I told her I was a weekend worker and that's when she realized who I was. She has the print of the the three orange and white daisies on her desk at work! Small world isn't it? Did I tell you her daughter worked with David at Einstein's while they were in high school?

Just as I was leaving on Saturday morning to go to the little market, the tile setter and his wife arrived in a darling little Miata. Bruce handled all of the details. I'm getting just a bit nervous about the whole idea, which is probably natural. They'll be removing the tile in the kitchen, foyer, and hall bathroom, so you can imagine the mess that will be involved. Am I sure I want to go through with it? No, but, how is one ever sure about anything? Seriously, Bruce always tells me the only thing he's sure about is that he has to die and pay taxes. Philosophical guy, isn't he?

The little market was actually pretty good for me for a nice change, as was the weather finally. Actually, it was gorgeous. Around 6, Saturday evening, we drove the Beemer to Maitland to have dinner with our good friends, Jane and Michael who are looking pretty spiffy these days. In the last year, Jane has lost 35 pounds, and Michael, 25. I've always wondered where the pounds actually go, haven't you? I love getting together with them because their home is cozy, and the conversation is always great.

The little love bird in the, what shall I call that, maybe a carrier, belongs to one of my customers, a nice young couple who'd never heard of Georgia O'Keeffe. She bought a print of a red poppy which references Georgia, receiving a gentle education at the same time. Another gorgeous day to be a market vendor. Lots of folks, sunshine, and general good will. People were just so happy to shed their winter coats, although I did start the morning in mine, as the temperature was still in the 40's. Layering was the order of the day.
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I just threw in the radish picture for fun.

And now for the next installments in Oscar's Corner:

March 6, 1882

I got the buckets ready and drew them to the woods then fixed the bridge I went over home and got 110 buckets Jack commenced work for Pa today I drew some plank down from the loft to fix the bridge with

March 7, 1882

I fixed a tunnel to gather sap the cox boy came so as to commence to work tomorrow I went over to the holler to see Web he is very sick with the pneumonia and so is angie I stopped at home and ma gave me a piece of smoked meat

March 8, 1882

Samuel Cox commenced work today for ten dollars per month He worked over home sawing wood Dwight Eastmen came over here and got 3 bushel peas I went out in the woods and tapped 86 trees Sheel Webb called here today

March 9, 1882

I ground an ax this morning then the boy went over to saw wood for pa in the afternoon I went over to the holler they are all better Newell has got a boy

Intrigued yet?

At the moment I'm sure that I have to get ready to head to the Polasek. Hope it won't be quite so long before we meet again, however, having to move everything for the tile job may take a toll on my writing for the moment.
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